Week of 5/16/22: Workouts, Kettlebell Workshop, Sat HR/ XT, tips.

Hi Folks,

There will be a SATURDAY HR/XT/Sprints/Loaded Carries workout on 5/28/22 during Memorial Weekend. Will help to know if most of the group is in town for it, so let me know by early next week. So we will have Saturday sessions on 5/21, 5/28, and 6/4; I will not hold the 6/11 session due to Dipsea weekend and that I need to prepare the van for our trip to Montana right after the weekend is over.

A busy week with this week’s training for those who are focusing on the Dipsea: course practice, mileage, hill repeats, mobility and stretching to counter the effects of running and weight training. Getting in Hill Repeats on Sat followed by running a section of the Dipsea course will push your leg fitness for that hilly course.

5/19/22 TUESDAY. TEMPO training session, a key ingredient for improving aerobic fitness and racing. Those running Dipsea will need to hold pace to the stairs (about 400); then it’s those challenging number of stairs. Get in an 8’s Tempo (2′ easy running) – then 3 X 4′ Tempo (2′ easy run between each rep). Note, that the 4′ hard tempo efforts build fitness quickly as demonstrated by Norwegian exercise physiology studies.

Steve and Janet seen riding over some of the smooth terrain during their self-guided tour of Portugal; much of the course was over tougher mountain bike terrain. They still liked the ride and Portugal scenery. Always fun to see new places!

CLIMATE CHANGE and impact on RICE growing: Our friends Don and Diane are rice farmers in Colusa area; Diane a Stanford graduate and Don has his Ph.D. in Exercise Physiology, but went back to rice farming years, serves on the Rice Council, works with other rice farmers to save the salmon and migratory bird rice fields habitat. I’ve learned about Water Allocations that affect the entire state and means dealing with water laws from over a 100 years ago. It’s complicated and political, for sure.

Rice fields are key for migratory birds who receive 60% of their food from the rice fields when passing through during Summer; then again in the Fall when the shorebirds migrate. Rice fields are home to crawdads, small critters, visiting otters and raccoons.

Farmer water use depends on Shasta water and the rice farmers used to receive 100% allocation, then it dropped to 75%; now it is 17% – and intermittent, which is not enough to do a planting. So out of about 200,000 acres for rice farming; a few farmers near water are only planting 1,000 acres. Donny’s fields will lie fallow this year.

The other dilemma is that the rivers running out of Shasta area need water to keep the salmon from overheating, yet there’s also the need to have the rice fields to feed the migratory birds.

This has been the scariest drought ever for farmers in general and will affect all of us. It will mean a shortage of rice in the near future. No rice planting has a domino effect that means laying off workers, placing a few to none supply orders, a slowing down of business in the local towns throughout the Central Valley. We all need to take the drought so seriously! I say, start by not allowing watering of lawns (takes a large percentage of water)….more tba.

5/18/22 WEDNESDAY. STRENGTH TRAINING & CIRCUIT followed by trap bar deadlifts. 8 am at Warren’s. Get in your mobility warm-up prior to the Circuit.

KB Sumo Deadlift / BB or PVC pipe O’Head Squats

Squat Spine Rotations / Thread the Needle

Inverted Row / Inverted ISO Hold

Wipers (up the weight a bit once you can do your age Wipers)

X 5 R/L Clean & Presses

DGB Sit-up & Reach

Landmine Anti-Rotation / Land Mine Thrusters

DGB Sit-up & Reach

Bottom-up Carry / Rack Carry

5/19/22 SPEED-WORK at your local track. After the usual warm-up mile, 6 x 30 meter pick-ups and skips you’ll run 3 rounds of:

600 (200) at 5K pace; 400 (200) at faster than 5K pace; 200 (200) at mile pace.

5/21/22 SATURDAY. HILL REPEATS/XT/LOADED CARRIES/SPRINTS & Trap bar deadlifts. 8 AM in LOT C at the Seminary College. Arrive a bit earlier to carry out your warm-up with strap stretches, DGB Swings and goblet squats. We should have good weather that morning.

1) X 35 Jumping Jacks / X 6 R/L Lunge Torso Rotations ( 2 x Short – 1/2 “A”)

2) X 10 Mtn Climbers -total of 20 / X 8 R/L DB /KB Clean & Press (Sprint – Long)

3/. X8 R/L Muay Thai Side Planks / DB R/L Rows (2 x Sprints – 1/2 “B”)

4). X 12 DB Thrusters / X 15 DGB Sweep & Reach (3 x Sprint – 1 x Short)