Week of 1/16/23: Workouts on Tu/Wed/Th/Sat will take place

Hi Folks,

Looks like we’ll have better weather for your running, cycling and outdoor fitness training: a welcome break from the inclement weather! Most of us have missed speed-work on the track, so run with control on the Thursday workout and not risk a hamstring pull. I think it’s better to focus on the more controlled tempo runs which build aerobic fitness, yet avoid chances for injury with too fast track workouts. Last Saturday I held workout at Warren’s garage/gym when we introduced some “Finisher” exercises after the Circuit with members of the group working out in pairs (see last week’s Blog for samples).

1/13/23 TUESDAY. TEMPO. After the warm-up mile run 6′ of tempo (1:30 easy) – 10′ tempo (3′ easy) – 6′ tempo and then run to finish. Run on slightly rolling or flat courses and on either paved or dirt terrain.

1/14/23 WEDNESDAY. STRENGTH TRAINING CIRCUIT/SWINGS/TRAP BAR DEADLIFTS. 8:15 start at Warren’s gym, arrive a bit earlier to immediately get in your warm-up and mobility exercises with Halos, goblet squats, shoulder warm-ups. Two rounds of Circuit:

PVC or BB O’Head Squats / Goblet Squats x 5

Left, Side Plank light DB “Sweep and Reach”

Right, Side Plank light DB “Sweep and Reach”

Right, DB/ KB One-Arm Row

Left, DB / KB One -Arm Row

Foot to Hand “Iron Crosses”


DBL KB Clean – Front Squat – to Press

DGB Sit-Up & Reach

Landmine 180 Rotations

X 15 Swings

Grip Plate O’Head Carry / Farmer Carry

1/19/23 THURSDAY. SPEED-WORK at your local track. A few of the group meet 7:45 AM in PE dirt parking lot, College of Marin. Warm-up a mile or so, 6 x 30 meter pick-ups on the track, some drills; then :

200 (200) – 400 (200) – 600 (200) – 2 x 800 (200) – 600 (200) – 400 (200) -200 (200).

1/21/23 SATURDAY. HR/XT/LOADED CARRIES/SWINGS/SPRINTS/ TRAP BAR DEADLIFTS. 8:30 AM start in Lot C of the Seminary College (201 Seminary Drive). Arrive a bit earlier to get in a short warm-up run prior to start; I’ll be opening the chain gate a bit after 8 AM and will be setting up the exercise stations.

Week of 1/9/23: Workouts this week, Sat HR/XT changed, home workout samples

Hi Folks,

Looks like another week of on and off rain that will go over our already full reservoirs. Sandy, Eric and I rode from Rancho Nicasio on Sunday to check out Nicasio Reservoir,, waterfalls, rivers and the roads. Water everywhere and the spillway hadn’t been running for, I think, three years. Now all of the Marin reservoirs are full – a welcome sight!

Nicasio Reservoir spillway
A beautiful calm on Sunday between storms

The outdoor SATURDAY HR/XT/ LOADED CARRIES will NOT TAKE PLACE due to heavy rains predicted throughout the weekend. I will hold a Circuit training session, swings, trap bar deadlifts at Warren’s home gym (148 Madison Av which is two blocks from the Civic Center area).

1/10/23 TEMPO run over either flat terrain to mildly rolling roads or trails. After the warm-up mile or so get in 2 x 8′ of tempo ( with 3′ easy running between each set).

1/11/23 STRENGTH TRAINING CIRCUIT/ SWINGS/TRAP BAR DEADLIFTS. 8:15 AM start at Warren’s. Get in the mobility exercises and warm-up; then we do 5 x12 KB Swings followed by two rounds of the Circuit. We finish with Deadlifts.

“Pyramid” Deadlift ( straddle feet on two boxes with KB in sumo stance; squat deep to build ROM)

Left Muay Thai Planks

Right, Muay Thai Planks

Incline Push-Ups

Alt. Foot to Hand Placements


Right, Single Leg Reach

Double KB Clean & Double Press

Left, Single Leg Reach

Heavy KB Swings 2 x 6

Rack Carry / O’Head Grip Plate Carry

SHORTER WORKOUTS at Home. It’s raining and motivation to get in workouts is difficult. It helps to keep it simple but not having an “entire program”, but include “complex exercise(s), i.e., movements that involve multiple muscle groups such as: swings, squats, deadlifts, clean & press; add short hill repeats or sprint in between and you’re set for several sessions. We already follow that format with our swings followed by sprints at the Saturday workout.

