Week of 7/22/19: Workouts planned for Wed and Saturday Hill Repeats; short daily gym program

Hi Folks,

Updated 7/25/19: I will have to cancel Saturday Hill Repeats/Cross Training due to only 4 people who can make it, and that have had events unfold during the last couple of days. We still have the grandkids through the weekend, daughter, Annelies flying in Saturday, birthday weekend celebration for Andre and Rosy ( many Leos here); I should help with the “to do’s” around the home front.

Updated 7/24/19: I’ll be adding to the Daily Strength program samples that you can use at home during the busy summer. The idea is to get in a brief but productive strength session and come away feeling energized and that you could have done it for two or three rounds. .

Just back from finally managing to get our son and daughter families together at the wonderful Sun River resort near Bend, Oregon. A perfect place for family vacations as many of you know: safe bike trails that go throughout the complex, community pool, the river, lava fields to visit, golf, paddle tennis, High Desert Museum and more. It has taken years for all the family parties to schedule a week together due to work and busy lives. We also hired a professional photographer to take a good number of family photos. Now it’s time to get back to training!

Regarding Saturday Hill Repeats; LMK if you will be attending the workout, okay? I know a good number of you are on vacation at this time of year so I want to make sure we have enough participants for the workout.

Daily Strength program samples: Summer time gives everyone additional daylight to get in the supplemental training; however, many of us still don’t have a regular lifting, Pilates, yoga or exercise routine to keep you in mobility and muscle balance. Add busy vacation time more outdoor activities and you may find you’ve let the strength work slide a bit.

You can incorporate a 15 minute strength routine 3-6 days per week so that “You get it in.”Here is a 7-day routine to get in an “Easy Strength” program, i.e., complete the lifts without undue strain. Just remember there are many exercise pairings one can include; this is just one sample week, or part of a week you can do. Stick with solid basic lifts for productive results. Warm-up shoulders with DB/KB “Halos”, strap dislocates, hip bridges, “Bird dogs” and some goblet squats.

Day 1: 3-5 sets of 10- 20 Swings followed by 3 x R/L side Turkish Get-Ups (TGU)*

*The dynamic kettlebell Swings strengthen the entire posterior side of your body and develop CV fitness, as I’ve discussed before. Gradually work The Get Ups (TGU’s) demands a deliberate slower execution and achieves “general body preparedness ” for your endurance activities and sports. Definitely been shown. The TGU is about the top demanding core exercise, works both left/right; upper/lower body – and is one of the few movements that connect the upper and lower body into one. There are so many exercises one can do; when limited with time and you have only time for one on any workout day: do the five reps each side of Get Ups!

Day 2: DBL KB Swing Cleans to Front Squats 8-5-5; Alternated with Pull-ups ( or assisted pull-up machine), or Lat Pulldown machine. Finish with 1′ plank with weight on your back with a 25#, 35# or 45# plate.

Day 3: the very important Loaded Carries: especially appropriate for people just beginning their weight training: it acclimates your body to time under tension (TUT). They include, DB or KB Farmer Carry for 1′; KB Rack Carry for 1′ (puts mid and upper back under full tension); KB Waiters Carry for 1′. Farmer Carry: Work up gradually to carrying half your body weight in each hand. It works pelvis area, back, traps, grip, legs, posture – the entire body with full tension. The Rack Carry works your backside from waist to back of next and will have you breathing like a steam engine in no time as the weight goes up. The Waiter’s Carry is acclimates you to holding a weight overhead with shoulder stability prior to doing a volume of pressing.

Alternating Days One and Three would be a very good routine for the runners, triathletes and those folks who are easing into a strength program.

Day 4 ( same as Day 2)

Day 5: Alternating Swings four rounds of 10-20 reps / four rounds of Incline Pushups using barbell in rack at appropriate height to complete the reps: the higher the height of the bar, the easier it is to complete good form pushups . Or, your regultar ground pushups.

Day 6: Inverted Row 8-6-6 ( put barbell at appropriate height so you can finish the rips) alternated with Goblet Squats (8-6-4). Inverted Rows are good for working up to chins or pull-ups by gradually lowering the height of the bar on the rack. Back muscle development is generally neglected so this is one movement that allows progression and reps as you work your way to a lower bar height and then on to pull-ups.

Goblet Squats encourage very proper squatting technique and body alignment that engages the glutes ( important for running).

Day 7: KB Swings 4 x 10-20 reps / Incline pushups you can set bar at doable height on the rack bar on the pins. One minute plank for every other set ( two rounds).

Day 7: Deadlift with Olympic Barbell or heavy kettelbell for 6-4-3 reps / Wipers 20-15-15. The deadlift is a good measure of all-out power and enjoyed by most of our group members. Note: you can do the “Trap bar deadlift” with the ” hex bar” which requires less technique, i.e., similar to squatting down with a flat back and picking up two suitcases.

7/24/19 WEDNESDAY 7:45 am MADISON AV GYM WORKOUT with Kees at Warren’s. Allow time to get in the set warm-up for shoulders, hips, back, legs and arms. Then it’s our ‘100 Swings/mobility exercise routine followed by the Circuit and finishing with deadlifts – and this time Turkish Get Up.

7/27/19 SATURDAY I’ve had to CANCEL this Saturday’s workout: we have just 5 who can make it, but more importantly, as of yesterday and today, we have an influx of family members coming in and obligations…..Next time1…r HILL REPEATS/CROSS TRAINING (tentatively scheduled: LMK if you will make it; need six to make it a go). Held at Olivett Seminary College off Seminary Drive. Arrive early to get in your warm-up run prior to the workout.