Week of 3/22/21: Workouts, Wed weights, tips, Sat HR/XT

Hi Folks,

I may have my van back this week so I can bring the weights to the Saturday HR/XT/ Loaded Carries workout. Now it is looking doubtful, but Saturday for sure: I will have a loaner van to carry equipment for Saturday. Weather should be good for the workout.

We’ll be repeating the Wednesday and Saturday workouts from last week due to cancellations.

3/23/21 TUESDAY. TEMPO workout. After the warm-up mile get in 6′ (3′) – 5′ (2′) – 4′ (2′) pick-ups and recovery. The faster runs conducted at high aerobic pace, but under control followed by an easy jog. The goal is to acclimate your system to race pace effort.

3/24/21 WEDNESDAY. STRENGTH TRAINING day. same workout as from 3/15/2 for this week of 3/22/21.

Note: the 3/15/21 workout is being used for the week of 3/22/21 because last week’s session was rained out

Some tips: If you are having trouble with the ” KB Figure 8’s & Hold“; you can stick with the Figure 8’s portion and skip swinging it up into a hold!.

The “Bulgarian Squats” are an excellent unilateral leg exercise and you’ll immediately notice the difference in leg strength between your right and left legs. The foot of your trailing leg need not be placed high; four to eight inches should work. As you do your “split squat” drop motion, keep the weight in the middle without leaning forward with too much weight on the squatting leg that drops the thigh to parallel level with the floor; do not let your knee go past your toes. First do the split squats without weights to groove the motion concentrating pushing off with butt and quad muscles.

The 1-Arm Rows, you’ll find can be done safely with fairly hefty weight. Experiment with various size DB or KB’s until you can get in the eight reps. It’s a good developer for the back/lats area. Row in a sweeping arc towards the lower ribs rather than high to the shoulder.

I suggest also getting in at least one GET UP on each side the benefits for mobility, core strength, great shoulder stability and connecting the upper and lower body. It certainly benefits participants for all sports. The other key lifts for general preparedness

3/25/21 THURSDAY. SPEED-WORK day. We’ll focus on simulating 400’s using an average time of 2′ with full 1′ recovery. If you are able to get onto a track (some will be opening up soon) if you are running 8′ pace (a 2′ lap) keep the clock going and take off on every 3′ minute; keep it going. If running 7′ pace, take off on the next 400 on the 2:30; if running 6′ pace, go on the 1:30…

3/27/21 SATURDAY. HILL REPEATS/XT/LOADED CARRIES/SPRINTS. (Workout is on) 8 am. Seminary College, off Seminary Drive. Arrive early, park along Seminary Drive near the entry road into the College; get in a warm-up run prior to beginning the workout session.

joining in: Denise, Lisa, The Vallas, Shirley, Dave Champagne, Kevin, Judi.

Workout at Home:

Solid basics are the key when one has only limited time. Include the KB Swing, Get-Up, and Goblet Squat.

Swings gives hip power, back and hamstring development and fitness

Get-Ups build shoulder stability, core strength, strength through constant time under tension upper and lower body strength development that’s applicable for all sports.

Goblet Squats unlock the hips, build leg strength, hip mobility.

The Seven Basic Movements..next week.