Twice per week will boost your fitness and strength gains

Put the workouts on a 3 x 5 cards so you can pull them out at random.

Example 1: “No rest”: Take two moderate weight kettlebells up to rack position, do 5-8 Double KB Front Squats, then drop the kettlebells to Farmer Carry position and walk 30 seconds or 30 meters; then without putting them down, bring the kettlebells to rack position and repeat the process – for 6-8 rounds. Your grip will be challenged by not putting the kettlebells down and your total body work capacity – your metabolism takes shoots through the roof. Exercising with two kettlebells means your in for a workload!

Example 2: Swings/ Hill Repeats. Do a set of Swings then run and uphill sprint of 12-15 seconds; jog back down easy and repeats. Gradually work up to a set of 20 swings. If you’re not near a hill, do the workout on the flat. You can substitute Swings with O’Head Squats, Clean & Press, Front Squats, or Deadlifts.

Example 3: Pushups & Sprints: Keeping it simple by combining the ballistic movement with smooth grinding movement. X 10 Swings / X 5 Pushups ( can be on an incline to maintain good form); X 10 Swings / X 4 Pushups; X 10 Swings/ X 3 Pushups; X 10 Swings / X 2 Pushups; X 10 Swings/ X 1 Pushup. Do for two rounds.

One member of our group, TOM, has been able to adhere to a daily program of two very beneficial movements for general physical preparedness ( GPP): during our Kettlebell Swings Christmas Challenge. The swing is a ballistic movement; the Getup a “moving plank” with measured controlled strength movement requiring mobility, shoulder stability, huge core strength and leg strength. The goal is to work up to a daily routine of 100 Swings & 5 R/L Getups.

1/12/23 SPEED-WORK on your local track. After the warm-up mile and 6 x 30 meter pick-ups you’ll run a Pyramid Workout to help simulate the overload of running a 5K race.

200 (200), 400 (200), 600 (200), 800 @ 5K pace (200), 800 @5K pace (200), 600 (200), 400 (200), 200 (200).

1/14/23 SATURDAY. HR/XT/LOADED CARRIES/SWINGS/ SPRINTS/ TRAP BAR DEADLIFTS. 9 AM The alternative workout will be Circuit training at Warren’s (148 Madison Av, San Rafael which is two blocks from Civic Center. Go East on N. San Pedro Rd for two blocks, left on Jefferson, continue to end of block, right on Madison Av. fourth house on the left is Warren’s is directly across from the National Guard Armory. Garage/gym is in back.

Week of 1-2-23: Workouts this week; Saturday HR/XT tbd

Hi Folks,

Looks another week of on and off rain with Tuesday looking cloudy and a heavy downpour on Wednesday and Thursday. It will be heavy rain Wednesday morning which may affect you getting to the workout at Warren’s. If it is a bit risky to drive through rain and traffic, just skip the session ( but you can readily get in your daily Swings, Push-ups, Goblet Squats and X 2 R/L Get Ups at home: maintain consistency)

Looks like Saturday’s HR/XT session will be rained out also. Canceled!

The workout group brought in the New Year with our traditional run up the RRGrade from downtown Mill Valley to the top of Mt. Tam on a wonderfully clear day! Couldn’t have been a better morning to run on this historical course, past all the waterfalls and to finish at the top to take in the spectacular view!

By the Gravity Car Museum after the RRGrade Run ascent
Hummingbird drinking sugar water from feeder at West Point Inn ( photo by Judi)

1/3/23 TUESDAY. TEMPO. After the warm-up run it’s 4 x 6′ (2:30 easy between each rep).

1/4/23 WEDNESDAY. STRENGTH TRAINING CIRCUIT. 8:15 AM at Warren’s gym. Get in mobility exercises and then we will do the 5 x 12 Swings.

