Week of 10/28/19: Workouts, Wed-Th-Sat are on.

Hi Folks,

We will have Wed gym workout, Th Track (but need to start on time so I can make meeting in Walnut Creek late moring, and Saturday Hill Repeats/XTraining are on. the weather looks good from Thursday on.

Looking ahead for run when we want many to show up so we have teams of four: The CHRISTMAS RELAYS on 12/15/19 held at Lake Merced. Teams are by sex and age with some 20 categories offered; so let your Tamalpa Team captains know you want to run with lead time to pre-register so each individual entry can obtain a discount. Don’t wait until the last minute, but you should know by the first week in December if you can run on the Relay; gives the captains time to put together the teams. If a team is short one member, it means the team doesn’t score. Sometimes we have an older category person fill down to a younger age group to complete a team – that’s allowed.

Our club members always end up having a good time with this race held at the north end of Lake Merced in the parking lot. Each runner completes about a 4.5 miles around Lake Merced. I usually do the lead biking to clear the path and alert walkers there’s a race going on.

American ultra runner, CAMILLE HERRON set a new WR for the 24 hour run (on a track, no less) averaging 8:35/mile for 167.8 miles in Albi, France. Remarkable!

Father/son marathon record: Tommy Hughes, 59 and son, Eoin, age 34, ran a new record with a 2:27:52 and 2:31:30 respectively ( Tommy passed his son after 35K) for a 4:59:22 total at the Frankfurt Marathon. That’s not the Father/Son record; that’s held by two-time Olympian for France, Fernand Kolbeck, 43 and son Gerard back in 1987 with a 2:22:54 and 2:23:10 for a 4:46:04 total at the Neuf-Brisach Marathon. They did it again in 1993 with a 4:48:01 total by running 2:24:39 ( at age 49) and 2:23:22 respectively.

I see my picture taken during the Foxy’s Fall 100K ride featuring a boy, age thirteen, who rode the entire 100K – at a good clip. Hope to post it shortly when we posed at 40+ mile lunch stop. I think it is a remarkable effort that a young teenager carried out such a long ride. He does train with his father in the Berkeley hills, so he was ready for a steady pace over a far less hilly terrain in this event.

10/30/19 WEDNESDAY 8 am start for MADISON AV GYM workout which includes a warm-up/mobility routine with 100 kettlebell swings broken up with sets of 20 down; then two rounds of a Circuit; finishing up with stretching.

Circuit: TRX Cossack stretch, Sumo DL, Wipers/Inverted Row, DBL KB Cleans & Squat x 4, R/L Military KB Press, DGB Situp and Reach, DB Plank Row, DGB or Ex Ball Jacks/Wall Ball, DBL Waiters Walk.

10/31/19 THURSDAY 8:30 am start for TRACK at COM. Do brief warm-up run, but be ready to do the workout session on the track at 8:30 am. Run 6-8 20 quick cadence meter pick-ups, 2 x 100 (100); then

B gp: the 8:30 group. Four rounds of : ( (400 (on 3′), 200 (200)); after the four rounds do 1 x 800.

A gp: 7 am group: Two rounds of: (400 (2:30), 200 (200)); 1 round of : 600 (200), 200 (200); two rounds of 400 (on 3′), 200 (200);

11/2/19 SATURDAY 8 am. HILL REPEATS/Cross Training at Olivett Seminary college of Seminary Drive. Park along Seminary Drive, do warm-up run and meet us up one level on entry road where the exercise stations will be set up. Four sets of exercises interspersed with five hill repeats. We finish with Loaded Carries, Trap bar Deadlifts alternated with 30 meter sprints between each carry so you finish the morning with “fast feet”, i.e., Farmer carry/ 30 meter sprint; Rack Carry/30 meter sprint; Waiters Carry/ 30 meter spring; and Trap bar deadlift/30 meter sprint.

LMK by text or email if you are joining in by Friday day so we have a head count.

Mini-Daily Workout sample:

3 Rounds: (x 20 Swings / x 3 Goblet Squats / x 7 Push-Ups)

Gets in a brief workout, but should leave you with energy for the next day’s workout.