Week of 4/5/21: Workouts, Strength day(s), Tempo, Speed-Work, Sat HR/XT, Tips.

Hi Folks,

JOINING in for SAT/HR/XT: Lisa, Chris, Lee, Judi, the Valla’s, Shirley, Tom , Elizabeth…and more.

The world records continue to be set on a regular basis, partly due to the lack of regular competitions because of Covid restrictions; give athletes time to focus on breaking record times. This time The Istanbul Half Marathon (4/4/21) saw three-time winner Ruth Chepngetich, 26 of Kenya lead three women under 65:00 (a sub 5-minute pace0 with a new WR 64:02! (she has also won the Istanbul Marathon in 2:18:35. She was followed by Yalemrzew Yehualof in 64:40, then Helen Obiri, the XC Champ in 64:51.

The lead pack clicked off some remarkable 5k splits: 5K in 15:07, 10K in 30:21, 15K in 45:29; her fourth 5K in 15:03

World records in running are set by gifted athletes, but we often forget the volume of homework and belief that goes into setting remarkable times. Take Kibiwott Kandie of Kenya who led four others under the old Half Marathon WR with a 57:32 at Valencia Half Marathon. Lets Run website described Kandie’s training program which consisted of running three times per day: 6 am – 20K, 10 am – 8K, 4 pm – 10K. He averaged about 23 miles per day! He also had to be patient during the pandemic; there were events where he could compete, but gave him time to focus on a supreme effort and not to take the lead until the last 2-3 kilometers.

4/6/21 TUESDAY. TEMPO. More race pace practice with long interval pick-ups. After the solid warm-up mile and some 15″ pick-ups: run 3′ (2′ easy run) – 4′ (2′) – 6′ (3′) – 4′ (3′) – 3′ (2′) and easy mileage to finish.

4/7/21 WEDNESDAY. STRENGTH day. I’m going to have the group and the readers do the same Wednesday workout as last week (week of 3/29/21) to get another practice with some of the exercises.

4/8/21 THURSDAY. SPEED-WORK/Track day. Run a solid warm-up and six time 10″ quick cadence pick-ups then :

Three rounds of: 3′ (2′) – 45″ (2′) or if on track 3 x (600 (200); then

Three rounds of: 2′ (1′) – 45″ (1′) or if on track 3 x (400 (200)

4/10/21 SATURDAY. HR/XT/LOADED CARRIES/SPRINTS/ TRAP BAR. 8 am. Seminary College off Seminary Drive. Arrive early to get in your warm-up run along Seminary Drive near the entry road; then up to the exercise stations. Keep the workout going to finish within the 45 minutes to an hour.

  1. X8 R/L Lunge Torso Rotations + X15 R/L 1-Arm DGB Swings (develops Swing technique)

Short – Sprint – Short

2. X8 DB/DGB Goblet Squats – X15 Mtn Climbers

1 / 2 “B” + Long (run as one continuous climb, and time the interval

3. X6 R/L Top Half Get-Up + X10 R/L Alt hand to toe V-Ups

X4 Sprints

4. X10 DB Thursters + X6 R/L DB Plank Row

Short – Sprint – 1 / 2 “A”

Week of 3/29/21: Workouts this week, sample Short Workout, Big Sur Marathon memories, training tips.

Hi Folks,

I have some notes with the workouts to help you with technique or emphasis. Some memories….

LOOKING BACK. Big Sur International Marathon ( BSIM), 1986, 1987. I have fond memories running the first BSIM; brainchild of retired judge, Bill Burleigh, who needed to put a challenge in his life. I remember running that first BSIM, already a somewhat hilly course – not for personal bests (PB). The race has an early 7 AM start and on that day the wind was already producing whitecaps on the water coming from the NW, i.e., the runners would be running straight into it as we ran on Hwy 1 from Big Sur Pfeiffer State Park to Crossroads Shopping Center in Carmel. Ugh! It was a relentless headwind that just beat you up.