DBL KB Deficit Deadlift x 5

Left Muay Thai Side Planks

Right Muay Thai Side Planks

Inverted Row

X6 R/L “Thread the Needle”


X 6 Right KB Clean & Press

X 6 Left KB Clean & Press

Weighted Plank

Rack Carry / Farmer Carry

1/5/23 THURSDAY. SPEED-WORK at your local track. (likely rained out), but if you run it – keep it moving. Today we break up the 600 repeats with 2 x 200 (200) to keep the leg turnover up. After warm-up mile, 6 x 30 meter pick-ups, Skips, Butt-Kicks. 2 x 150 (50), then:

4 x 600 (200) at 5K pace – 2 x 200 (200) @ mile pace – 2 x 600 (200) @ 5K pace

1/7/23 SATURDAY. HR/XT workout likely canceled. Workout

Week of 12/26/22: Workouts during Holiday week

Hi Folks,

Been away to family and got a bit behind with posting workout week. Thursday through Saturday will be raining with SATURDAY HR canceled, but we’ll focus on NEW YEAR’S RRGrade run up Mt Tam (see below)…

Meanwhile, the Christmas Kettlebell Swings Challenge continues through the Holidays. Okay, the weather is drizzly and grey; perfect for getting in those KB Swings and finish off the year! Remember, if muscles are feeling it do first sets of Swings with lighter KB; then go to your regular KB weight.

DATE Novice Int. Trained

12/26 55 70 90

12/27 55 75 95

12/28 55 75 95

12/29 55 75 95

12/30 60 80 100

12/28/22 WEDNESDAY. STRENGTH TRAINING CIRCUIT & Trap Bar Deadlifts. 8:15 AM. at Warren’s is a go tomorrow for those who are in town. Arrive a bit earlier for warm-up mobility exercises.

Wide Stance KB Sumo Deadlift

Left, Lunge Torso Rotations

Right, Lunge Torso Rotations

Incline Push-Ups

Left, Step Reverse Lunge to Stand

Right, Step Reverse Lunge to Stanc


Left, KB Clean & Press

Right, KB Clean & Press

L/R Landmine x 5 One Arm Rows

Left, DB Side Plank “Sweep & Reach”

Right, DB Side Plank “Sweep & Reach”

O’Head Grip Plate Carry / KB Rack Carry

12/29/22 THURSDAY. SPEED-WORK at your local track. After the warm-up mile, drills and 6 x 30 meter pick-ups. Then a ladder workout tending toward the shorter intervals for most of the workout.

2 x 150 (50) – 2 x 200 (200) – 2 x 400 (200) – 1 x 600 (200); 1 x 600 (200) – 2 x 400 (200) – 2 x 200 (200) – 2 x 150 (50)

12/31/22 SATURDAY. HR/XT/SPRINTS/LOADED CARRIES/SWINGS/TRAP BAR DEADLIFTS. HR Workout is Canceled due to rain; we’ll focus on the New Year’s RRGrade Run on Sunday

1-1-23 SUNDAY. MT RR GRADE RUN, 8 miles. 8:30 AM from downtown Mill Valley; starting on Corte Madera Ave next to Sweet water Inn/ City Hall and Fire Station. Bring a small duffel bag with change of shirt, some warm-ups: you never know the what the weather will be on top of Tam!

The RRGrade is a steady 5-7% grade after the first paved mile to the start of the dirt fire road that goes up to East Peak parking lot. We have people who can give rides back down. I may bring up some kettlebells so that the drivers get in their workout or do the short walk around the top of the mountain. You should be able to finish under 2.5 hours. After the run some of us have breakfast at the Mill Valley Coffee Shop at Miller Av/ Locust (you’ll see a 7-11 across from the cafe). That was the unofficial hang out we’d go to after the Saturday run from the Mt Home Inn that had been in progress during the 1960’s with Don Pickett, Byron Lowry, Don Makela and others.

Text me if you are joining in: Judi, Kevin , Kathleen, Lisa L, Lisa T, Denise, Pam, Robert, Tom, so far.

Week of 12/19/22: Christmas week, KB Swing Challenge continues; workouts. No Sat HR/XT workout

Hi Folks,

This is the test week for all of us: very busy with Christmas on Sunday. Hang in there as you juggle the obligations, shopping, cooking, prepping, squeezing in the KB brief workout, Christmas Eve and day – and the unexpected life happenings. This week we had learned of the passing of a dear friend: so difficult at anytime, but more so during the Holidays.

