Week of 12/6/21: Workouts this week, Christmas Kettlebell Swing Challenge continues w/ week 2; Sat HR/XT are on.

Hi Folks,

You are into week two of the Christmas Kettlebell Swing Challenge; week one provided you time to select the kettlebell weight that works for you so you can continue through the month and without having to bail on the Challenge. Give yourself the time to experiment with sets/reps and KB weight so that you can continue with this daily challenge. The reps are doable, it’s working out the combination and rest breaks that you will need to sort out. I have clients do the sets/reps on- the- minute (OTM) so it keeps them going, e.g., sets of 10-12 reps starting every 60 seconds, but if you need more recovery time go ahead and extend it or, cut the reps per set.

Date Novice Reps Intermediate Experienced

12/6 20 25 55

12/7 25 25 55

12/8 25 25 55

12/9 25 30 60

12/10 30 30 65

12/11 30 30 65

12/12 Sun 30 35 65

CHRISTMAS RELAYS 12/19/21...at Lake Merced’s, north end parking lot. Consists of 4 people to a team; each person runs the 4.5 miles around Lake Merced. We can put together teams along with other Tamalpa Runner members. Always a fun event – and will give you an opportunity to see how your distance training and speed-work come together for tackling the 4.5 miler. There is also The Jingle Bell run 5K in Sausalito this Sunday.

12/7/21 TUESDAY. TEMPO run. After the warm-up mile or so you will run 3 x 8′ tempo pick-ups followed by 3′-4′ easy running between each 8′ interval. If you are in the under 40 year old age group you can always up the reps to 10′ of tempo.

12/8/21 WEDNESDAY. STRENGTH TRAINING. Will be 8:15 am start at Warren’s with two rounds of a Circuit. Format is 35′ on with 25″ to proceed to next station and recover.

Deficit KB Sumo Deadlifts ( increases ROM and warms up hips and leg

Squat-to-Stand Stretch (hands grasp over the top of the toes and tuck fingers under just short of ball of foot while in a squat; keep grasping toes as you stretch hamstrings up; then gently down to squat again while holding onto underneath your toes.

Push-Ups (round one) / Inverted Row in( round two)

Ball transfer ( Lying on back, hold exercise ball overhead, bring over towards above waist and grab ball with feet and bring to ground. Repeat in reverse direction transferring ball to hands and so forth)

BB Romanian Deadlift ( take BB which is set at about knee height off the rack, step back and with arched back, slight break in legs at the knees, lower the BB slowly/deliberately to mid-shin level; then with emphasis on using hamstrings, bring the BB back up to start position). Hamstring worker!

Rnd 1: Left KB Clean from ground to rack position. Use heavier KB (you’re not pressing it)

Rnd 2: Left Standing Press

Rnd 1: Right KB Clean to Rack……Rnd 2: Right Standing Press

Weighted Plank (usually worked up to me placing 25# or 35# plate on your back)

X15 KB Swings

KB Waiters Carry / round two: KB Rack Carry (this is when you want to build strength for your double KB Swing so you can bring both kettlebells to rack position. increasing the weight with the single KB Clean above will help improve the strength for the double KB clean to rack)

A short supplemental workout in addition to the Christmas Kettlebell Challenge:

Two rounds of:

Right & Left KB Clean & Press ( 1, 2,3), i.e., 1 rep with right, then left hand; 2 reps with right, then left hand; 3 reps with right, then left hand)

X 5 Goblet Squats

X 6 light DB or Water Bottle Side Plank “Sweep and Reach”

12/9/21 THURSDAY. SPEED-WORK, preferably at a track. After the usual warm-up run, drills, 6 x 30 meter pick-ups you’ll be alternating shorter and longer intervals:

2 x 150 (50),….stride-out effort;

2 rounds of : 400 (when watch hits 2:30/3′ including the 400; run fast 200 (200)

1 x 600 (200) with 600 at 5K GP – 200 (200))

2 x 400 (on 2:30 or 3′), 200 (200)

2 x 300 (100)….tricky one to pace because you’re in between 400 and 200 distance.

2 x 150 (50)

12/11/21 SATURDAY. HR/XT/LOADED CARRIES/Sprints. (will be cancelled if raining). Held 8 am, at Seminary College, off Seminary Drive in Strawberry/ Mill Valley area; drive up entry road and park in LOT C. Arrive earlier to get in your warm-up run and be ready to go with the first set of exercises at 8 am.

LMK if you are attending (can email me at: coachkeest@yahoo.com send text:

Robert, AJ, coming so far