Week of 12/30-1/5/20: Workouts, Wed RRGrade Run, Sat Hill Repeats/Cross Training/loaded carries/ sprints

Hi folks,

Happy New Year coming right up! There are any number of New Year Day runs out there including one with Tamalpa Runners ( check at Tamalparunners.org). I’ll have our traditional RAILROAD GRADE 8M NEW YEAR’S DAY RUN on Wed, 1-1-20 from downtown Mill Valley for a mile up Corte Madera Av to Blithedale Av and to the to turn-off onto the old fire road that continues at a steady 5-7% grade to the top.

The runners who take about 1:35 or longer will start at 8 am; the rest at 8:30 am. Give us a head count so we can plan rides down with 3-4 vehicles for those who are not running back down to Mill Valley. Remember to bring along a duffel bag to throw into my van so you have a change of shirt and warm-up outfit, jacket: you never know the weather on top. So far joining in:

8 am group: Kevin, Vicki, Nancy, Lisa, Chris, Julia, TJ, Pam J, ( I will be there to take duffel bags for this group)

8:30 am group: AJ, friend, Dave C, Judi S, Cary, Lee, Gerald,

You’ll see many hikers making the trek up to the top and enjoy the open house at the Gravity Car Museum where for small donation you can partake in coffee, apple cider, goodies – and support this fun museum.

View from the top of Mt. Tam on New Year’s Day after our group ran up the 8 mile RRGrade course from Mill Valley to the top.

The group enjoyed snacks and cider at the Gravity Car Museum which had their traditional open house on New Year’s Day, and time for a photo op in the gravity car.

1/2/20 THURSDAY 8 am TRACK at COM. Changing it up with a mix of longer and shorter intervals other than 400’s. After your warm-up run, 6 x 20 meters; it’s two rounds:

(2 x 150 (50), 600 (200), 400 (on3′), 200 (200))

A note on running form: Run erect with “tall” posture with about a ten degree forward lean of the torso starting at the ankles; you’re kind of in a constant falling forward position with your feet moving with a quick cadence and landing just below your metatarsals and ahead of the arch. Chest slightly forward, shoulders back; avoid rounding your back and let your shoulders relax with a gentle arm swing keeping your elbows at 90 degrees and avoiding crossing the body’s midline; thereby avoiding shoulder sway.

1/5/20 SATURDAY, 8 am start for a mix of HILL REPEATS/CROSS TRAINING/LOADED CARRIES/SPRINTS at Olivet Seminary College off Seminary Drive. Arrive earlier and park along Seminary Drive near the College entrance to get in your 15-25 minute warm-up then meet up at first level up the entry road. You’ll have option of a longer or shorter workouts, depending on your base, but will include hill repeats, sprints, exercises and loaded carries. The legs are churning while the upper body remains still.

LMK if attending by Friday morning: Judi, Elizabeth, Tom, Dave, Hunter, Andy, Paula, Lisa, Amanda,