A special thank you to my Wednesday and Saturday workout groups for the generous gift you gave to Sandy and I this Holiday Season! You have all stuck with the outdoor training program for over ten years – good on you! The group has become very much a supportive family to each other. I look forward to more years together!

NEW YEAR’S DAY RAILROAD GRADE RUN. Two tradition continue: the tradition continues with runners meeting at 8:30, downtown Mill Valley on Corte Madera Av by City Hall and fire station area. You’ll run up Blithedale Canyon about a mile to the start of dirt portion of the 8M RRGrade, a steady 5-7% grade up Tam to the East Peak parking lot. Most of you will finish it within 1.5 -2 hours. That same morning hikers will be walking up from Mt Home Inn to East Peak parking lot; then everyone visits the Gravity Car Museum which holds their open house (about 11 AM) along with refreshments and snacks.

Let me know if you will be joining in on the run; we’ll have to work out drivers to take runners down from the top of Mt. Tam. Elizabeth has volunteered to take a few people back down (we’ll be doing some KB training in the parking lot) along with my vehicle.

Joining in so far: Judi, Robert,

Some very tough running standards set for the 2024 Olympics:

Men: 400M = 45 Women = 50.95

800M = 1:44.70 1:59.3

1500 = 3:33.50 (3:50.4 mile) 4:02.5 (4:20.9 mile)

5K = 13:05 14:52

10K = 27:00 30:40

Mar = 2:08:10 2:26:50


Date Nove Intermediate Trained

12/19 45 55 85

12/20 45 60 85

12/21 45 60 85

12/22 45 60 85

12/23 50 65 85

12/24 50 65 90

12/25 50 70 90

12/20/22 TUESDAY. TEMPO RUN. After the warm-up mile go right into a straight 20 tempo.

12/21/22 WEDNESDAY. STRENGTH TRAINING CIRCUIT. 8:15 AM at Warren’s Gym. Get in your mobility and warm-up exercises prior to the start of the Circuit.

Deficit KB Sumo Deadlifts / X 5 Goblet Squats

Left, Thread the Needle

Right, Thread the Needle

Inverted Row

Exercise Ball “Stir Th Pot”

BB Wipers

R/L KB Presses X5

DBL KB Cleans x 5

LandMine Right Single Leg Deadlifts

LandMine Left Single Leg Deadlifts

Rack Carry / Farmer Carry

12/22/22 THURSDAY. SPEED-WORK at your local track. A little different workout; after your warm-up mile and 6 x 30 meter pick-ups you’ll run 25 minutes straight (about the time of a 5K) adding a 100 meter pick-up on one straightaway per lap.

12/24/22 SATURDAY..…There will be NO Saturday Hill repeats this week, but get in your KETTLEBELL SWINGS and make it a family day. Enjoy your Christmas Eve day?

Week of 12/12/22: Workouts this week, Christmas KB Swings Challenge; Sat HR/XT

Hi Folks,

NEW YEAR’S RR GRADE RUN on 1-1-22: There are rumors of interest for our group to run our traditional 8M (5-7% grade) course from downtown Mill Valley (by City Hall and Fire Station) to the start of the RRGrade to the East Peak parking lot at top of Tam. The Gravity Car Museum next to the parking lot host an open house with warm drinks and homemade cookies; of course those who have made New Year’s Resolutions can skip the snacks. We also go down to the Mill Valley Coffee shop after which is along Miller Ave & Locust.

Let’s see how many of you would like to join in on the run for a head count because we need to workout rides back down from the mountain. Probably start 8:30 AM unless there are other preferences.

Looks like another on and off rainy week, but training should be able to proceed without too much difficulty; the Christmas Relays are coming up and we may have our own RRGrade New Year’s Day run – for those who can take on the 8 mile uphill 5-7% grade course.

