Week of 4/17/23: Workouts this week, Dipsea training, Sat HR/XT

hi Folks

UPDATE on SATURDAY HR/XT: I am canceling the Saturday workout. Next week we should all be doing better and well on the road to recovery!

After a tough bout with COVID last week, today I tested negative! I pass on to you that one needs to obtain that Plaxlovid medicine if you develop bad Covid symptoms: a must for getting over it! It went to work overnight to greatly reduce the headache, chill, and aches Now it’s time to gradually build the body back up gradually to avoid relapse or setbacks.

Those running Dipsea will focus on consistent mileage; during April, keep the 10-13 mile long rolling terrain run to build the endurance to race the 7.2 mile Dipsea distance. You’re also continuing to increase the number of 4′ hill repeats pushing the uphill fitness, and , or do the Saturday HR/XT sessions. I think it’s best to run out/back on Dipsea course once you start that in May because there will be much overgrowth after Cardiac and the officials don’t cut back the growth until 1-2 weeks before Dipsea.

BOSTON MARATHON: ( my previous posting on the race was not saved. Darn). Both the men and women’s pro fields featured the strongest packs in the history of the Boston Marathon. I did pick David Chebet on an online voting platform to win the marathon again, and in the same manner. Once again he had the amazing ability to pick up the pace after mile 23 stringing three sub 4:30 miles in a row to take the win! Absolutely amazing to pull it off again, and over his training partner!

This year the very impressive and largest women’s lead pack held together late into the race, finally coming down to four pushing the pace; then two with Helen Obiri, Kenya taking the win. This year American Emma Bates did a remarkable job by placing fifth with a 2;22 time, which fulfills the Olympic standard. Now she can focus on the Trials without the extra pressure of qualifying to go into the Games.

4/18/23. TUESDAY. SHORT TEMPOS AND 4′ HILL REPEATS for both roads and DIPSEA. Combining shorter bouts of tempo with the important 4′ strong uphill repeats. After the warm-up mile and 4 x 30 meter pick-ups get in :

5′ of tempo at 10K pace ( 2′ easy running); 3 x 4′ hill at 5K effort with an easy 1′ jog between reps, avoiding full recovery; 5′ tempo run ( 2′ easy), then 1 x 4′ uphill repeat. Run an easy mile recovery or more.

We’re gradually building the time period of quality running; especially acclimate mentally and physically to that long grind after crossing the creek in Muir Woods, Dynamite, Hogsback, Rain Forest and Cardiac: takes 20′ – 35′ for many runners. Need that leg strength willingness to keep grinding and ability to keep pushing that long uphill. No getting around it, the Dipsea is one long interval.

4/19/23 WEDNESDAY. STRENGTH TRAINING CIRCUIT/SWINGS/TRAP BAR DEADLIFTS. 8:15 AM. Meet at Warren’s gym a bit early to get in mobility and warm-up exercises, and row machine practice. If you haven’t gotten in your baseline 2000 meter row, do it for your warm-up.

Deficit KB Sumo Deadlift / BB O’Head Squats

Left, KB Kneeling Windmill

DGB Situp & Reach

Incline Push-Ups

Right, KB Kneeling Windmill

Wipers / Hanging Knee Tucks

DBL KB Clean, Front Squat to Press

Left, Muay Thai Planks

Right, Muay Thai Planks

2 x 6 Heavy KB Swings

KB Rack Carry / O’head Grip Plate Carry

Finish with Trap Bar Deadlifts 3 x 3 . then foam roller and stretching

4/20/23 THURSDAY. SPEED-WORK at your local track. You ran your 5K time trial last week; this week more shorter interval reps emphasis. After the mile warm-up, drills, 6 x 30 meter pick-ups. TWO Rounds of:

2 x 150 (50)

2 x 300 (100)…start the 300’s from S/F line and run 100 meters past 200 mark to last straight-away; jog 100 easy

3 x 400 ( on 2′ or 2:30, or 3′)

4/22/23 SATURDAY. HR/XT/SWINGS/SPRINTS/LOADED CARRIES/TRAP BAR DEADLIFTS. NO Workout this Saturday!….We should all be doing better next week.