But local standout runner from Oakland (now in Marin), Leslie McMullin, took first in a strong 3:00:44 in spite of the strong headwind and hills. There were problems producing the age group results for the awards ceremony. I remember talking to Bill Burleigh after the race when he was concerned if runners would come back the next year after problems with results. I told him he has a winner of a race, they will come back! “You’re selling the scenery of the coastline on a closed road, not a record setting marathon.” I asked him if we could run the finish line for the next year so he and his staff could concentrate on the producing the event. Sure enough, a full field showed up for the 1987 race. As most of you know, after the first two years it became difficult to enter BSIM and has filled very quickly every year since. Runners World became a sponsor and promoted the event with stunning scenic photos of that famous coastline. That sealed the popularity for this race.

What a surprise came out of that 1987 race! The weather was overcast with little wind and San Francisco runner, Brad Hawthorne, 31, surprised himself when ran a PB of 2:16:38, breaking the previous year’s time by 19 minutes (was 2:35:37). He shouldn’t have been able to run such a time because he had run four marathons in two months including the World Cup Marathon in Seoul, Korea on April 12th followed with BSIM on April 26th. The time still stands today. Elite runners give it an equivalent 2:10:00 time on a flat course and put the race on the international scene. Note that BSIM multiple times: 1989, 1990, 19991, 1992, and 1993; all in the low 2:20’s. He is a consistent marathoner. What a weekend!.

3/30/21 TUESDAY. TEMPO. After warm-up mile or so you’ll get in two longer tempo runs at 10K pace: 2 x 10′ (5′ easy running).

3/31/21 WEDNESDAY. STRENGTH DAY. The goal for the endurance athlete is to get in two strength sessions and mobility exercises in per week. This typical routine can be modified for the second session with Swings, Goblet Squats and Get -Ups. Yes , just those three cover the basics for general sport preparedness.

After doing mobility exercises for your warm-up you’re ready to begin the strength training session. Strength workout for this week:

X 10 KB Swings – X5 R/L DGB Front to back Lunges

X 15 Swings – X8 R/L Light DB Side Plank Arm Raises

X 20 Swings – X6 R/L DBL Kb Swing Cleans (may need to do a lighter KB for 20 reps)

X 10 Swings – X5 R/L KB Kneeling Pressess

X 15 Swings – X7 KB Deficit Sumo Deadlifts (full range, KB dips below ground level)

X 20 Swings – X10 R/L KB Figure 8’s

X10 Swings – X15 R/L Hand to Foot Touches (combines leg raise with crunch)

X15 Swings – X12 R/L 1-Arm KB Swings ( work on maintaining anti-torso rotation. You’ll notice forearm grip muscles are worked)

The 20 reps of swings will take focus on form and coordinating your breathing to keep each rep explosive and with strong hip hinge motion. If you begin to falter; switch to a lighter kettlebell.

4/1/21 THURSDAY. SPEED-WORK. Get in solid warm-up run and 6 x 10″ pick-ups. Then it is:

3 x 30″ (1′) – 3 x 3′ (2′) – 3 x 2′ (1′) – 3 x 1′ (1′)..

4/3/21 SATURDAY. HILL REPEATS/XT/LOADED CARRIES/SPRINTS. 8 am. Seminary College, off Seminary Drive., Mill Valley / Strawberry area. Arrive early to get in your warm-up run so you’re ready to go for the workout.

more to come

Reminder: The Sprints are to be run at 5K effort level: controlled, but high aerobic effort. I’ve been noticing that a number of the group are running the hill repeats at a “jogging” pace. Need to run at a pace that will improve your aerobic fitness!……Goal is to finish the two boards in 45″; keep it moving!

The interval #2: go down to bottom of entry road hill (B) and run “B” , then continue right up to the top of Long. Should be run in about three minutes plus. One of the best ways to improve to racing fitness is uphill 4′ repeats.