This week’s Christmas Kettlebell Swings Challenge is in full swing:

Mon 12/12/22: 30 – 45 – 65 Swings for Novice – Int – Trained levels

Tue 12/13/22: 35 – 45 – 70

Wed 12/14/22 35 – 50 – 70

Thu 12/15/22 35 – 50 – 70

Fri 12/16/22 40 – 50 – 75

Sat 12 /17/22 40 – 55 – 75

Sun 12/18/22 40 – 55 – 75

12/13/22 TUESDAY. TEMPO. After the warm-up mile: 10′ steady high aerobic pace run (3′) – 7′ T (2′ easy) – 5′ then to finish.

12/14/22 WEDNESDAY. STRENGTH TRAINING CIRCUIT & TRAP BAR DEADLIFTS. 8:15 AM start. At Warren’s gym (148 Madison Av), San Rafael. We’ll begin with quick warm-up, 5 x 12 Swings; then the Circuit.

Regular KB Sumo DL / X5 Goblet Squat ( go for form, deliberate, deep squat)

Left Kneeling “Thread the Needle” torso rotation

Right Kneeling “Thread the Needle” torso rotation

Incline Push-Ups

Leg Raises (over the 35# KB)

BB Romanian Deadlifts (do with solid neutral

Left KB Clean & Press

Right KB Clean & Press

Landmine Two Hand Bent Row

H – H KB Swings ( keep facing square to the front; opposite arm in bent position to counter the rotation)

O’Head Grip Plate (25# or 35#) / Rack Carry

12/15/22 THURSDAY. SPEED-WORK at your local track. After the usual mile warm-up, 6 x 30 meter pick-ups, Skips and Butt Kicks, 2 x 100 (100). then:

Three rounds of: ( 600 (200) @5K pace – 400 (200) @ under 5K pace – 200 (200) @mile pace. )

12/16/22 SATURDAY. HR/XT/SPRINTS/ LOADED CARRIES/ SWINGS/ TRAP BAR DEADLIFTS. 8:30 AM start at Seminary College ( 201 Seminary Drive) up in LOT C (park there). I will get there a bit after 8 AM to open the chain gate and set up.

Week of 12/5/22: Workouts this week; KB Swings Christmas Challenge continues; Th, no Sat HR, but possible Circuit Training sessions.

Hi Folks,

UPDATE Friday, 2:50 PM: There will be a SATURDAY, 9 AM CIRCUIT workout at Warren’s for 8 members: Robert, Judi, Tricia, Peter, Alyce, Judi, Elizabeth, Tom, Lisa. If parking looks tight with residential parking, use Jury parking lot right across from Warren’s and use gate/side path to Madison Av and walk 100 yds to Warren’s.

UPDATE Thursday, 12/8/22: Regarding possible Saturday alternative workout at Warren’s gym (48 Madison Av, San Rafael) just two blocks from the Civic Center. We hold our Wed workouts there and we can do eight people indoors at a time if it is raining.(we usually do 2-3 stations out in front of the garage/gym if it’s clear). It will be raining, so I will offer a 9 AM session with 6 or 8 people; then another one at 10 AM. This avoids overcrowding and keeps the workout safe for everyone. I will need your response if interested in attending and flexible to do either the 9 AM or 10 AM sessions. So text me by Friday before noon if you want to participate so I have a head count; it may turn out we have only 8 or fewer who can make it. I can always have the 10 AM session with four, five, or six participants; if there are 12 I’d do six at 9 AM, six at 10 AM…I will update on Friday. (I will be missing the Netherlands vs Argentina match, but it will be taped!)…

UPDATE 12/6/22: Get in your Swings today: It’s a rainy overcast morning; if you are skipping a run or ride: get in your Swings! Support the other members of the workout groups by getting in your reps today; you know they are getting in theirs.

CHRISTMAS KB SWING CHALLENGE continues this wee for Novice, Intermediate , and trained level. Note: if you find that busy December doesn’t permit you to carry out the Challenge; do what you can and then try it again in January.


12/5 Mon 20 swing reps 30 swing reps 50 swing reps

12/6 Tue 20 30 55

12/7 Wed 25 35 55

12/8 Thu 25 35 55

12/9 Fri 25 40 60

12/10 Sat 30 40 60

12/11 Sun 30 45 65

12/6/22 TUESDAY. TEMPO. After the warm-up mile, get in: 4′ Tempo (1′ easy) – 8′ T (2:30 easy) – 8′ Tempo and then easy to finish.

