Week of 7/12/21: Workouts this week; Sat session is on – with slight changes

Hi Folks,

SATURDAY Morning workout is on!

I just delivered paperwork and fees to the Seminary College so WE ARE ON for tomorrow’s workout (Saturday 8 am). First change is that you’ll drive up the entry road and park in Lot C which is one above the road where I usually parked the van (the apartment complex complained of noise early in the morning); that is a “Fire Lane” and must be free of cars.

When you park in lot C park on the East side of the lot facing into the hill so I can set up the exercise stations on the West side near the edge. The College will drop the chain so we can use Lot C. Then go ahead and do your warm-up run.

Basic rules of conduct apply while we use the rented space for our workouts: no leaving garbage at the site; and keep social distancing.

Note that I will be away from July 28 through most of August; so no Saturday workouts during that time.

7/13/21 TUESDAY. TEMPO workout. After the warm-up mile or so: 1 x 8′ tempo (3’easy) – 1 x 4′ (2′) – 1 x 8′ (3′) – 1 x 4′ (2′).

7/14/21 WEDNESDAY. STRENGTH workout. A little change up for this week. Note, that you can do the Push-Up portion on an incline in order to maintain good form.

TIPS/NOTES: This session changes things up a bit with posterior side work hitting hamstrings, butt, back (Swings); chest, shoulders, triceps (Push-Ups); legs, glutes and mobility (one kettlebell in rack position front squats and goblet squats).

Remember to keep good form with your push-ups and avoid over-straining, execute the push-ups either on an incline, or from on the push-up handles and finally from the knee position. The reps will add up!

Your off days from strength training: Every other day get in 3 reps of Turkish Get-Ups on the right and left sides. The benefits you gain from simply getting TURKISH-GET-UPS done on a regular basis I will list later. Do them without any resistance in your hand during the first couple of weeks until the movement flows and that you have gained the mobility to do so; then add a water bottle in your hand, followed by a light 10# kettlebell.

7/15/21 THURSDAY. SPEED-WORKOUT on a track is best. After warm-up mile, 6 x 30 meters, get in 2 x 100 (100). Then for main part of the workout:

2 x 400 ( on the 2:30 or 3′)

2 x 600 (200)….at 5K race pace

2 x 800 (400 steady jog)….run at 5M to 10K race pace.

As always, get in your stretching for butt, quads and hamstrings.

7/17/21 SATURDAY. HR/XT/LOADED CARRIES/SPRINTS and Trap bar deadlifts. 8 AM at Seminary College off Seminary Drive – drive up the entry road to park in Lot C and do your warm-up run from there. Arrive around 7:30 to get in your warm-up run and a bit of extra hill work.

LMK if attending; in so far: Tom, Elizabeth, Judi, Denise, Robert, Danny, Tricia, Shirle;

  1. X 8 R/L Lunge Torso Rotations, X15 Mtn Climbers: Short – Sprint – Short
  2. X8 DB Burpee & Press , X8 Russian Twists: 1/2 “B” + Long
  3. X8 DB Plank Row, X15 DGB Situp & Reach: Short – Sprint – 1/2 “A”
  4. Walking Lunge X Street, 12 DB Thrusters: 4 X Sprint

Week of 7/5/21: Workouts, some change with Sat HR/XT.

Hi Folks,

Oops, my article on Wout Van Aerk riding two successive stages of the TDF while pulling off a remarkable placement in both: the equivalent to Usain Bolt running the 100 meters and an ultra marathon – winning one and placing second by inches in the other. Two opposite ends of the ability pole. The first was a Sprint finish where he came within a wheel or less of beating Mark Cavendish, who is pursuing the record 34 sprint wins in the TDF and then ascending one of the iconic climbs in the TDF – Mt. Ventoux.

For the first time ever, race organizers had the riders ascend the 10 miles of uphill at a steeper grade than RRGrade; then climb it again! Van Aerk, at 6’2″ and 170+ lbs. jumped to the lead after the half way mark pulling away from the 140 lb leader to take the win. Quite a feat that one man can have the make-up to be competitive at sprints and also the in the mountains.