LMK if you are attending the session. Judi, Elizabeth, Tom, Kevin, Dave, Shirley, and more.

SHORT ROUTINE for mobility, time under tension, (TUT) , overall strength and “bracing” back strength. This is a stand alone exercise session for developing core and overall strength.

X4 TGU (keep the weight manageable; the movement is most important.. Maintain a brief hold at each of the five steps of the TGU movement; demonstrate control of your movements while under tension.

Two laps of Farmer’s Carry and two laps of Rack Carry ( about 1′ each).

Week of 3/22/21: Workouts, Wed weights, tips, Sat HR/XT

Hi Folks,

I may have my van back this week so I can bring the weights to the Saturday HR/XT/ Loaded Carries workout. Now it is looking doubtful, but Saturday for sure: I will have a loaner van to carry equipment for Saturday. Weather should be good for the workout.

We’ll be repeating the Wednesday and Saturday workouts from last week due to cancellations.

3/23/21 TUESDAY. TEMPO workout. After the warm-up mile get in 6′ (3′) – 5′ (2′) – 4′ (2′) pick-ups and recovery. The faster runs conducted at high aerobic pace, but under control followed by an easy jog. The goal is to acclimate your system to race pace effort.

3/24/21 WEDNESDAY. STRENGTH TRAINING day. same workout as from 3/15/2 for this week of 3/22/21.

Note: the 3/15/21 workout is being used for the week of 3/22/21 because last week’s session was rained out

Some tips: If you are having trouble with the ” KB Figure 8’s & Hold“; you can stick with the Figure 8’s portion and skip swinging it up into a hold!.

The “Bulgarian Squats” are an excellent unilateral leg exercise and you’ll immediately notice the difference in leg strength between your right and left legs. The foot of your trailing leg need not be placed high; four to eight inches should work. As you do your “split squat” drop motion, keep the weight in the middle without leaning forward with too much weight on the squatting leg that drops the thigh to parallel level with the floor; do not let your knee go past your toes. First do the split squats without weights to groove the motion concentrating pushing off with butt and quad muscles.

The 1-Arm Rows, you’ll find can be done safely with fairly hefty weight. Experiment with various size DB or KB’s until you can get in the eight reps. It’s a good developer for the back/lats area. Row in a sweeping arc towards the lower ribs rather than high to the shoulder.

I suggest also getting in at least one GET UP on each side the benefits for mobility, core strength, great shoulder stability and connecting the upper and lower body. It certainly benefits participants for all sports. The other key lifts for general preparedness

3/25/21 THURSDAY. SPEED-WORK day. We’ll focus on simulating 400’s using an average time of 2′ with full 1′ recovery. If you are able to get onto a track (some will be opening up soon) if you are running 8′ pace (a 2′ lap) keep the clock going and take off on every 3′ minute; keep it going. If running 7′ pace, take off on the next 400 on the 2:30; if running 6′ pace, go on the 1:30…

3/27/21 SATURDAY. HILL REPEATS/XT/LOADED CARRIES/SPRINTS. (Workout is on) 8 am. Seminary College, off Seminary Drive. Arrive early, park along Seminary Drive near the entry road into the College; get in a warm-up run prior to beginning the workout session.

joining in: Denise, Lisa, The Vallas, Shirley, Dave Champagne, Kevin, Judi.

Workout at Home:

Solid basics are the key when one has only limited time. Include the KB Swing, Get-Up, and Goblet Squat.

Swings gives hip power, back and hamstring development and fitness

Get-Ups build shoulder stability, core strength, strength through constant time under tension upper and lower body strength development that’s applicable for all sports.

Goblet Squats unlock the hips, build leg strength, hip mobility.

The Seven Basic Movements..next week.

Week of 3/15/21: Workouts this week, Training tips

Hi Folks,

UPDATE: Saturday HR/XT will not be happening with me and the weights: the van is not yet ready. They are putting in a side window and seat bench for passengers. BUT a good number of the HR group are coming at 7:30 for warm-up to begin HR above at 8 am.