12/7/22 WEDNESDAY. STRENGTH TRAINING CIRCUIT + TRAP BAR DEADLIFTS. 8:15 AM Circuit start. Arrive a bit earlier to get in warm-up mobility exercises.

Deficit KB Sumo Deadlifts / PVC or BB O’Head Squats

Left side DB/Grip plate Side Plank “Sweep & Reach”

Right side DB/Grip Plate Side Plank “Sweep & Reach”

Inverted Row

Left Bulgarian (Split) Squats

Right Bulgarian (Split) Squats


“Dead Stop” DBL KB Cleans

Weighted Plank

Landmine 180 degree Rotations / Landmine “Thrusters

15# or 20# Medicine Ball Burpees ( or DB Burpees if you need to substitute)

Farmer Carry / Rack Carry

12/8/22. THURSDAY. SPEED-WORK at your local track. Some of our group meet 7:45 in dirt parking lot by PE complex and track for warm-up run; then do workout on the track. Get in warm-up run, 6 x 30 meter quick cadence pick-ups; then 400’s today with easy jog 200 recovery between each 400 so you can maintain good quality interval reps.

A gp ( sub 6′ pace): 12 x 400 (200); B gp ( sub 8′ pace) (200) 10 x 400 (200), C gp (sub 9′ pace) (200)

12/10/22 SATURDAY. HR/XT/LOADED CARRIES/ SPRINTS/SWINGS and finish with TRAP BAR DEADLIFTS. There will be NO Saturday workout at Seminary College due to rain on Saturday and Sunday. I am planning a Circuit Training at Warren’s gym for 9 AM and possibly 10 AM; depending on the head count. (see UPDATE above)

Week of 11/28/22: Workouts this week; more on the Xmas KB Swing Challenge…

Hi Folks,

Update regarding Saturday HR/XT workout: on 12/3/22 – Cancelling Sat workout due to rain!

” 40 is the old age of youth; 50 is the youth of old age.” Victor Hugo. We can all relate!

More on the Christmas Kettlebell Swing Challenge:

I corrected the month of December schedule ( I was off a day) and emailed it to each of you.

Date Day Novice Int Trained

12/1. Thursday: 15 15 45 reps

12/2 Friday: 15 20 45

12/3 Sat.: 15 25 45

12/4 Sun: 20 25 45

The reps for each day this first week may seem conservative, but I’m having you acclimate to daily swings: you’ll notice an effect on the posterior muscles and abdominals.

I have added some notes to the previous blog with tips for the Kettlebell Christmas Kettlebell Challenge. As I went through and tested my daily swings and a number of Goblet Squats this week I had to make adjustments by adjusting with different kettlebell weights to get in 40-75 reps. By the third day in a row I was very aware that Swings work the posterior side: abs, hamstrings and back! Foam rolling and stretching became a necessity to be ready for the next day’s bike ride and the Swings.

If you experience overly tired muscles; cut back on the reps in general. The main goal of the Challenge is to set aside a daily brief time period to carry out the Swings. It will provide a good alternative workout during any bad weather days in December if you’re used to getting in runs or bike training.

11/29/22 TEMPO. After the warm-up mile run: 10′ tempo (3′ easy) – 6′ T (2′ easy) – 5′ T – then run to finish.

11/30/22 WEDNESDAY. STRENGTH TRAINING CIRCUIT/ SWINGS/ TRAP BAR DEADLIFTS. 8:15 AM start at Warren’s. Arrive a bit earlier to get in your warm-up: mobility, halos, goblet squats before we start with the 5 x 12 Swings; then followed by the Circuit.

Deficit KB Sumo Deadlifts/ X5 PVC pipe or BB O’head Squats

Right Side Muay Thai Planks

Left Side Muay Thai Planks

Inverted Row / Incline Planks

L/R Foot to Hand Placements


X 3 R/L KB Clean to Front Squats

Weighted Plank

Landmine X4 R/L 4 O’Head Press

Hand to Hand Swings

Farmer Carry / Rack Carry

12/1/22 THURSDAY. SPEED-WORK at your local track facility for “1000 Meter breakdown”. After the warm-up mile, drills, 6 x 30 meters, 2 x 100 (100):

1000 (200) @ 10K pace – 800 (200) – 2 x 600 (200) @5K pace – 2 x 400 (200) – 2 x 200 (200).

