Week of 12/16/19: Workouts, Wed, Thu, Saturday

Hi Folks,

12/19/19: LMK if you are joining in on the Saturday workout. So far: Judi S, Shirley D, Tom & Elizabeth, Alyce, Peter, Jeanie, Dave C, AJ, and more. I am also bringing the Christmas fudge for the group; don’t miss.

A bit tardy with posting on the blog this week: Christmas fudge making deadline and organizing workouts! I’ll be updating in spurts this week. Remember to hang in this week and next with your Christmas Kettlebell Challenge; it will be a test to schedule it in. You can do this, even if you complete 2-4 sets – get it in.

12/18/19 WEDNESDAY 8 am MADISON AV GYM workout with Kees at Warren’s…party time to follow the workout of Swings/mobility exercises; followed by a Circuit.

12/19/19 THURSDAY 8 am TRACK at COM. building another step on the 400’s with the goal of eventually completing 12 x 400, plus 200 for a 5K total. After warm-up run, 6 x 20 meters, 2 x 100 (100):

A” group: 10 x 400 (on 2′ for sub 6′ pace runners; on 2:30 if slower), 1 x 1000 at 5K pace.

B” group: 8 x 400 (on 3′), 1 x 800 at 5K pace.

12/21/19 SATURDAY. (The workout is a go)8 am start for HILL REPEATS / CROSS TRAINING/ FLAT SPRINTS/LOADED CARRIES. At Olivett Seminary College off Seminary Drive. After your warm-up run meet me on the first level off the entry road. You’ll do a mix of hill repeats/ flat repeats interspersed with exercise stations; others can do flat terrain repeats alternated with Loaded Carries.

joining in, LMK: Tom , Elizabeth, Alyce, Peter, Shirley, Judi, AJ, Jeanie, Dave,

LOOKING AHEAD : Mt Tam RRGrade Run 8M. to having you run again New Year’s Day morning up the RRGrade from downtown Mill Valley to the top of Tam. Start those running over 1:30 at 8 am; the rest of the group at 8:30 am. Need to let me know if you are coming to join in on not just the run, but to enjoy the GRAVITY CAR Museum’s open house with refreshments and goodies. I think we’ll have three cars to bring the runners down from the top. Let’s hope for good weather!

Coming to run: Judi, Cary & Lee, Lisa L, AJ, Shirley D, Gerald,