After indulging with celebrating the Fourth, it’s time to get back on the horse and get back to training! I’m making a change with the “third board” to up your wind fitness ( to use a simpler term) as we progress the specific training towards Dipsea. This build up towards hill work and leg speed will still improve your time at any road or trail race. Good all-around fitness always pays off for competition and general health.

During August it’s time to up the weight with the Loaded Carries for the overall strength in legs, hips, back and core; the swings improve the entire posterior side, muscular endurance and cardiovascular fitness. The trap bar deadlift will continue to test h

7/6/21 TUESDAY. TEMPO training, i.e., acclimating to race/ threshold pace. After the warm-up mile or so, you’ll run your tempo pieces:

4′ Tempo (2′ easy) – 6′ (3′) – 6′ (3′) – 4′ (2′) ; then finish with your run with some easy miles.

7/7/21 WEDNESDAY. Strength Training this week.

7/8/21 THURSDAY. TRACK/SPEED-WORK. After the warm-up mile, 2x 100 (100), 6 x 30 meters; you’ll do the classic 400 meter repeats workout:

10-12 X 400 (on 2′ if your pace is 6′ pace or better; on 2:30 with 8′ or better; on 3′ if running about 9 minute pace.

7/10/21. SATURDAY. HR/XT/SPRINTS/LOADED CARRIES. 8 am. SEMINARY COLLEGE off Seminary Drive. Arrive early to get in your warm-up run; then meet up entry road to first level lot to begin the workout.

3) new variation with the Press: “X8 R/L DGB Bottom-Up Press”. Here you’ll be using the DGB for bottom-up pressing to get the hang of it easier because of the shorter handles with the DGB. This variation with the Press builds shoulder and wrist strength carefully. It requires fine tuning the movement with deliberate coordination which helps develop the regular kettlebell press.

Week of 6/28/21: Workouts, Tu/Wed/Th/Sat workouts, TDF is on 3rd stage, tips.

Hi Folks,

If joining on the SATURDAY HR/XT/SPRINTS; let me know ASAP: Lisa, Chris, Judi, Shirley, Tom, Elizabeth, Andy, Paula, Denise, Hans, Tricia, Alex are a go, so far.

Already a busy Summer of events already underway after the French Open and the WS 100M Endurance Run, the Tour De France (TDF) is already into its third day of 21 days. Wimbledon is coming up shortly; Kevin and Dave do the Death Ride on July 17; then towards the end of July the Olympics begin in Tokyo!

Meanwhile a good number of you will still be building the strength and fitness foundation for the Dipsea in November with strength training, hill repeats, mobility exercises, track work, RRGrade once per month for time and work up to at least 13 miles for your long run; then during August and September running sections of the Dipsea course.

6/29/21 TUESDAY. TEMPO workout. After a solid warm-up 15 minutes you’ll get in: 4′ Tempo (2 easy) – 8′ Tempo (3′ easy)- 12′ Tempo; then continue with the run.

6/30/21 WEDNESDAY. STRENGTH Training sample for this week that as usual includes a hinge movement, something overhead, squat move, core strengthening and trap bar finisher. All members gradually work up to a trap bar deadlift with bodyweight.

X 14 Swings/ X 6 R/L Lunge Torso Rotations ( be able to eventually rotate the torso while in lunge position so that the arms form a “T” straight line.

X 14 Swings / X6 PVC pipe O’Head Squats: a strength movement that requires hip, ankle and shoulder stability. You’ll gradually execute these squats with a weighted bar: a terrific total body strength move that is often under appreciated

X14 Swings / X5 R/L KB Presses with good form with stop hold at the top of each rep.

X14 Swings / X5 DBL KB Clean & Front Squats. Cleaning and holding the kettlebells in rack position builds “bracing” strength, proper form for front squats and core.

X 14 Swings / X 6 R/L Heavy KB/DB One-Arm Rows. A solid and safe move for building back and rear delt strength.

X 14 Swings / 1′ plank with a 10#, 25# or 35# grip plate on your back while holding position in straight line. (Saves doing high number of sit-ups and builds core strength)

X 14 Swings / X Deficit KB Sumo Deadlifts. Works butt, hips, legs and back – and squat range of motion.