12/3/22 SATURDAY. HR/XT/LOADED CARRIES/SPRINTS/ TRAP BAR DEADLIFTS. 8:30 AM at Seminary College ( 201 Seminary Drive) up the entry road and into Lot C where parking is available. Arrive a bit earlier to get in mobility exercises, goblet squats, halos, etc – very important

X 15 Mtn Climbers / X 12 DB Thrusters: 2 X Sprint – 1/2 “A” ( do hills at 5K effort level)

X 3 Heavy KB Goblet Squats ( go to where the kettlebells are) / X8 R/L DB Clean & Press: Sprint – Long

X6 R/L Top Half Get-Up / X6 R-L DB “Plank Drag” : 3 x Short – Sprint

X12 DGB “Jacks” / X8 DB Plank Row: 2 Short – 1/2 “B”

Then the next portion are the Loaded Carries/ Sprints / Swings and Trap Bar Deadlifts.

Week of 11/21/22: Thanksgiving week, Wed Circuit is on; no Sat HR/XT, but keep building your swing reps.

Hi Folks,

The December Christmas Kettlebell Swing Challenge. I’ve emailed the schedule and notes for the month to member of our group; if you didn’t receive the handout; let me know and I’ll send it to you. Once I remember how to upload an article to WordPress and the blog, I’ll post it. ( I wrote some notes and tips at the end of this blog posting below)

I am away this week with family in Bolinas and Sister Marion at the Dominican Nun’s vacation house; therefore my updates on the blog will be interrupted.

view from bluff above Bolinas looking towards Stinson Beach. Will be our last year here.

There will be a WEDNESDAY Circuit and kettlebell swings workout with 8:15 AM start; headed up by Robert.

11/22/22 TUESDAY. TEMPO run. Today get in a nice mileage morning; skip the tempo emphasis. But, get in your 30, 40, or 50 swings so that you get in 3-4 days of training in prep for Christmas KB Swing Challenge.

11/23/22 WEDNESDAY. STRENGTH TRAINING CIRCUIT/SWINGS/TRAP BAR DEADLIFTS. 8:15 AM start at Warren’s. After your mobility exercises you’ll do as a group Swings together: 10 – 20 – 10 -20 reps. .then the circuit..

11/24/22 THURSDAY. HAPPY THANKSGIVING! to you all!

11/26/22 SATURDAY. HR/XT/LOADED CARRIES/ SPRINTS/TRAP BAR DEADLIFTS. No workout for today as I’m still out of town, BUT get in another day of SWINGS and possibly again tomorrow or Sunday; get in four days during this next week.

X 10 Swings/ 2 Goblet Squats; X 15 Swings / X 10 Incline Push-ups ; X 10 Swings / X 2 Goblet Squats; X 15 Swings / X 10 Incline Push-Ups; …You can always do fewer reps, e.g., 2 x 5 reps of swings. The main challenge is when you can fit it into your schedule? Mornings, evenings or during noon? Have that worked out before Dec. 1st so you can begin your daily practice.

Do your stretching and foam roller work after the training session.

Thoughts and tips as you prepare for the Christmas Kettlebell Swing Challenge:

I’ve been increasing my days of KB Swings and find I must acclimate to more days and reps gradually. My advice is to get in your three, four and even five days of swings in but keep the number of reps conservative so they don’t overwhelm you with soreness and needing a day off.

I’ve found I must get in stretching and foam rolling so the legs and back are ready for the next bout of swings.

If you’re working out at the Novice level and find that after even three days in a row that you need a day off: take it! I don’t want to see any of you have setbacks during December! Remember my tip for reducing the KB weight or number of reps per set…..My goal is to have you make time to fit the training in during the busy month; not overdoing the total reps. You will learn quickly what workload you can handle to keep it going.

Make each rep count with a strong movement and finish, don’t allow yourself to get sloppy or forget to tense your abs, lock the knees and tighten the butt and lats each time!

