Week of 11/22/21: Workouts this week; no Saturday workout…

Hi Folks,

Absolutely a beautiful clear calm Monday at Bolinas while we stay with Sister Marion at the Dominican nun’s vacation house that overlooks the channel between Bolinas and Stinson Beach. I rode my bike along the Bolinas Lagoon to Stinson and back to see the shore birds – and the two Kingfisher birds who sit on the same power line that’s suspended over the water’s edge. My Dad and I have seen them “fishing” from the same spot since the 1980’s as we drive home; however, I’ve had little luck taking a photo of them; anytime I stop, they fly away! The view is always beautiful from the Hwy 1 road that follows the coastline.

I’m wishing all our workout group members a safe and an enjoyable family and friends get together for Thanksgiving; we have a good weather week ahead of us too.

New WR Half Marathon set last Sunday at the Lisbon Half Marathon: A remarkable 57:31 run by JACOB KIPLIMO, Uganda which is roughly about 13:30 per 5K, averaging 4:20 per mile. He passed the 15K ( 9.32 miles) in 40:30. You can appreciate that fast pace by going to your local track and run a 65 second 400; then repeat that for 52 laps total!

Andre holding week old Hendrix. Proud Dad and amazed by the new addition in his life!

11/23/21 TUESDAY. TEMPO. After the warm-up mile or so: 4′ T pick-up (2′ easy) – 12′ (4′ easy) – 7′ Tempo…..continue with run. Those pick-ups are at “comfortably stressed pace”; about what you can hold for 10K.

11/24/21 WEDNESDAY. STRENGTH TRAINING CIRCUIT. Goal to include something with hip hinge movement (swings/DL), Back work, a squat, something overhead, abdominal work

Deficit KB Sumo Deadlifts

TRS L/R Deficit Reverse Lunges

Inverted Row

BB Wipers (use 45# Olympic bar if you have one; 85-105 lbs on it; work up to 145# weight

Stationary Weight Plate O’Head Hold (25#, 35#, or 45# plate)

DGB /DB Sit-up and Reach

X 15 Swings

Farmer Carry / 2nd round do KB Bottom-UP Carry

11/25/21 THURSDAY. SPEED-WORK. (Thanksgiving day). At a track is best. See if you can hook up with others on this Holiday morning for one of our standard workouts:

8-10 x 400 (on 1:30 if running sub 6-pace; on 2:00 if running sub 7 pace; on 2:30 if running sub 8 pace; 3:00 if running the 400’s over 9′ pace).

No official Saturday HR/XT/SPRINTS due to Holiday weekend. Consider a RRGrade Run on what will be a good weather day.