Week of 2/17/20: Workouts, Tips…

Hi Folks,

Updated 11/21/20: Hill Repeats/ XTraining/ Sprints/ Loaded Carries are on for Saturday! Lisa L, Sabine M, Peter, Kathleen H, Amanda, M, Pam, Elizabeth, Tom, and more. See you in the am!

We have a clear week ahead which signals that we are now in a drought period. Scary times – again. But at the same time it’s a perfect week to launch your Dipsea and Spring marathon training; can’t use poor weather as an excuse. During January, February and March I suggest getting in consistent training; rather than waiting until later April and cramming in too much hilly running within a short time period.

Run long (10-13 miles, depending on your base) once per week over hilly terrain. The goal here it s to build endurance and be able to run the 7.1 miles with a strong effort and not fade towards the end. Once per week get in a track workout to develop fitness, and maintain good leg turnover. I will continue to hold a solid Saturday workoutThen for supplemental training during the first quarter get in the key Loaded Carries ( Farmer Carry, Rack Carry and Waiter’s Carry) plus the deadlift to build a strong body structure and strength to handle the Dipsea course terrain and minimize setbacks. I hold the Saturday hill repeats, sprints and Loaded Carries on the Olivett College entry road area of the college off Seminary Drive: I put it all into one workout except no long run here.

Develop the endurance, strength and hill strength and bring that to specific Dipsea practice from late April through May. You’ll most likely achieve hitting a personal best (PB) time. Build the solid foundation now so you can handle the impact of the Dipsea course when you focus on it during later April to race day.

2/19/20 WEDNESDAY 8 am. MADISON AV GYM workout with Kees at Warren’s.

2/20/20 THURSDAY 8 am. TRACK at COM. Get in your warm-up run, 6 x 20 meter pick ups; then we switch this week to 400’s before continuing with 800’s, 1000’s and 1200’s as many of you build up for Dipsea, a half marathon or marathon.

2 x 200 (200), 10 x 400 ( on 2:30 or 3′)

2/22/20 SATURDAY 8 am ( workout is ON!) HILL REPEATS/Cross Training/Sprints/Loaded Carries. At Olivett College off Seminary Drive. (Let me MK if you will be joining in on the workout at coachkeest@yahoo.com) . Park by the entry road to the College along Seminary Drive and get in a brief warm-up run prior to starting the 8 am workout.