Week of 7/1/19: Workouts, Training Tips; Wed & Sat are on.

Hi Folks,

Update on 7/5/19: We will have SATURDAY HILL RPEATS/Cross Training this Saturday with 8 am start ( come to the start warmed up).

Boy, it takes time to come back from an injury and vacation. It is remarkable how much fitness one can lose with forced inactivity for two weeks straight followed by walking when you only have to for four more weeks. The ankle fracture happened on the the fourth day into our bargebike tour trip in Holland. From then on it was keep weight bearing to a minimum and make the most of the travel time. It was still something to see Holland, cousins, get lots of language practice; then get in some biking in Croatia with the Backroads tour. Then we stayed in Montenegro and I was able to get in some careful swimming in warm water – a treat.

We will be upping the ante, i.e., workload on Saturday as some mentioned that it was a bit light, which was done because it was the first Saturday back to this workout. It’s appropriate to get in the all-around fitness training

7/3/19: WEDNESDAY 7:30 warm-up; 7:45 am start. MADISON AV GYM workout at Warren’s with Kees. (Note: you should be okay getting in and out because the Fair opens later in the morning. There will be no parking A frame signs but I think it will be okay because we’re done well before the Fair opens. )

7/6/19 SATURDAY: 7:30 warm-up; 8 am start. the workout is on! HILL REPEATS/Cross Training at Olivett Seminary College, off Seminary Drive. Park along Seminary Drive and get a good twenty minute run in prior to the workout. When you run up to the exercise /start area get in your shoulder warm-up ( halos and stretch band shoulder dislocates), DGB clean and presses; then you’ll be ready for the varied workout.