Sandy and I received our second vaccine today! Feel a bit safer after two weeks when it takes effect. I hope all of us receive the vaccine by the end of Summer. The CNN online news outlet did post an article on what’s involved in developing and producing the COVID vaccine. There is way more involved than I ever realized in making the vaccine with the Messenger RNA (mRNA), a eye opener. It’s a complex blend of engineering, chemistry, timing, transportation and logistics to produce a safe product that is injected into our arms. Even the glass vials are made from special sand and fired up specifically to make a safe container. One challenge is obtaining enough rubber for the cork stopper that is part of the syringe.

3/16/21 TUESDAY. TEMPO workout. After solid warm-up ( especially when it’s cold out), you will do:

4 x 5′ (3′ easy running; then it’s right into the next 5′ threshold run). Remember to keep the pick-up at high aerobic quality; not racing , but at a “comfortably stressed”effort.

3/17/21 WEDNESDAY. STRENGTH TRAINING Day (and for any other day of the week).

X 10 Swings – X6 Kneeling Torso Rotations ( or lunge version)

X15 Swings – X8 KB Sumo Deadlifts

X20 Swings – X5 R/L KB Standing Presses

X10 Swings – X8 R/L KB Figure 8’s & Hold

X15 Swings – X6 R/L DB Bulgarian Split Squats

X20 Swings – X8 R/L DB/KB One-Arm Rows

X10 Swings – 1′ Weighted Plank

3/1821 THURSDAY. SPEED-WORK. After the usual warm-up run, 6 x 10″ pick-ups, run 5-6 rounds of:

(2′ (1′) – 4′ (2′))

3/20/21 SATURDAY. HILL REPEATS/XT/LOADED CARRIES/Sprints. I will not be there: cannot bring the weights: NO VAN ready yet. BUT a good number of the group will show up to do Hill Repeats.

Seminary College off Seminary Drive i mill Valley/Strawberry Drive. Arrive early, park along Seminary Drive near the entry road to the college; then meet up one level of the entry road where the exercise stations are set up.

Week of 3/8/21: Workouts this week; Sat HR/XT looks promising

Hi Folks,

Busy day ahead for me today, so I’ll be updating as the day and week progresses. This rainy week will change our workouts, but should be only a slight problem.

3/9/21 TUESDAY. TEMPO workout. After the warm-up mile or so, get in:

3′ Tempo (2′ recovery) – 6′ (3″) – 8′ (4′) – 4′ (3′). After the run and still warm; get in your stretching for hamstrings, quads, calves, and side of hips (Pigeon stretch). The goal with these threshold runs is to acclimate your body to race pace effort for a variety of timed repeats ranging from 5K to 10K race pace for the under 10 minute runs; half marathon pace for those 11-25 minute runs.

3/10/21 WEDENSDAY. STRENGTH DAY workout to be used on any other day during the week. Our Wed outdoor workout may not be held if raining.

X10 Swings – X6 R/L Lunge Torso rotations

X10 Swings – X5 (DBL KB Clean & Squat)

X15 Swings – X5 R/L Press

X15 Swings – X10 R/L Muay Thai Planks

X10 Swings – X7 Deficit KB Sumo Deadlifts

X10 Swings – 1′ Plank (with weight on back, if possible)

X15 Swings – X6 R/L KB/DB 1-Arm Rows

X15 Swings to finish off the 100 reps. Add 1 x R/L Turkish Get Up.

