Week of 5/30/22: workouts this week, last Sat/HR/XT workout for June.

Hi Folks,


I look forward to less wind starting Tuesday; it’s certainly has aggravated my allergies for weeks now and saps my energy. I’m certainly not the only one. Here’s to the allergies winding down for all those affected during the Spring months.

Two weeks until Dipsea, which means a week of solid training followed by a taper week. You definitely needs the legs rested prior to race day because the Dipsea course is so demanding. Don’t arrive at the starting line with residual leg fatigue: you’ll regret if by the time you’re halfway up Dynamite! This weekend run to the Rain Forest or Cardiac and back at very controlled pace; save the big push for race day. I want to wish good luck to DAVID, our fastest miler at TL; he’ll be running Dipsea.

NOTE: you can get in TRACK/ SPEED-WORK at COM track on Thursdays with some of the other group members who meet there about 7:30 for warm-up run; then do the workout I post for Thursdays.

Wednesday & Saturday workouts paused in mid-June: Next week Wednesday (6/8) will be our last Wednesday Circuit workout for June because we’ll be away on break. This Saturday, (6/4) will also be our last Hill Repeats session for June.

5/31/22 TUESDAY. TEMPO over flat to mildly rolling terrain. After the one mile warm-up get in a 6′ Tempo ( 2′ easy) – 8′ T (3′ easy) – 6′ T ( 2′ easy) and then finish the run.

6/1/22 WEDNESDAY. STRENGTH TRAINING CIRCUIT. 8:15 am at Warren’s.We’ll finish with Trap Bar Deadlifts.

KB Sumo Deadlifts / BB O’Head Squats

Left Lunge Torso Rotations / Right Lunge Torso Rotations

Incline Push-Ups / Inverted Row


Left Kneeling KB Press

Right Kneeling KB Press

Landmine Right Reverse Lunge to Press / Left Reverse lunge to Press

Ball Slam

Hand to hand Kettlebell Swings

Rack Carry / Farmer Carry

Short Home Workout: Three Rounds:

(DBL KB or DB X4 Deadlifts – X 8-10 Incline Push-ups with good form – 45″ Plank)

6/2/22 THURSDAY. SPEED-WORK at your local track or smooth road. After the warm-up mile, skips, butt-kicks and 6 x 30 meter pick-ups. Two rounds of:

(200 (200) – 800 (200) at 5K pace – 600 (200) at faster than 5K pace – 400 (200))

Trivia: 5,000 meters = 3 miles 188 yards 2.4 inches;

10,000 meters = 6 miles 376 yards 4.8 inches

50,000 meters (50K) = 31 miles 120 yards 2 feet

6/4/22 SATURDAY. HR/XT/SPRINTS/LOADED CARRIES/Trap Bar Deadlifts. 8 AM. In Lot C of the Seminary College (go up entry road up to College, will be on the left; park in the lot) off Seminary Drive in Strawberry area. Arrive a bit earlier to get in your warm-up run or exercise routine.

X 15 Mtn Climbers – X 12 DBL- DB/KB “Thrusters” ( Short – 1/2 “B” hill repeats)

X 8 DB Burpee & Row (Long)

X12 DGB Sit-Up & Reach – X6 DB/KB R/L Presses (Sprint – 1/2 “A”)

X12 DGB “Jacks” – X5 R/L Leg over “Iron Crosses” ( 3 x Short – 1 x Sprint)