Week of 10/7/19: Workouts, Track on Thursday, no Saturday HR/XTraining, sample mini-workout..

Hi Folks,

Hill Repeats at the under the GG Bridge is always one of the most strikingly beautiful areas in California to do quality workouts. This morning we saw the fog pattern change as the hour session unfolded. Always special to train there!

NOTE that we will try TRACK on Thursday this week with 8:15 am start and see if more runners can join in better on that day.

There will be NO official Hill Repeats this Saturday because we’ll be joining in on the Asti Tour de Vin ride in Geyserville on that same day.

IAAF World Championships Men’s 10,000 meter race featured six men under 27:00! more on this later and the Women’s 10,000. A remarkable performance by JOSHUA CHEPTEGEI , who also won the World XC Championships, ran so well against a tough field with a first 5000 in 13:33; second 5,000 in 13:14. He finished with a last 400 ( the 25th laps) in 55:38! Eleven men ran under 28:00! Wow!

Then SIFAN HASSAN, Netherlands completed and won an unusual combination of the 10,000 and 1500. She won the 10,000 in 30:17.23 (15:33.82 / 14:43.80) with a last 1500 in 3:59.09 ( add about 17 seconds and you have the mile time). She ran her last 400 in 61.49! Remarkable after burner speed!

Also this weekend The World Ironman Triathlon Championships in Kona on 10/12/19.

10/8/19 TUESDAY 8:30 am GG BRIDGE HILL REPEATS, meet at Discovery Museum parking lot. We’ll do warm-up run around Parade Grounds area; then proceed to the hill under the Bridge.

10/9/19 WEDNESDAY 8 am start for MADISON AV GYM workout with Kees at Warren’s

10/10/19 THURSDAY 8:15 am start for TRACK at COM. After a brief warm-up run, 6 x 20 meter pick-ups; 2 x 100 (100) stride-outs we’ll have you do two rounds of:

A gp: (2 x 200 (200), 1000 (200), 600 (200), 400 (2′))

B gp: (2 x 400 (on 3′), 2 x 300 (100), 2 x 200 (200))

10/12/19….NO Saturday Hill Repeats Cross Training due to being away this weekend.

MINI-WORKOUT for the day:

Swings x 20 – 20 Push-ups – Goblet Squats x 5

Swings x 20 – 15 Push-ups – Goblet Squats x 4

Swings x 20 – Push-ups x 10 – Goblet Squats x 3

Swings x 20 – Push-ups x 5 – Goblet Squats x 2

For Thursday do the KB Clean & Press in (1-2-3) protocol. that is 1 rep with right, then left hand; then 2 with the right, then 2 with the left; then 1 rep with the right, 1 rep with the left. The idea is to get your 100 reps in with this pattern of reps: you will be upping the kettlebell weight you’ll be using within a shorter time.