Week of 1/4/21: Workouts, January Challenge, Saturday HR/XT workout

Hi Folks,

Update, 2:27 pm: Joining in for SAT HR are: Judi, Shirley, Linda M, Kevin P, the Vallas (3), Denise, AJ, Hans

We now have 2021 in full swing; it’s time to take up a January Challenge to get your training habit established again after missing days during December. I posted three levels of the Challenge to choose from on last week’s post. I will be also adding a moderate Swing Challenge interspersed with key exercises to supplement those Swings.

COMMENT ON TRAINING on this blog. A reminder about the workouts I post on this blog and to whom it is directed. It mostly directed to the Masters (age 40 & over), those juggling work and family while making time to get in training for their sport and workouts. Members of our workout groups have only limited time and energy for achieving their sport goals and maintaining body health, lean body mass (LBM) and strength. Those reading this blog who are younger and fitter can simply add sets and reps as they see appropriate.

The workouts may be short because, as you age, engaging in more frequent and briefer training sessions to maintain LBM has been found to work: not training to fatigue, but come away energized. I’ve noticed after age 70 that I lose strength more quickly than during years 60-69 and 50-59; the more frequent and briefer workouts work well to hold onto muscle tissue ( LBM) and keep me energized. A workout may consist of only KB R/L Clean and Presses, (1,2,3) for two to three rounds; then the next day Kettlebell Swings and two TGU’s; next day Push-Ups and Swings on-the-minute (OTM); then Loaded Carries (Farmers Carry, Rack Carry, Waiters Carry) for one minute each. The brief workouts can last from ten to twenty minutes. Carrying out long workouts, e.g., an hour or more usually require one to two days of solid recovery which limit time for your sport.

I have included a number of key exercises in 90% of some 100 workouts; that’s to save time and give productive results. It usually includes Time Under Tension (TUT) with Loaded Carries ( a safe way to build overall basic strength), lifting something overhead ( presses, Waiters Carry), trap bar deadlift ( hip hinge/squat movement), kettlebell swings ( explosive movement, posterior side development, fitness), and the top core exercise – the Turkish Get Up ( TGU). Pretty well covers it for general preparedness for sport and health and fitness.

1/5/21 TUESDAY. TEMPO. After the warm-up mile or so you’ll run a steady paced “comfortably stressed” intervals at roughly 10K down to 5K effort levels of: ( 8′ tempo (5′ recovery) – 6′ (4′) – 4′ (3′) – 3” (2′)). The main thrust of the quality portion of the workout is to keep the pick-up at high aerobic, but controlled level.

1/6/21 WEDNESDAY. STRENGTH WORK. This is in addition to the January Challenge.

The “X20 Jumping Jack DGB Presses:” you hold DGB in front at chest level; press the DGB overhead as you jump feet out to the side; then back down as feet come together…When doing DBL KB Front Squats “brace” your torso , tighten your lats and abs, pause at bottom of the squat with each rep.

1/7/21 THURSDAY. SPEED-WORK. After you mile warm-up steady run plus 6 x 10″ quick cadence pick-ups you’ll take on the equivalent by time for 1000 – 600 – 200 repeats. TWO ROUNDS of:

(5′ interval (4′ easy) – 3′ (3′) – 1′ (2′))

1/9/21 SATURDAY. HILL REPEATS/XT/LOADED CARRIES. 8 am. ( let’s see what the weather will be for Saturday; looks promising). Held at Seminary College off Seminary Drive, Mill Valley. Arrive early to get in your warm-up run and be ready to go by 8 am at the exercise stations.

LMK if you will be attending by early Friday. Joining in so far are: Linda M, Judi, Shirley, Kevin, the Vallas (3), Denise, AJ, Hans.



Mon, 1/4/21 15 15 45

Tue, 1/5/21 15 20 45

Wed, 1/6/21 15 20 45

Thu, 1/7/21 20 20 50

Fri, 1/8/21 20 25 50

Sat, 1/9/21 20 25 55

Sun, 1/10/21 25 25 55

Mon, 1/11/21 25 25 55

  • My introduction, tips and guidelines are posted on the previous week’s posting.
  • First goal is to train your body to acclimate to a daily routine with just one exercise – the Kettlebell Swing. The reps are at first, conservative if you’re new to executing them daily. That means the effort, muscular work. and possible soreness tend to accumulate so pay attention how you are doing after day three, four and five.
  • You can make adjustments by changing the weight of the kettlebell, change the number of sets and reps to reach the daily total without losing form. You can get in your reps, e.g., 25 reps with 2 sets x 10 reps, 1 x 5; or 5 x 5. Don’t lose form because the kettlebell Swing is a dynamic, explosive movement finishing in a “vertical plank” position with muscles tensed and strong pursed lips exhale.
  • You will need to figure out what time of day works best for you. Get in the brief warm-up you’ve learned at our workouts. The routine should take very little time.
  • Half way through the month you will notice an increase in general muscle tone and posterior muscle awareness.