Week of 8/29/22: Workouts this week; Wed circuit, TH Track, but no Sat. HR/XT/ Loaded Carries.

Hi Folks,

Congrats to TOM O and JUDI S for running the challenging Double Dipsea last weekend. The solid wet foggy weather made for good running conditions; we are going to go through hot weather later this week!

NOTE: There will be no SATURDAY HILL REPEATS/ XT/ LOADED CARRIES this holiday weekend: a number of our group will be riding the 50K or 100K at the at the TOUR DE FUZZ in Santa Rosa; therefore, I am cancelling the workout this weekend. I suggest running RRGrade to Double Bow Knot and then bear left to Mt. Home Inn; then take Edgewood Trail down to top of Dipsea Steps and back to downtown Mill Valley. This course will give you a steady uphill tempo run and almost zero chance for injury while building good fitness. You can also run from Phoenix Lake area and push the Shaver Grade up to Five Corners; then take Yolanda Trail back to the lake.

8/30/22 TUESDAY. TEMPO run (except those who ran DDipsea; just do recovery run). After the mile warm-up run 6′ Tempo – (2′ easy), 8′ T – (3′ easy) – 6′ T ( easy run to finish.

8/31/22 WEDNESDAY. STRENGTH TRAINING Circuit; finish with Trap Bar Deadlifts. 8:15 AM at Warren’s. Arrive a bit earlier to get in warm-up and mobility exercises. We will also add strap mobility/dynamic stretching work prior to the Circuit.

Deficit KB Sumo DL / BB O’Head Squats ( try a heavier weight)

Thread the Needle

Inverted Row

R/L “Iron Crosses’ / R/L Foot to Hand Placement


Left Clean & Press

Right Clean & press

Landmine Bent Row

KB Figure 8’s

Rack Carry / Waiters Carry

9/1/22 THURSDAY. SPEED-WORK at your local track. A ladder workout with the emphasis on the shorter intervals this week. After the mile warm -up, 6 x 30 meters, skips, and butt kicks.

4 x 200 (200), 2 x 400 (on 2’/2:30 or 3′), 2 x 600 (200), 2 x 400 (on 2’/2:30/3′), 2 x 200 (200). then for the A & B groups add 1 x 800.

9/3/22. SATURDAY...There will be no Hill Repeats workout this Saturday: a number of group will riding the 50K or 100K at the Tour de Fuzz event on Saturday.