3/11/21 THURSDAY. SPEED – WORK conducted on fire roads, trails, or a track if you have access to one. After the mile warm-up, 6 x 10″ quick cadence repeats. Then it is TWO rounds of:

(30″ fast (1′ easy) – 1′ (1′) – 2′ (2′) – 4′ (3′) )

3/13/21 SATURDAY. HILL REPEATS/XT/LOADED CARRIES/ SPRINTS. 8 am at Seminary College property off Seminary Drive in Mill Valley. Arrive early enough, park along Seminary Drive near entry road to get in a warm-up run; then meet up where the exercise stations and hill repeats are set up.

joining in: Lisa, Judi, Shirley, Michelle, the Vallas, AJ, Elizabeth, Tom, Denise, Tricia,

Week of 3/1/21: Workouts this week, training tips

Hi Folks,

Looks like this week is clear until, probably the weekend; though Saturday’s Hill Repeats may be canceled due to rain.We need the rain! Cycling past Nicasio Reservoir provides the somber reminder that we are in a drought. We all need to start conserving water. I wince, when I see folks hosing down driveways and sidewalks.

Last weekend at Japan’s famous Lake Biwa Marathon an astounding record 40 Japanese Marathoners broke 2:10:00 for the marathon! (note that 2:11 marathon is a 5-minute per mile marathon. The winning time was 2:04:56; 5 ran under 2:07:15, 15 under 2:08, and 26 under 2:09! I think Japan has built up their team for the upcoming Olympics !

Preparing for an upcoming event/challenge.

3/2/21 TUESDAY. TEMPO. After the warm-up you’ll get in extended tempo runs at threshold pace:

5′ (3′) – 7′ (3′) – 4′ (2′) – 3′ (2′).

3/3/21 WEDNESDAY. STRENGTH DAY sample for the week.

X10 Swings – X6 R/L Kneeling Torso Rotations ( work that torso until your arms form a ‘T’; need that mobility)

X15 Swings – X6 Goblet Squats

X10 Swings – X5 R/L Standing KB Presses (remember to pause briefly at the top of the press)

X15 Swings – X12 Leg Raises ( keep the low back pressed to the ground as you execute)

X10 Swings – X7 Deficit Sumo KB Deadlifts

X15 Swings – X8-10 Push-Ups

X5 heavier Swings – X6 KB R/L Gorilla Rows

X20 Swings possibly with a lighter KB to complete the reps (it will test your breathing control, timing and movement explosiveness)

3/4/21 THURSDAY. SPEED-WORK. After the warm-up mile, 6 x 10″ quick cadence pick-ups. Then:

Two Rounds of: (2′ x 1′ (1′) – 1 x 4′ (1:30) – 2 x 2′ (1′))

3/6/21 SATURDAY. HILL REPEATS/XT/LOADED CARRIES. 8 am (let’s see if we have rain, or not).

Week of 2/22/21: Workouts this week, Saturday HR/XT is on, Tips on training.

Hi Folks,

Fantastic weather on this Monday to start off the week! Kevin and I rode the Silverado Trail and were treated to a wonderful display of mustard growing between the rows of vines! We also saw the devastation from the Glass Mountain Fire over the last eight miles north of the Deer Park lights; a somber reminder from that scary time with all the devastation that that intense heat brought to Napa.

2/23/21 TUESDAY. TEMPO. After the warm-up mile get in 2 x 12′ steady high aerobic effort sustained for the 12 minutes followed by 5′ of easy running. So 2 x 12′ (5′).

2/24/21 WEDNESDAY. STRENGTH Training day.

2/25/21 THURSDAY. SPEED-WORK. After the warm-up run and 6 x 10 second pick-ups emphasizing quick cadence. Then follow with five rounds of:

(30″ (30″) – 1′ (1′) – 2′ (2′))

2/27/21 SATURDAY. HILL REPEATS/XT/SPRINTS/LOADED CARRIES. 8 am. Seminary College off Seminary Drive.Arrive early and park along Seminary Drive near the entry road to get in your warm-up run. It’s a workout of four exercise stations (spread out for distance) interspersed with hill repeats followed by one minute of loaded carries, sprints and finishing with trap bar deadlifts.

