Week of 4/25/22: Workouts this week, home strength Circuit, no Sat. HR/XT, but Dipsea or RRGrade as alternatives.

Hi Folks,

I’m down in Santa Cruz for the week

A reminder for those running the Dipsea:
The will to win means nothing without the will to prepare,” Juma Inkangaa, of Tanzania and winner of the 1989 NYC Marathon.

Some fifteen of us took part riding various distances at the ‘Bike Around The Buttes” event in Sutter. Friday night before the ride we had a group dinner at the Soma Thai Restaurant in Yuba City; the only time I’ve experienced a live band in a Thai restaurant!

A fun and challenging day on Saturday because anytime we rode in the westerly or northwesterly direction we were met with a fierce headwind followed by strong paced tail winds. A number of the group biked their age in miles or kilometers to keep it interesting and to meet the challenge. This is added spice to various rides.

4/26/22 TUESDAY. TEMPO workout on mostly dirt or paved terrain. After the mile warm-up get in 10′ of tempo (3′ easy) – 7′ of tempo (3′ easy) – 4′ faster tempo ..continue easy to finish the run. Most likely run at 10K race pace.

4/27/22 WEDNESDAY. STRENGTH DAY CIRCUIT and SWINGS, finish with Trap Bar Deadlifts. 8:15 am at Warren’s ( but let me check if he will lead the workout while I am away). Exercise 35″ at each station; 25″ to move to next station and have slight recovery.

Sumo KB Deadlift / PVC or BB O’Head Squats (on second round of Circuit)

Left Lunge Torso Rotations (emphasize the torso rotation and just bring arms to a “T”)

Right Lunge Torso Rotations

Left Bulgarian Squats (trailing foot on pad at push-up station or even on a step up box)

Right Bulgarian Squats


Left, KB Clean and Press (if KB weight is too heavy, either push-press it or use DB)

Right, KB Clean and Press

Alternate DB “Plank Drag” (while in push-up position slide DB right to left/ left to right)

2-3 x 5 Swings with heavier KB

KB Farmer Walk / KB Rack Carry.

Home workout or on Sat along with hill repeat training. (I did on Tuesday while in Santa Cruz) : 3-4 rounds of:

X 10-12 Swings, then directly to

X 4 R/L Clean & Presses

X 10-12 Swings

X 4 KB or DB Goblet Squats switch each round with KB Front Squats with one or two kettlebells

X 10-12 Swings

X 10 Push-Ups (or Incline Push-ups) with or without weighted vest. (1′ rest, then repeat sequence)

4/28/22 THURSDAY. SPEED – WORK at your local track facility. A bit more emphasis on leg speed at 2M race pace with 300-200-100’s. After the usual warm-up mile, 6 x 30 meter pick-ups, do 4 rounds of:

300 (jog around to 300 start; then run to finish line), follow with 200 jog to 200 start mark; run fast 200, jog 50 meters to 100 start and run fast 100 straightaway; then jog to S/F line. Repeat process four times. Remember to keep the recovery jogs going, then proceed directly into your next interval. You should feel your quad and calf muscles due to the sprinting effort. Helps build the Dipsea legs too.

More on Threshold running next week.

4/30/22 SATURDAY. (No official Saturday workout), but I can suggest some alternatives to keep you on track:

1) Hill Repeats preceded by the Home Circuit posted on Wednesday date above.

2) Those who have made it into Dipsea; get in a run to top of Dynamite and back to Old Mill Park. If you have some energy after your return, turn around at Old Mill Park and fast walk the first two sets of stairs for leg strength work. Walk easy back down the stairs and definitely stretch those quads and hamstrings at the park before hopping into your car and going for reward.

3) The next Saturday do an early start and run the entire course to Stinson; then take the GG Transit bus back to Mill Valley ( check on times, but I think they have one at 10 am). The idea here is to get in downhill training too: a big part of Dipsea and requires good quads.

4) Option: If running to Stinson is not practical, run from Old Mill Park, through Rain Forest, then turn around at base of Cardiac and you’ll get in a long downhill on the Hogs Back to acclimate your quads to downhill; only to have another uphill after crossing the creek and going up the road to the stairs.

5)Those not in the Dipsea can get in a steady uphill run from Mtn Home Inn to top of Tam via the RRGrade and back.