Week of 11/23/20: Workouts for Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday. A course for timed efforts.

Hi Folks,

Update 11/25/20: Saturday Hill Repeats are a go. So far coming: Kevin, Judi, AJ, Sally, Hans, TJ,

Here’s to your safe and modified Thanksgiving; perhaps enjoy a good run or ride that morning because the weather will be unseasonably good for any outdoor activities. You can do so safely: your outdoors and maintaining social distancing. After the outing in the Marin outdoors you can enjoy the Thanksgiving celebration with your immediate safe pod.

11/24/20 TUESDAY. TEMPO workout. After the usual warm-up mile or so do two rounds:

( 3′ (2′) – 5′ (3′) – 7′ (4′)). Hold that steady “comfortably stressed pace”; the 3′ and 5′ at 5K effort and the 7′ length at 10K pace.

11/25/20 WEDNESDAY. STRENGTH day workout called the PALYCE (for Pam and Alyce). I am having trouble putting up whiteboard with the workout for week of 11/23/20…

X 10 Swings – X 6 R/L Lunge Torso Rotations ( work to even up the ROM on the right and left sides)

X 10 – X 6 Deficit Sumo Kettlebell Deadlift ( keep weight moderate and work for an extra deep squat. It will work the butt/hamstring area where runners sustain injuries)

X 10 – X 6 KB/DB “Plank Drag” ( work to hold your torso and legs square to the floor while holding the push-up plank position)

X 10 – X 5 R/L DGB/KB Reverse Lunges (step backwards so that you end up in a split squat position with the trailing leg bent at the knee and the weights straight in line with your shoulders. Coming back up to starting stance works the quad and buttock muscles which provides strong hip extension for running and hill training. )

X 10 – 30″-1′ Weighted Plank ( can be done in push-up position or on fore-arms)

X 10 – X 10 Push-Ups

X 10 – 1′ Rack Carry ( stay erect, don’t lean back; rather concentrate on engaging i.e., “bracing” your back

X 5 heavier swing – X 6 Deficit KB Sumo Deadlifts

X5 ” ” X 12-15 Leg Raises ( keep low back touching the ground )

X5 ” ” – X L/R Standing KB Presses ( or DB) ( remember to pause at the top of the press)

X5 ” ” – X8 DB Burpees ( each time you bring your feet forward in one motion, land them just outside of your hands)

Finish with Trap Bar Deadlifts 3 X 3-5 reps.

11/26/20 THURSDAY. THANKSGIVING DAY RUN. Take a break from speed-work and go to a trail run that Marin has to offer and get in 4,6,8 or 10 miles; the weather will be fine.

11/28/20 SATURDAY. 8 am. HILL REPEATS/CROSS TRAIN/LOADED CARRIES & SPRINTS. The workout is on for Saturday. Meet Seminary College off Seminary Drive. Arrive well prior to the start, park along Seminary Drive by the entry road and get in your warm-up run.

TRAINING Tip, adding a course. 800 meter or 1 mile loop for timed repeats -to be run twice per month..

Find a grass, fire road or path loop (or use a track if you have access to one) to lay out an 800 if you run an 8-minute pace or slower; a mile course if faster than 8-minute pace. Doesn’t have to be a flat course but can be a slightly rolling terrain. Over the upcoming months run the course twice per month for speed-work and pacing practice, but always at controlled tempo effort.

Run the 4 x 800 meter set with two minute rest in between reps.

Run the 3 x mile repeats with a 3-minute recovery in between reps.

Keep a log of your workouts and see how you progress with running the reps within 1-5 seconds of each other. Your time will be more consistent with time and practice as you learn how to pace the loop course. It provides a fitness producing workout, develops your perceived effort running and pacing. the