LMK if you will be joining in on the workout:

Week of 2/15/21: Workouts this week, Sat HR/XT is on,

Hi Folks,

Looks like from Tuesday on the weather looks good for training outdoors. I’ve been sending demo videos to our group members during last week on the Turkish Get-Up with the instructors using substantial kettlebell weight. I strongly suggest you focus on the movement forth -three weeks without a DB/KB and execute the movement smoothly with deliberate stops at each step of the Get Up.

2/16/21 TUESDAY. TEMPO on the fire roads, trails over flat or rolling terrain, or even track if you have access to it. After the warm-up mile you’ll run the tempo pieces at 5K effort:

6′ tempo (3 easy piece’), 5′ (3′),; 4′ (2′); 4′ (2′); 3′ …finish.


2/18/21 THURSDAY. SPEED-WORK. Get in the warm-up run, 6 x 10″ quick cadence pick-ups, then:

3 Rounds of: (4′ (2′ easy), 2′ (2′), 1′ (1′))…….similar to running 800 – 400 – 200 for three rounds.

2/20/21 SATURDAY. HILL REPEATS/XT/LOADED CARRIES/SPRINTS. 8 am at Seminary College off Seminary Drive. Arrive early, park along Seminary Drive near the entry road to the College and get in your warm-up run.

joining in: Judi, Shirley, Tricia, Denise, the Valla’s, TJ, AJ, Tom, Elizabeth, Kevin,

  1. X10 DB Thrusters + X 12 Mtn Climbers……Sprint – 1/2 “A” – Short
  2. X5 R/L DB Single Leg DL & Row + X8 DB Presses…….2 x Sprint – 1/2 “B”
  3. X 12 DGB Ab Crunch & Knee Tuck + X8 DGB Russian Twists…. Short – Sprint — Short
  4. X 6 DB Burpee & Row……3 X Short

The Sprints, Loaded Carries, Swings, and Trap Bar Deadlift follow.

Week of 2/8/21: Workouts, Training Tips, Sat HR/XT tentative

Hi Folks,

Saturday Hill Repeats will be a go; by 8 am the chance for maybe one tenth of an inch should be over. So we’ll give it a go and if it is rainy you’ll be doing hill repeats.

2/9/21 TUESDAY. TEMPO. After the usual warm-up mile and 6 x 10″ quick cadence pick-ups do:

8′ (4′) – 6′ (3′) – 4′ (2′) – 4′ (2′). First two run at 10K race pace, second two at 5K race pace.

2/10/21 WEDNESDAY. STRENGTH DAY. Includes variation on squats with the quarter squat for upper leg strength, leg speed and easier on knees.

  1. X10 Swings – X8 KB Good Mornings ( for spine muscle strength. Hold a DB/KB close to chest, keep arch in your back while bending forward at the waist to above waist height and come back up; keep legs slightly bent at the knees. A good supplemental exercise for the back)
  2. X10 Swings – X12 Leg Raises ( keep low back touching the ground; if difficult bend your legs at the knees slightly which shortens the lever arm)
  3. X15 Swings – X 1 DBL Heavy KB Clean to Rack, do 8-10 quarter squats. ( gives alternative by being easier on knees and back yet builds run power and explosive speed by building upper quads. It mirrors hum position and about same position of legs for swings)
  4. X10 Swings – X5 R/L Half Kneeling Presses ( a variation that helps eliminate “Body English” and build strength with your presses)
  5. X10 Swings – 1′ Weighted Plank
  6. X15 Swings – X8 KB Deficit Deadlifts
  7. X10 Swings – X6 PVC pipe or broomstick O’Head Squats with pause at bottom ( as you descend move shoulders back if needed to keep the bar over your spine; takes shoulder mobility).
  8. X15 Swings – 2-part Gorilla Rows: A. X6 DBL KB/DB Rows: both arms lifting at the same time, B. X6 R/L Alt Rows from ground with hold (a 1000-1 count) at top of lift.

You’ll be learning the “Good Mornings” which is another exercise for back strength.The quarter squats are perfectly acceptable for building leg strength and jumping power, or if you have compromised knees and must avoid deep squats.

