Week of 3/2/20: Workouts, Dipsea base prep is now, results

Hi Folks,

Update on Friday, 3/6/20: We may have lingering drizzle Saturday morning for our workout, but it should be moving out of the area by mid-morning. So we’ll have our session in the morning.

One of the scenic spots along Napa Marathon course
Judi and Janet take a break next to the mustard bloom along Silverado

Three of our group drove up to Napa and rode bikes on the NAPA MARATHON course ( Silverado Trail) on the one day there are no cars on the road! Perfect for training and cheering on the runners. I did see some Tamalpa runners: TR Parker who placed 36th and 3rd in 40+ with a 2:54:18; Verity Breen, 53 who won her division 3:04:31 Chip time/ 3:07:11 gun time and Linda Munk, 55 in 4:19:24 for 16th in division. I’m sure there were more we missed. Cool weather that morning, good for running and then, lucky for the runners, the tailwind breeze came up late morning. Ryan Smith, 40 won first overall in 2:27:47 – a masters runner! Anne Theisen of Mazama won the women’s field in 2:52:58. The marathon is limited to about 2000 runners along with the relatively new Half Marathon which had 20016 finishers; both races were sold out! Bolota Asmerson, 41 won in 67:09 and Jessica Smith took the women’s field in 1:17;34.

3/4/20 WEDNESDAY 8 am MADISON AV GYM WORKOUT with Kees at Warren’s. Do our 100 Swings /mobility routine, Circuit and finish with Deadlifts

Circuit: Dbl KB Sumo Deadlift / PVC pipe Overhead Squats, Hang/ Pec stretch, Wipers / Inverted Row, L. Reverse Lunge to Step-Up, R. Reverse Lunge to Step-Upd, L. light DB “sweep and reach”, R. light DB “sweep and reach” , DBL KB Clean & Press, Lateral Weighted Bar Dips.

3/5/20 THURSDAY 8 am TRACK at COM. Do warm-up mile, skips/butt kicks, 6 x 20 meters, 2 x 100 (100), 2 x 150 (50), 1 x 400 (then on the 3rd minute go into:

Two rounds of: (1000 (200) @ 10K race pace, 600 (200) @ 5K GP, 200 (200) @ mile pace)…..

speed-work for upcoming Olympic distance triathlon, 10K, and keeping leg speed for Dipsea to counter the slow legs you get from running hills slowly. For now, keep it aerobic, i.e., no overstraining and “comfortably stressed” with the longer intervals; with the 200’s you’re developing fast legs.

3/7/20 SATURDAY 8 am (The workout will be held) HILL REPEATS/XT/LOADED CARRIES/SHORT & LONG SPRINTS. At Olivet Seminary College off Seminary Dive. Get in your warm-up run, then at exercise station area, get in mobility work for shoulders. At the end of the workout you are adding in tire pulls and trap bar deadlifts.

Let’s see how the weather prediction looks for Saturday morning. I’ll post Friday night. sdds