Week of 10/31/22: Workouts this week for Tu/Wed/Th/Sat. Preparing for the XMas Kettlebell Swing Challenge.

Hi Folks,

A bit late posting workouts for this week; I’ll be updating with training tips during this week. My workouts are designed to build a foundation for any sport or activity, balance your body development and keep you injury proof. When you’ve built a strong basic foundation you can then take the next step of focusing on your sport or general conditioning – with more success.

General Physical Preparedness (GPP): “General Physical Preparedness gives the athlete the ability to excel in whatever specialized training they take on. The basic lesson of GPP is that, before you get strong in any specific way, you must be generally be strong in every way. An athlete who is dedicated to a GPP styule of training will find themselves in good shape, with generally good endurance, generally good joint mobility, generally good coordination and so forth. They will be more well rounded and have the foundation required to excell in most any sport without necessarily having done the specific activities associated with the sport.”

11/1/22 TUESDAY. TEMPO . After your warm-up run get in a 8′ tempo (3′ easy jog) – 6′ (2′) – 8′ – to finish of run. The idea is to work up to the classic 20 minutes of Tempo running at 10K, 10M or even half marathon race pace.

11/2/22 WEDNESDAY. STRENGTH TRAINING CIRCUIT/SWINGS/TRAP BAR DEADLIFTS. 8;15 AM at Warren’s gym (148 Madison Av). Arrive about 8:05 or 8:10 to get in some warm-up mobility exercises. We’ll do in our base 60 swings, each time with a different number of sets and reps. This week: 10-20-10-20 swings.

Deficit Trap Bar Deadlift

Half Kneeling Stance “Thread the Needle” / KB Body Hollow Pullover

BB Staggered Stance Deadlift x 3-4 R/L foot leads

Left One-Arm KB Clean – Front Squat to Press

Right One-Arm KB Clean – Front to Squat to Press

LandMine R/L 180 Rotations / LMine “Russian Twists”

DBL DB Lateral Lunges right to left sides

X 15 Swings

Rack Carry / O’ Head Grip Plate Carry

11/3/22 THURSDAY. SPEED-WORK at your local track. Warm-up miles, Skips & Butt Kicks, 6 x 30 meter pick-ups. Ladder down workout. As you go down the ladder run each set a bit faster. The 1000 at 5M pace, 800 & 600 at 5K pace; and the 400 faster than 5K pace and finishing with the 200’s at mile pace.

2 x 150 (50) – 1 x 1000 (200) – 1 x 800 (200) – 1 x 600 (200) – 2 x 400 (on 2’/2:30/3′) – 2 x 200 (200). After a lap cool-down follow with stretching.

11/5/22 SATURDAY. HR/XT/LOADED CARRIES/ SPRINTS/SWINGS/ TRAP-BAR DEADLIFTS. 8:30 start. At Seminary College, (201 Seminary Drive) in Strawberry, drive up to LOT C and park there. This workout session is for the runners, triathletes, cyclists and those who simply want to learn strength training and mobility: for general preparedness. If you don’t run or bike; no problem to join in and obtain the benefits from Loaded Carries, Swings, Trap Bar Deadlifts and Clean & Presses.