2/11/21 THURSDAY. SPEED-WORK. Rain arrives in the afternoon, so you should be okay for the workout. Warm-up run, 6 x 10″ quick pick-ups, then:

10 x 2′ (2′) …..building on the number of equivalent 400’s. If you run them at 6 minute pace; run each 400 at 1:30; at 8′ pace is two minutes and so forth.

2/13/21 SATURDAY. HILL REPEATS/XT/Loaded Carries, Trap Bar lifts. 8 am. At Seminary College off Seminary Drive in Mill Valley/Strawberry area. Arrive early to park near the college entrance and do your warm-up run.

I added an addition to our third board which focuses on the Loaded Carries, sprints for leg speed, some swings and the addition of “bottom-up kettlebell carries” at the rack position.This Carry tests and develops grip strength, something we all lose with the aging process. It’s remarkable how the instructors and kettlebell enthusiasts can do the Get Up movement while holding the kettlebell in the bottom-up position! It’s also for shoulder health to do light bottom-up presses; takes focus too.

Week of 2/1/21: Workouts this week,Sat HR/XT looks good

Hi folks,

Saturday workout will be a go and we will have cool but clear weather. There will be slight changes with the third board featuring sprints and loaded carries; finishing with trap bar deadlifts and band walks.

We’ll also working on parts of the Turkish Get Up each week because it is important for mobility, core work, right and left sides, upper and lower body and more. If one had to pick only one lift/movement; most of the top instructors pick the Turkish Get UP! Beginning with no weight load and gradually doing the TGU on both sides will make you a better and more balanced athlete.

1/5/21 TUESDAY. TEMPO workout. After the warm-up mile you’ll do four pick-ups:

3′ at 5K effort (2′) – 12′ at 10K effort (4′) – 6′ at 5K effort (3′) – 3’…then easy steady run to finish. Running (or cycling) for sustained time periods at high, but controlled pace, acclimates your body to racing. The trick is to set the effort level so it builds your strength for your sport and racing; not “trash” you.


X10 Swings – X6 R/L Lunge Torso Rotations (your eyes should track your hand throughout the rotation. The goal is to gain torso rotational flexibility)

X15 Swings – X8 Deficit KB Sumo Deadlifts ( moderate weight for reps; serves as good warm-up for trap bar deadlift later)

X10 Swings – X6 R/L KB Clean & Press

X15 Swings – 1′ Weighted Plank

X10 Swings – X5 DBL KB Swings Cleans (takes focus on your “set” / start and powerful hip hinge to get the momentum strong enough with both kettlebells to make the clean to rack position)

X15 Swings – X7 R/L KB Step-Ups

X10 Swings – X12 DGB Sit-up and Reach

X15 Swings – X6 R/L One-Arm KB/DB Row (bring the weight in arc towards lower ribs; not scrunched up to shoulder: works lats more)

1/4/21 THURSDAY. SPEED-WORK on fire roads, track or even smooth trails. Simulating 800’s by time; know roughly your per 400 pace to determine total time for each of the 4 X 4′ reps (2:30 recovery jog between each rep).

1/6/21 SATURDAY. HILL REPEATS/STRENGTH/LOADED CARRIES and TRAP BAR DEADLIFTS. 8 am at Seminary College off Seminary Drive. Arrive early, park along Seminary near the entry road into campus; do your warm-up run then go up to where I have the exercise stations set up by 8 am. We’ll do stations with the group in shifts of 5 or 6 to spread everyone out for social distancing at the exercise stations and during the hill repeats.

LMK if you will be attending by Friday at latest. Judi, Kevin, Shirley, Denise, the Vallas, Hans, Tricia, Vicki, Linda, Tom, Elizabeth

Bring your masks; there are new models available that are made for working out ( Coach Warren obtained one by Asics – it works for heavy exercising). We’ll have to all search out other good manufacturers for the exercise models.