Week of 2/13/23: Happy Valentine’s Day, workouts this week, Sat HR/XT

Hi Folks,

Back on track this week though we’ll get some rain to interfere with your training. We did cancel last Saturday’s HR/ XT due to rain, but should be okay for this Saturday. Last . Sunday turned out to be perfect day for our “Mustard Ride” through Napa Valley starting and ending in Yountville. Mustard was out in force between the rows of vines – a beautiful site. The ride was capped with a lunch at R & D Kitchen located next to the bike path.

Next group ride will be on 3/5/23, the day of the NAPA MARATHON on the Silverado Trail (we start from the north end Yountville, by the little park at north end of town. The marathon starts at 7:30 AM in Calistoga and heads 26 miles south to finish at Vintage HS. I suggest meeting relatively early at 8:30 so we can take advantage of the time period that the organizers keep Silverado open: will be a rolling opening of the road. I suggest we cut across the Valley (2M) on the Yountville Crossover to Silverado (that’s the 18 mile split of the marathon, then head north towards Calistoga direction until we reach the tail end of the running field; turn around and then head south towards the 23 mile point and take Oak Knoll Ave Crossover, across Hwy 29 at the light and head north on the lovely Napa Valley Vine Trail 4 miles back to Yountville. Those who want to go shorter can cut back across via the Yountville Crossover to the park. A distance available for everyone1 It’s just a pleasure to ride Silverado without any cars on the road!

Mustard Ride on a perfect day!

2/14/23 TUESDAY. TEMPO workout. A warm-up mile followed by 16′ Tempo (3′ easy) – 8′ T ..finish off run with controlled pace. eflke

2/15/23 WEDNESDAY. STRENGTH TRAINING CIRCUI/ SWINGS/ TRAP BAR DEADLIFTS. 8;15 AM start at Warren’s gym. I suggest parking in the Jury parking lot and walk in because space is becoming an issue. Be sure to do your warm-up mobility exercises (halos, lunge torso rotations, goblet squats, “Bird Dogs”).

R/L Step-Ups (can use two KB’s or no weight  

Light KB Half Kneeling Windmills.

Right, KB Half Kneeling Windmills

Incline Push-Ups

Rolling Plank

Wipers / BB Thick Grip Row

DBL ( KB Swing Cleans

Weighted Plank

Land Mine DB Thrusters / 180 degree rotations

KB Figure 8’s

Farmer Carry / Waiters carry


Do Rowing ERG 250 meters / while partner walks around with two kettlebells in “Rack position for the time period for rowing the 250 meters. Then the partners switch places and repeat the process. Can also substitute Rack Carry for Farmer Carry (eventual goal is to be able to complete the Farmer Carry with half your bodyweight in each hand).

2/16/23 THURSDAY. SPEED-WORK at your local track.

2/18/23 SATURDAY. HR/XT/LOADED CARRIES/SPRINTS/SWINGS/TRAP BAR DEADLIFTS. 8:30 AM. Seminary College (201 Seminary Drive, Strawberry/Mill Valley area); park up in Lot C.. Arrive about 8:05 or 8:10 to get in warm-up prior to start.

Top photo: You’ll complete first set of exercises #1 ; then go to the #1 set of Hill Repeats in second (middle) photo . After you complete first round, go to back to top photo and #2 of exercises; then to #2 of middle photo, etc. After the four rounds are completed you’ll go to third photo with the whiteboard of exercises.

This whiteboard features sprints, loaded carries, swings, and trap bar deadlifts to finish.