Week of 7/8/19: Workouts through Wed this wee: out of town 7/11-7/19.

Hi Folks,

Updated 7/19: SATURDAY HILL Repeats are cancelled: too many folks out of town. Have a good vacation!

Summer schedule continues to be interrupted with so many on vacation this month; including us. We meet daughter and son with their families in Bend, Oregon at Sunriver resort which I have learned is terrific for families.

This week we’ll have our group workout on Wednesday on 7/9 at Warren’s prior to Sandy and I leaving for Oregon for time with our son and daughter’s families. Our first time at SunRiver. No Saturday Hill Repeats: everyone is away!. Have a good vacation. Meanwhile, the group will do next Wednesday, July 16, Madison Ave Gym workout: I have the Circuit cards ready at the gym.

Bagat, age 44 has the National US Masters records from 1500-marathon. He just ran a 2:12:10 marathon in Australia ( 5:01/mile), missing the Olympic qualifying time by 40 seconds. His 1500=3:40.20 ( add about 17 seconds to obtain mile time), Mile in 3:54.9; 2M in 8:17.05; 5K in 13:06.78; 10K in 27:49:35 and the half in 62:00. Remarkable!

7/10/19 WEDNESDAY 7:30 warm-up; 7:45 am start for MADISON AV GYM workout.

7/20/19 SATURDAY ….HILL REPEATS are cancelled due to most folks are out of town.