Week of 11/14/22: Tu/Th/Wed/Th/Sat workouts; gearing up for December Kettlebell Christmas Challeng; KB 101 class on 11/19/22

Hi Folks,

I’ll be updating the blog each day due to many anticipated interruptions of “to do’s”, meetings, Holiday prep, etc. We do have a week of clear, cool, training coming up: cycling and running should be ideal.

There is also a kettlebell workshop this Saturday; the same morning as our regular Sat HR/XT/Loaded Carries session. Master Leader and instructor, Annalisa Naldi, Melissa Templeman and Luis Del Toro are all Strong First Kettlebell certified trainers and very accomplished: all three can hold a heavier kettlebell overhead than anyone in our group!You learn the details of the key kettlebell lifts and that gives you time to do “perfect practice” for the next six months.

SATURDAY, 11/19/22. 8 AM – 12 PM Kettlebell 101 Workshop: focus is on the KB Swing and Turkish Get Up. You will get help with all the details of those two movements that make up the core of KB training along with Goblet Squat, Clean & Press, Snatch and Deadlift. Go to http://www.oaklandsmostpowerful.com to get the details and sign-up ($125); you’ll be receiving plenty of one on one help. It’s a quick freeway drive to the gym’s outdoor exercise space with overhead tarp and rubber flooring. …..Meanwhile I’ll be holding our regular Sat workout.

GEARING UP FOR CHRISTMAS KETTLEBELL CHALLENGE in DECEMBER. I’m still working on revising last year’s schedule for the month of December and helpful notes; meanwhile, you’ll need to increase the number of days you do your swings- immediately, so that you are somewhat acclimated for the daily swings during December.

ADD DAYS of swings: If you are doing your swings two days per week e.g., say Wednesday and Saturdays; add Monday this week; then during the last week add Thursday. If you are only doing one day per week at present; add Saturday and Monday this week. Add Tuesday during the last week of November.

REPS: I’m sure everyone is carrying out a different number of swings per session. So for now, I’d suggest doing reps of 10-12 on-the-minute (OTM): gives you a rest period between sets, but keeps you going- and the session is over in less than 5 minutes (for now). Usually 30-50 swings, as you figure out your total reps stop short of fatigue and/or losing form. When you build a base of 30, 40, or 50 reps you’ll be experimenting with sets of 5,10, 15 or 20 reps.

Complete some your mobility exercises prior to the swings with Halos (shoulders), Goblet Squats (legs/hips), Bird Dogs and strap shoulder dislocates and rotations. Part of the test during the busiest time of year is to be able to get in the workouts; then you can do them the rest of the year….more to come for December.

TUESDAY, 11/15/22 . TEMPO run. After the warm-up run you’ll run: 12′ Tempo – (3′) easy running -8′ tempo at 10K to 10M race pace effort level.

WEDNESDAY 11/16/22 STRENGTH TRAINING CIRCUIT and Trap Bar Deadlifts. 8:15 AM start at Warren’s garage/gym. We will do the same Circuit as last Wednesday but run through it for two rounds instead one round performing at the same station twice. NOTE: there will be Wed workout next week though I’ll be away; Robert will head it up.

PVC/BB O’Head Squat / Deficit KB Sumo Deadlifts

Left Lunge Torso Rotations

Right Lunge Torso Rotations

Incline Push-Up

DB “Gorilla Rows” R/L


L/R x 4 KB Clean & Front Squat

DGB Sit-Up & Reach

Landmine R/L x 4 O’Head Press / 180 Rotations

Lateral Bar Dips, side to side

2 x 6 Heavier KB Swings

KB Rack Carry / Grip Plate O’Head Carry

THURSDAY 11/17/22 SPEED-WORK at your local track. After the warm-up mile, 6 x 30 meter pick-ups, 2 x 100 (100) meters:

2 x 200 (200), 2 x 400 (200), 4 x 800 (200)……Jose, get in 6 x 800 for your workout.

SATURDAY. 11/19/22. HILL REPEATS/XT/LOADED CARRIES/SPRINTS/SWINGS/ TRAP BAR DEADLIFTS. 8:30 AM start in Lot C of the Seminary College (201 Seminary Drive), Mill Valley (more the Strawberry side).

NOTE that there will be no SAT HR/XT due to Thanksgiving and that I’ll be away.

more to be posted

by this time get out of your comfort zone and up the weights a bit