Week of 1/16/23: Workouts on Tu/Wed/Th/Sat will take place

Hi Folks,

Looks like we’ll have better weather for your running, cycling and outdoor fitness training: a welcome break from the inclement weather! Most of us have missed speed-work on the track, so run with control on the Thursday workout and not risk a hamstring pull. I think it’s better to focus on the more controlled tempo runs which build aerobic fitness, yet avoid chances for injury with too fast track workouts. Last Saturday I held workout at Warren’s garage/gym when we introduced some “Finisher” exercises after the Circuit with members of the group working out in pairs (see last week’s Blog for samples).

1/13/23 TUESDAY. TEMPO. After the warm-up mile run 6′ of tempo (1:30 easy) – 10′ tempo (3′ easy) – 6′ tempo and then run to finish. Run on slightly rolling or flat courses and on either paved or dirt terrain.

1/14/23 WEDNESDAY. STRENGTH TRAINING CIRCUIT/SWINGS/TRAP BAR DEADLIFTS. 8:15 start at Warren’s gym, arrive a bit earlier to immediately get in your warm-up and mobility exercises with Halos, goblet squats, shoulder warm-ups. Two rounds of Circuit:

PVC or BB O’Head Squats / Goblet Squats x 5

Left, Side Plank light DB “Sweep and Reach”

Right, Side Plank light DB “Sweep and Reach”

Right, DB/ KB One-Arm Row

Left, DB / KB One -Arm Row

Foot to Hand “Iron Crosses”


DBL KB Clean – Front Squat – to Press

DGB Sit-Up & Reach

Landmine 180 Rotations

X 15 Swings

Grip Plate O’Head Carry / Farmer Carry

1/19/23 THURSDAY. SPEED-WORK at your local track. A few of the group meet 7:45 AM in PE dirt parking lot, College of Marin. Warm-up a mile or so, 6 x 30 meter pick-ups on the track, some drills; then :

200 (200) – 400 (200) – 600 (200) – 2 x 800 (200) – 600 (200) – 400 (200) -200 (200).

1/21/23 SATURDAY. HR/XT/LOADED CARRIES/SWINGS/SPRINTS/ TRAP BAR DEADLIFTS. 8:30 AM start in Lot C of the Seminary College (201 Seminary Drive). Arrive a bit earlier to get in a short warm-up run prior to start; I’ll be opening the chain gate a bit after 8 AM and will be setting up the exercise stations.