7/1/21 THURSDAY. SPEED WORK at your local track. Run warm-up mile or so, 2 x 100 (100) stride-outs, 6 x 30 meters quick cadence pick-ups. Then its:

4 x 200 (200), 4 x 400 (on 2:30 or 3′), 4 x 200 (200), 1 x 800 finisher at 5K race pace.

7/3/21 SATURDAY. HILL REPEATS/XT/LOADED CARRIES/SPRINTS/ TRAP BAR finisher. 8 am. Meet at Seminary College, off Seminary Drive. Arrive early and get in the warm-up run, then we start with the exercise stations.

Attending so far: Lisa, Chris, Judi, Shirley, Kevin, Tom, Elizabeth, Alex,

Week of June 21, 2021: Workouts, WS 100 this weekend, tips, Training for Dipsea: strength foundation with hill repeats, weights, loaded carries and RRGrade once per month continues.

Notes regarding the strength workout for this week posted above:

  • Those warm-up swings with the Dual Grip Ball (DGB) can help you warm-up those hamstrings and provide better practice for your hip hinge movement. It also teaches you the kettlebell swing easier due to the shorter “handle” and helps warm-up the posterior side of your body.
  • the KB Figure 8’s work the trunk area and hips. Practice with a lighter KB to make for a smooth figure 8 movement; make the transition to the other hand a smooth movement
  • Kneeling Presses: if you’re kneeling on your left knee with the right foot flat; hold the KB in the left hand to do your presses. You’ll press more strictly while kneeling on one knee and reduce “body English” to get the KB overhead.
  • The Goblet Squat: emphasize “bringing your butt down deliberately between your legs and pointing your butt down at the “six o’clock” position best you can with elbows inside your knees. Pause for a count of “1000-1” and come back up pressing both feet flat through the floor.
  • The weighted plank quickly builds that torso strength in a minute of less by developing bracing strength on your anterior side.
  • The ” I go, you go” method of pacing your swings is designed to keep the swing practice going and build cardiovascular fitness and muscle endurance. Eventually you’ll work it to 10 x 10 reps: provides a solid base of fitness and posterior development.

It’s going to be interesting to see how hot it will be for those running Western States 100 Mile Endurance run from Squaw Valley to Auburn this weekend. I’m sure with less snow pack and the extremely dry weather the runners will be in for a hot and dusty run. Special luck to Verity Breen; this will be her toughest running challenge.

6/22/21 TUESDAY. TEMPO run. After the warm-up 1-2 miles it will be: 12’T (4′ easy) – 8’T (3′ easy) – 5′ T (continue with run to finish at moderate pace). Light stretching routine after the workout!

6/23/21 WEDNESDAY. STRENGTH and fitness training for this week. There will be changes from regular routine to address weaknesses: can’t have any of those!

6/24/21 THURSDAY. SPEED-WORK at your local track. After the 1.5M warm-up, 2 x 10 meters of “skips”, 6 x 30 meters of quick cadence pick-ups and 1 x 200 (200) ; you’ll be doing a descending workout: 1 x 1200 (400), 1 x 800 (200), 1 x 600 (200), 2 x 400 (on the 2′, 2:30 or 3′ depending on your run pace), 2 x 200 (200), 2 x 150 (50), 4 x 100 (100)…..You’re gradually picking up the pace as the distance of the intervals goes down. You’ll go through a good 10′ of stretching after the workout, of course! Note, that after every tennis match Novak Djokovic stretches for an hour! That helps to explain his remarkable full-out stretches to return the ball; moves that for most of us would result in a good hamstring or groin pull!

6/26/21 SATURDAY. HR/XT/LOADED CARRIES/SPRINTS and trap bar deadlifts. 8 am at Seminary College off Seminary Drive in Mill Valley/Strawberry area. Arrive early to get in a good pace warm-up run prior to the start. REMEMBER to text me if you are coming to the workout; I almost cancelled last week due to only four replies. I know a number of the group will be away during the Summer, so attendance is going to fluctuate.

so far coming to workout: Judi, Gayle, Tom, Elizabeth, Lisa, Chris, Robert, Shirley,

The new layer ( which will vary in format) for this Saturday after the Carries and sprints will be doing 4 sets of 10 Kettlebell Swings with a partner:

You’ll pick a partner and the two of you will do the “I go, you go” system of doing swings. You do one set of 10 swings; then your partner does their set of 10 swings. Continue alternating sets until you’ve completed the four sets of 10. We’ll gradually up the number of sets to 5 or 6 rounds.

