Week of 4/29/19: Workouts – a regular week, Results,

Hi Folks,

Update 5/6/19: Busy week prior to leaving on Saturday and back on June 20th. While I am away the Wednesday weight training workouts will continue with the Circuit cards provided. Alyce and Michelle will also be bringing weight training equipment, mats and the boards for the Saturday Hill Repeats/Cross Training workouts. I am not sure if they will help host the workout every Saturday, but they will be contacting you (I’ll give them the list of emails of those in the group). Don’t count on June 8th: that’s the day before Dipsea.

A number of us enjoyed riding various distances at the Bike Around The Buttes (BAB) last Saturday with Sandy adjusting to a 72Km distance in honor of her birthday along with friend Kathi DeFremery; Judi Shaffer rode the 65, while Steve and Janet also rode the 40 mile loop directly around the Buttes – the smallest mountain range in California!

This week we are into May and six weeks to go until Dipsea. Time to be consistent, maintain balance, stay healthy and don’t overdo any one day in training. Get in 3-4 practice runs during May and one in early June; running it more than about 4-6 times total isn’t going to change your final time by much. Be sure to taper during race week.

4/30/19 TUESDAY 8:15 meet at Discovery Museum parking lot for GG Bridge HILL REPEATS. Always a scenic site for a workout!

5/1/19 WEDNESDAY 7:30 warm-up; 7:45 am the workout starts for MADISON Av Gym workout with Kees at Warren’s. Another new exercise for this week in the Circuit. We’ll cover benefits of the Dbl KB Front Squat.

5/2/19 THURSDAY 7:30 am A group; 8:15 start for second TRACK group at COM. Just a few from the group are coming to the workout. After the warm-up run, 6 x 20 meters, skips, butt-kicks, 2 x 100 (100).

2 Rounds of: (2 x 150 (50), 2 x 200 (200), 400 (3′), 600 (200), 400 (3′), 2 x 200 (200), 2 x 150 (50))

5/4/19 SATURDAY 7:30 start for HILL REPEATS/Cross Training at Olivett Seminary College of Seminary Drive. ( last Saturday workout until after the first week in July.

. Come earlier to get in a short warm-up run. Last workout until July. Brief warm-up run, mobility exercises then we do four rounds of exercises interspersed with sets of five hill repeats. Then we finish with Loaded Carries and swings.

RESULTS: London Marathon – a remarkable day for the men and women elites! Some history made by by both winners.

This top rated event did not disappoint as both Kenyan men and women winners gave so impressive performances against strong field of elites. Brigid Kosgei won it convincingly in 2:18:20 which included running the second half of the race in the fastest time ever during a full marathon: 66:42 with the first half in 71:88. A good number of the miles from 15 on were run in the low 5 minute pace which broke the field open. M16 in 5:02, M18 in 4:57, M19 in 5:00, M20 in 5:10, M21 in 5:14 ; and it continued ending with a last mile in 5:06!. The rest of the women could simply not match that pace, but three were in the 2:20 time with American, Emily Sisson, making her debut effort with an Olympic MarathonTrials qualifier in 2:23:08.

Eliud Kipchoge, 34, of Kenya, is a once in a generation performer who made history again today and broke the London CR by a second per mile with a 2:02:37 sealing his 10th straight win and has the top two times in history. He has the uncanny ability to be ready physically and mentally on the day that counts. It was the first race that had two men under 2:03 and first with 3 under 2:04! Most of his miles were sub 4:46; halfway in 61:37, miles 14-18 in the 4:30’s range; M24 in 4:42, M25 in 4:26.

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