Week of 9/12/22: Workouts this week

Hi Folks,

NOTICE: 7:50 PM. I am cancelling WEDNESDAY morning STRENGTH TRAINING CIRCUIT due to illness. I am not going to ask Warren to take over because he just returned home from a break – and while he was away his mom and I had to call in the vet to put down his dog (and ours), Riggins: his time had come. Always such a difficult life drama to go through with one’s pet.

I am still very much under the weather; we’ll see how I’m doing by Saturday…

9/13/22 TUESDAY. TEMPO. After the mile or so warm-up you’ll run three extended tempo pieces: 6′ (2′ easy) – 8′ Tempo (3′) – 7′ tempo and run easy to finish. Goal is to acclimate body to race pace with high threshold timed runs.

9/14/22 WEDNESDAY. STRENGTH TRAINING CIRCUIT. 8:15 AM at Warren’s gym. Get in mobility exercises and warm-up prior to beginning with the 5 x 12 Swings; then the Circuit. We finish with 3 x 3 Trap bar deadlifts.

O’Head BB Squats / Regular KB Sumo Deadlifts

Thread the Needle mobility

Left Bulgarian ( Split Squat)

Right Bulgarian ( Split Squat)

KB/DB Plank Row (one arm rows) on flat bench press apparatus

DBL KB Swing & Front Squats

KB Hollow Body KB/DB Pullover

Landmine X6 Standing R/L Presses / LMine Wipers

H – H KB Swings

Farmer Carry / Waiters Carry

8/15/22 THURSDAY. SPEED-WORK at your local track. After the mile warm-up, drills to wake those leg muscles, 6 x 30 meter quick cadence pick-ups.

2 x 100 (100), 1000 (200) , 800 (200), 600 (200), 2 x 400 (200), 2 x 200 (200), 2 x 150 (50).

9/17/22. SATURDAY. HR/XT/SPRINTS/LOADED CARRIES/ TRAP BAR DEADLIFT FINISHER. 8:30 AM in Lot C of the Seminary College at 201 Seminary Drive. I’ll have the exercise stations set-up and white board instructions.