Purpose: Improve overall cardiovascular and muscle endurance fitness so you can push the Dipsea – or any other races.

Week of 6/14/21: Workouts, Tu/Wed/Th and Sat training sessions. Get in the special Father’s Day workout

Hi Folks,

Looks like Saturday HR/XT/LOADED CARRIES are on for this weekend. LMK if you plan to attend. Weather should be cooler by Friday and Saturday, plus we have an early morning start. You’ll be done by 9 ‘ish prior to the heat settling in for the day. You can continue training through the hot weather; simply reduce the volume of your workouts.

QUICK KB PRACTICE. Carrying out a modest 50 swings with good form with 5 x 10 swings on the minute (OTM) with your stopwatch mode as a “partner”, or using the “I go, you go ” method with a partner builds some serious cardiovascular fitness and you use a bit of a challenging weight kettlebell. Superset Goblet Squats and push-ups for four rounds will be doable during the hot weather.

Alternative second set in addition to the 5 x 10 swings; follow-up with 2 x 3 reps of Get Ups on the right and left sides.

3) A set of 10 swings followed by 8 push-ups ( incline or flat on ground); 10 swings / 7 push-ups; 10 swings/ 6 push-ups and so forth.

6/15/21 TUESDAY. TEMPO. After the warm-up mile or so get in 2 x 12′ tempo, with 4′ easy between each 12 minute bout.

6/16/21 WEDNESDAY. STRENGTH workout for this week. After doing Halos, goblet squats, and lunge torso rotations , get in:

X10 Swings – X8 Deficit KB Sumo Deadlifts

X 10 Swings – X5 R/L KB Presses

X 10 Swings – X5 DBL KB Cleans and Front Squat

X 10 Swings – X8 R/L DB Side Plank “Sweep & Reach”

X 10 Swings – X8 R/L KB/DB One – Arm Rows ( can go fairly heavy with this movement)

X 5 x 10 Swings in “I go, you go ” system, or do the 5 x 10 “OTM” This will get your fitness level a boost. Work at it until you can do 10 x 10 Swings on the minute.

6/17/21 THURSDAY. TRACK session. After the warm-up mileage, 6 x 30 meter quick cadence pick-ups:

Two rounds of: (800 (200) – 600 (200) – 400 (200) – 2 x 200 (200))

6/19/21 SATURDAY. 8 am. HR/XT/SPRINTS/ LOADED CARRIES. 8 am at Seminary College off Seminary Drive in Strawberry area. Arrive early to get in your warm-up run; then be ready to go at 8 am. LMK if you are in for the workout: Be ready for a solid session.

so far: Judi, Shirley, Kevin, Tom, Elizabeth, and more.

Week of 6/7/21: Workouts, expect a windy week, new Women’s WR 10,000, training.

Hi Folks,

Coming to Saturday Hill Repeats workout so far: Sally Kallet plus two others, Judi, Shirley, Kevin,

These months of drought and constant wind are scary to observe for me and a good number of others; especially when our group cycles around Nicasio Reservoir: more dirt than reservoir. Santa Clara’s Anderson Reservoir is at 3%. We have more wind and low humidity in store for us this week and well into June. Best thing to do is train during early morning hours while we hope the weather improves. Time to forget watering any lawns, hosing down driveways, washing cars and other high water use activities. We keep small plastic bucket in the shower and in the sink to make the most of grey water for the plants. Keeps one mindful of how much water we use daily.

New World Record for the Women’s 10,000 meters: 29:06.8 by SIFAN HASSAN of Ethiopia at the Fanny Blankers Koen Games in the Netherlands. (The old record was 29:17.45 set in the Olympic final). She asked the pacers for 70″ pacing per 400, but ended dropping the pacers 2K into the race. Pacing after that point was very even with the help of the Wave Light Pacing system that was set up on the rail of the track. She hit 5K in 14:38 and lapped the field by the time she blasted a 64″ last lap for the record. Hassan is noted for her famous 1500/10,000 double win two years ago. She also has the Hour Run record of 11.76M set on 9/4/20; the same day Mo Farah set the men’s record of 13.25 miles. What double will Hassan run in the Olympics because she is also great at 5000 meters.

6/8/21 TUESDAY. TEMPO workout. After the warm-up run: 12′ Tempo (4′ easy) – 8′ (3′) – 4′ (2′) and continue with your run for any additional mileage and cool down.

6/9/21 WEDNESDAY. STRENGTH.Workout for this week; a bit of a change in the workout.

Warm-up: Remember to get in the Halos with either a grip plate, light dumbbell or kettlebell to warm up the shoulders and kickstart synovial fluid into the articulating surfaces of the joints. Then strap shoulder dislocates, a few Goblet Squats and hip raises.

Tips: try and up the weight with the one-arm cleans to build strength so you can complete double kettlebell cleans for the Rack Carry.

“I go, you go” with the 4 x 15 swings refers to working with a partner. I do a set of 15 swings; then my training partner does a set. Keep going until you have completed four rounds .

4X 15 swings “On the minute” (OTM). If working out solo, start your timer, do a set of 15 swings, rest until the clock hits one minute; do the next set and continue until four rounds have been completed. A good method to keep the practice going, build fitness, yet include some rest time.

6/10/21 THURSDAY. TRACK/SPEED-WORK. Probably easier to get onto your local high school or COM track for interval training now that most of the schools are out for summer vacation. After a solid warm-up run, 6 x 30 meter pick-ups and 4 x 100 (100) where you run the 100 meter straight aways followed by 100 meter jog around the curves. Then it’s a ladder workout:

200 (200) – 400 (200) – 600 (200) – 800 (200) – 600 (200) – 400 (200) – 200 (200). The 200’s run at mile pace, the 400’s at sub 5K race pace, 600’s at 5K pace and the 800 at 5M pace.

Below: Saturday’s workout for building hill running strength, speed, all around necessary strength to thwart off the effects of aging and mobility.

Sat/HR/XT/Sprints/Loaded Carries
The Hill Repeats workout

6/12/21 SATURDAY. HR/XT/SPRINTS/LOADED CARRIES/ SPRINTS. 8 am at Seminary College, off Seminary Drive. Arrive around 7:30 or so to get in your warm-up run so you can get in the brief muscle warm-up; then hit the first exercise station firmly followed by the first of hill repeats.

LMK if you will be joining in. Sally K plus two friends, Judi, Shirley, Kevin…more tba

Tip on why you do strength training: Outside Magazine has an article on the importance of including supplemental training to avoid and come back from setbacks and nagging injuries; especially when we pursue our athletic passions so fervently.

“Tinkering. Maintenance. These words were beacons of hope. In my case (author Matt Skenazy) tinkering involved a pretty straightforward prescription.”You need someone who will kick your ass,” Armine said. He put me in touch with with a PT he knew name Laura Opstedal, a woman who believes even 90-year olds should be deadlifting.”

Muscles aren’t what they used to be as we hit 60 years. “The demand you were putting on your body exceeded your capacity,” Opestedal explained, which was a nice way of saying You are not strong enough to do the things you are trying to do.. when we exceed our capacity, we get injured, she explained. That initial injury becomes a never-ending cycle. You rest, you move less, your capacity shrinks more, you do your sport, you get hurt. Repeat. “Unknowingly,” Opstedal said, ” You were caught in a downward spiral.” …” my engine was strong but the axles were rusted.” …

Week of 5/31/21: Tu/Wed/Th/Sat workouts

Hi Folks,

Busy day here, so it’s a brief posting to be finished later. Hope you are enjoying your Memorial Day – after pausing to reflect on all those who sacrificed for their country.

6/1/21 TUESDAY. TEMPO workout. After your warm-up mile or so you’ll be running 3 x 8 minute tempos at threshold pace followed by 3′ easy running. So 3 x 8′ (3′) to acclimate you to race pace effort.

6/2/21 WEDNESDAY. STRENGTH training day sample for the week.

X10 Swings – X8 KB Figure 8’s and Hold

X15 Swings – X15 Reverse Crunches (lying down on back, knees tucked toward chest, shoulder blades touching to ground. Tighten abs, raise your butt and lower back off the floor. Squeeze the hold for 1000 count)

X10 Swings – X6 R/L KB/DB Elevated Single Leg (foot on box or bench) Romanian Deadlifts ( do these slowly and deliberately because this is a hamstring worker)

X15 Swings – X5 R/L KB Presses

X10 Swings – X5 R/L Heavy KB Top Half Get Ups

X15 Swings – X6 R/L Lunge Torso Rotations

X10 Swings – 1′ Weighted Plank

X15 Swings – X7 Deficit KB Sumo Deadlifts

6/3/21 THURSDAY. TRACK work. Warm-up run, 6 X 30 meter pick-ups (fast turnover), 4 x 100 (100), 2 x 150 (50), 4 x 200 (200), 4 x 400 (on 2:30/3′), rest extra minute; then do 1 x 800.

6/5/21 SATURDAY. HILL REPEATS/XT/SPRINTS/ LOADED CARRIES. 8 am. Seminary College off Seminary Drive, Strawberry area. Arrive early to get in your warm-up run and to psych up for the workout.

  1. ) Mtn Climbers x 15 / X6 R/L Lung Torso Rotations

2 x Short – 1/2 “A” – Sprint

2) X 3 (DB Burpee x4 + DB Plank Rows x 3)

2 X Sprint – 1/2 “B” + Long

3) X 15 DGB Jacks / X 12 R/L Alt Hand-To- Toe V-Ups

Short – Sprint – Short – 1/2 “B”

4) X 15 DBL DB Thrusters / Lunge Walk Across street and back

2 X Short – 2 X Sprint

Follow next portion posted on board displaying Sprints and Loaded Carries with Trap Bar finisher.

Week of 5/24/21: Workouts for Tu/Wed/Th/Sat

Hi Folks,

SAT HR/XT are on, starts 8 am>

Let’s hope the windy days begin to ease up as we tackle this week’s workouts; your best bet is to exercise during the morning hours. We are now reaching the end of May; with Memorial weekend coming up you can get in some solid training and still have relaxing time

. The usual focus during June is our beloved Dipsea Race which has been postponed until November. This gives you extra months of training to earn that PB on the Dipsea with likely cooler weather. Our Saturday workouts will help you prepare for this quad killer course.

MEMORIAL WEEKEND. Some members of the workout group might be going out of town and miss the Saturday workout. Will be important to LET ME KNOW if you are attending the workout – or not.

5/25/21 TUESDAY. TEMPO workout. After the 1.0-1.5M warm-up, time for extended tempo “comfortably stressed” pick-ups: 12′ (3′ easy) – 7′ (3′ easy) – 5′..then complete run at controlled pace.

5/26/21 WEDNESDAY. STRENGTH TRAINING. Can be completed once or even twice during the week.

1). X10 Swings – X6 R/L Lunge Torso Rotations

2). X 15 Swings – X DBL KB Front Squats (pause a “1-1000 count” at the bottom

3). X20 Swings – X 12 R/L Alt Leg Raises ( 24 reps total. Place both hands under butt, tilt pelvis so low back touches the mat)

4). X10 Swings – X5 R/L 1- Arm KB Cleans from a dead stop ( preparing you for double KB clean to rack position so you can handle the heavier weights for the Rack Carry. )

5). X15 Swings – Side Plank X5 R/L light DB “Sweep & Reach” (keep the hips, body in straight line)

6). X20 Swings – X7 Deficit KB Sumo DL….& X4 Slow Romanian DL with light KB

7). X5 Heavy Swings – X 8-12 KB/DB Incline Press ( or 10-12 Push-Ups)

8). X5 Heavy Swings – 1′ Weighted Plank

5/27/21 THURSDAY. TRACK workout. After warm-up run, 6 x 30 meter pick-ups, 4 x 100 (100), 4 x 150 (50):

4 x ( (400 (on 2:30 or 3′), 200 (200)); that is run a 400, then on the 2:30 or 3′, run the 200 followed by 200 recovery. Repeat four rounds – and get the pacing within 2″ on the 400’s.

