Week of 10/14/19: Workouts, Training tips, Thursday Track,

Hi Folks,

TUESDAY (10/15/19), I will be at UCSF at 8 am with client at their PT facility, so no workout planned.

I am 90% sure I’ll be away SATURDAY, (10/19/19) and will not have Saturday Hill Repeats/Cross Training. If it changes during the next couple of days I will revise plans.

What a weekend of records in the running and triathlon worlds! If you get a chance see the YouTube clip on Eluid Kipchoge’s and his historical sub 2hour marathon which he ran in 1:59:40.2! That’s basically 4:33 per mile and he made it look smooth and easy. He hit the 10K in 28:20 and the half marathon in 59:35.

Bridget Kosgei, of Kenya, broke Paula Radcliffe’s 15 year old marathon record of 2:15:25 wide open by running 2:14:04 at Chicago Marathon! I thought for sure she’d fade after being paced to a 15:25 first 5K split. But she hit the half marathon in 67:00 followed by another 67:04 for the second half: remarkable pacing.

Then in Kona, Hawaii, at the site of World Ironman Championships new course records were also set under less than ideal conditions.

10/16/19 WEDNESDAY 8 am start MADISON AV GYM Workout with Kees at Warren’s. We’ll have our warm-up, mobility work along with our 100 kettlebell swings followed by two rounds of our Circuit; we end with Deadlifts.

10/17/19 THURSDAY 8:30 am. TRACK at College of Marin. After the warm-up mile, 8 x 20 meter repeats, 2 x 100 (100):

A gp: 7 x 400 (2’/2:30), 1 x 600 (200)

B gp: 200 (200), 4 x 400 (3′), 4 x 200 (200), 1 x 800. .. You will have “faster” legs after the 200’s; when you run the 800, it should feel mechanically easier.

10/19/19 Saturday. There will be NO Saturday Hill Repeats; I will be out of town for a Saturday event.

Mini Workout: