Week of 12/27/21: Workouts, last week for Christmas Kettlebell Swing Challenge, NYear’s Day RRGrade run.

Hi Folks,

12/31/21, UPDATE 3:30 pm on RRGRADE RUN: Paula, Andy, Hunter will be joining us for the run up the Mountain. Andy and Hunter will go with the 8:30 start and Paula with 8 am. Lisa will be running from Mt Home Inn to the top and back again after hooking up with the group.

Running so far: Dave C, Pam ( cycling up),JudiS, Denise M, Robert F, Kevin P, Linda (cycling), Gerald A, Kathleen H, Paula, Andy, Hunter. Jill N (cycling up), TJ (cycling up)…I think those mtn biking up will meet by the start at 9 am.

RRGrade run update 12/30/31, 6:40 pm: Joining in for Saturday morning: Dave C, Pam, Denise, Robert, Kevin, Linda, Gerald, Kathleen H and maybe daughter Alycia. ( see below for more details). Some will run back down the mountain, others will want a ride back down. 8am start for those running slower than 9′ miles; 8:30 am for those running under 9 ‘ pace.

We’re in the last week of December – and closing in on the finish of the Christmas Kettlebell Challenge. Not easy to complete, but I hope all of you took a good shot at it; if not you can tackle it during January. SWINGS:


12/27/21 55 65 90

12/28/21 55 65 95

12/29/21 55 65 95

12/30/21 60 70 95

12/31/21 60 70 100

NEW Women’s World Record for Turkish Get-Ups in 60 minutes was set by COLLEEN CONLON on 12-4-21 with 188 reps with 16 kg ( 35#) ( averaging over 3/minute!).

12/28/21 TUESDAY. TEMPO. After the warm-up mile 10′ T (4′ easy) – 8′ T (3′ easy) – 6′ Tempo and then to finish.

12/29/21 WEDNESDAY. STRENGTH TRAINING CIRCUIT. After a warm-up with Halos, Goblet Squats, Hip Raises:

Deficit KB Sumo Deadlifts

R/L Kneeling Thread the Needle

Incline Push-ups

Ball Transfer

BB Bent Row off the rack

DBL KB Swings & Front Squats

R/L KB Presses

Weighted Plank

Lateral Weighted Bar Dips

Rack Carry

12/30/21 THURSDAY. SPEED-WORK. Warm-up run, drills, 6 x 30 meter pick-ups. 10 x 400 (on 2:30 or 4′)

1-1-22 SATURDAY. NEW YEAR’S DAY Is on for 8am start for those running slower than 9 minute miles; 8:30 am for those running sub 9-minute pace. the idea is to finish about the same time at the top.Should be clear weather. I’ll have my van at the top and Shirley will bring her car to help with rides down the mountain after the run.

Joining in so far: Dave C, Pam J, Denise, Robert, Judi, Kevin, Linda, Kathleen H ( and maybe daughter Alycia, Gerald.

Clothing to be brought to the top for you. You can put into my van a small duffel bag with a change of shirt, add warm-ups, and jacket; you never conditions on top.

Jill N is going to mtn bike up the grade; anyone dealing with an injury can join her for the bike ride up the Grade and join in on the fun and New Year’s celebration. Gayle S, join her?

THOSE NOT RUNNING can join me Shirley and I for kettlebell training in the parking lot at the top. We’ll get in Loaded Carries, Swings, Clean & Presses.

. Been a tradition to get in this run from downtown Mill Valley, up Blithedale Ave, to the dirt fire road, i.e., Railroad Grade ,to the top of Tam’s parking lot. It’s also open house at the Gravity Car Museum located adjacent to the parking lot area. They’ll be serving snacks from 11 am on.