5/29/21 SATURDAY. HR/XT/LOADED CARRIES/Sprints. 8 am. (workout is on)..Seminary College, off Seminary Drive. Arrive about 7:30 or so to get in a warm-up run prior to starting the workout.

LMK if you are attending prior to 2 pm on Friday:

So far: Hans, Judi, Andy, Paula, Shirley, Robert, Linda R, Lisa, Chris, Dave, Michelle.

1). X 15 DGB “Jacks” and X6 R/L Lunge Torso Rotations (for improving ROM in shoulders, hip flexors)

Spring – 1 / 2 “A” – Short – Short

2). X 10 DBL DB or KB Clean & Press….and….X12 DGB Ab Crunch & Knee Tucks

1 / 2 “B” + Long

3). X8 righ to left “Plank Drag” and X 8 “Russian Twists”

2 x Short – 2 Sprint

4). X 10 DB Thrusters and Plank Position x8 Alternate Foot to Hand placement (get those hip flexors and hips loose).

Long – 2 x Sprint

Week of 5/17/21: Workouts, Tuesday Tempo, Wed strength, TH track, Sat HR/XT/Carries

Hi Folks,

I think we have the blog going after I received help from techie friend ( had to do with WordPress and not working through the normal browser), so I think we’re on the way. I’ll be updating tonight and Monday after some “to-do’s” are completed.

WATER SAVING TIP. We are at 8% of normal. We are in a serious and dire situation. Let the lawn go! I cringe when I see people hosing down their driveway or sidewalk; just use the broom! We keep a bucket in the shower and use it to water the plants outside. Recently I put a small plastic bucket in the sink. It’s amazing how much water we gather rinsing, cleaning and more: it all helps save “grey” water for other uses.

DIPSEA Training: Those who are pointing to Dipsea (11/7/21) will continue during May to build your leg strength base, hill repeats; up the weight with the loaded carries, do more Turkish Get-Ups (TGU) three days per week with two full reps on right and left sides while holding a tennis ball or water bottle starting this week. By end of June you should be lifting your bodyweight or more with the TrapBar Deadlift. Note that there is a high correlation with leg speed and trap bar deadlift.Time to focus on four sets of 4′ uphill repeats to build fitness one day per week once we’re into June.

5/18/21 TUESDAY. TEMPO workout with not too long pickups. After warm-up mile or so run 5′ temp (2′ easy) – 10′ Tempo (4′ easy), 5′ Tempo, then continue with your run. Goal: acclimate your body to steady race pace.

5/19/21 WEDNESDAY. STRENGTH training sample for the week. WARM-UP with x 20 DGB or light KB R/L Swings to warm-up posterior side and emphasize hip hinge portion of the swing and thoroughly warm-up the hamstrings.

X10 Swings – X6 R/L DB Burpee & DB Plank Row

X 15 Swings – X6 Goblet Squats with pause

X 20 Swings – X 6 L/R KB Clean & Clean.. ( use heavy KB to build stronger clean motion)

X 10 Swings – DGB Sit-Up and Reach

X 15 Swings – X 8 Deficit KB Sumo DL + Romanian DL with light KB

X 20 Swings – X12 R/L Muay Thai Planks

X 5 Heavier Swings – X 5 R/L lighter KB Bottom-Up Presses

X 5 Heavier Swings – X 8 R/L DB or KB “Gorilla Rows”

5/2521 SATURDAY. HILL REPEATS/XT/LOADED CARRIES. 8 am. Seminary College , off Seminary Drive. Arrive early to get in your warm-up run; we start the workout at 8am…

LMK if you are attending.

Four sets of exercises completed between each round hill repeats

Monarchs are back!

Sandy’s Monarch nursery has produced 20 new ones already for this round. Amazing process !

5-8-21 SATURDAY workout 8 am at Seminary College off Seminary Drive.

x50 Jumping Jacks , plus X6 R/L Lunge Rotations;

Short – Sprint. – 1/2 B + Long (time it);

X 20 Air Squats

2x Short, Long Sprint, 1/2 A;

X15 Mtn Climbers (30 total),

Lunge Walk X street and back;

Short – 2 X Sprint – 1/2 B