Week of 5-13-19 will be out of range for a while

Hi all,

I am typing on one crazy computer± some key strokes give opposite symbols and more. In any case, we are in Holland and met some cousings, tested the waters biking+ you have to have eyes, behind and in front of you to deal with the other bikes, scooters, ebikes and sometimes cars. Bike lanes are almost always separate from car lanes – very cool. The country is flat, but you do have the steady wind off the North Sea, but it is fine. It is amazing to see the numerous bikes parked at each train station!

BTW my FB was hacked with someone posing as me so I haven´t dealt with that yet so pictures come in small batches to some of you to share.

Daylight lasts well into evening so Sandy and I have been dragging tail because we´re retiring too late. The train and tram systems are so handy and they are clean, very much on time i.e., if you´re on time, you´re almost late. We had that with bus tour to and from Keukenhoff where all the tulips are – two minutes late and the bus was pulling away!

The tulip gardens were done but they still had acres of every kind of variety of tulips in plots spread out over the beautiful grounds in addition to pavilions featuring orchids I´ve never seen and then another with numerous kinds of lillies displayed beautifully. A place to go see.

Saturday we will start our barge-bike tour and I doubt we´ll have internet connection for a week as we tour a loop through Holland cycling and barge living. I´ll see if can post some pictures on the site.