Week of 7/11/22: Workouts, Tamalpa Track Meet on Tuesday; Wed, Th, and Saturday workouts.

Hi Folks,

TRIVIA NOTES: Loaded Carries are some of the iconic exercises that have stood the test of time and different cultures. For example the FARMER CARRY puts your total body’s musculature under big tension working your back, pelvis and hips under load individual to you; improves core strength, grip, traps, legs, shoulders, abs and balance.

I’ll be updating with short postings: busy week! I encourage all my workout group members to participate in the Tamalpa Track Meet for speed-work – and acclimates you to self-testing, but with the help of others around you.

7/12/22 TUESDAY. TAMALPA TRACK MEET. 6:30 pm at San Rafael HS. Here is the monthly opportunity to get in speed-work with fellow runners that pull you to better times and improve your fitness. It will start with the Mile distance. Then various distances that you can enter for a solid workout: 400, 800, 200, 100; then they combine the 3000 (1.87 miles) and 5000 meters (12.5 laps/ 3.1 miles); consider running two events for the speed-work.

7/12/22 TUESDAY. TEMPO. About a 20′ workout. After the warm-up miles you’ll run at 10K race pace effort: 3′ T (1′) – 8′ (3′) – 10′ then run to the finish for your workout.

7/13/22 WEDNESDAY. STRENGTH TRAINING CIRCUIT at Warren’s. 8:15 am.

Deficit Trap Bar Deadlift

R/L Iron Crosses

DB Plank Drag

Inverted Row


Two part DBL KB Clean & Front Squat

Right Side DB Plank Sweep & Reach

Left Side DB Plank Sweep & Reach

Landmine R/L Kneeling Press

Hand to hand KB Swings

DBL KB Waiters Carry / DBL KB Rack Carry

7/14/22 THURSDAY. SPEED-WORK at your local track.

7/16/22 SATURDAY. HR/XT/LOADED CARRIES/SPRINTS. 8 AM at Seminary College, 201 Seminary Drive in Lot C. LMK if you will be attending by Thursday.

The Terra Linda HS Cross country joined in for the workout and inspired others to run faster..