Week of 8/5/19: Workouts this week. Trap Bar Deadlift.

HI Folks,

UPDATED at7:53pm: SATURDAY HILL REPEATS are ago: we have 7 so far coming.

We should get some solid workouts this week on Wednesday and Saturday; Thursday is Track day for which I’ll post the workout. Let’s see how many of the group are in town for the workout and I suggest starting 7:30 or 8 to avoid the heat: no kids in school so it should be easy to get going earlier, no? I also ride with three people mid-morning for their training program.

Reminder: I posted a number of Daily Strength Training minimal workouts to include two to three days per week. If you think, “That’s all there is ?”, remember the effects add up when you’re also continuing with your running or triathlon program. The goal is what is the minimal volume of strength exercise you can include to make gains and not be fatigued.

8/7/19 WEDNESDAY 7:45 am warm-up ( be there!); 8 am we start MADISON AV GYM WORKOUT at Warren’s with Kees.

8/8/19 THURSDAY 7:30 am ? TRACK at COM. Get in a quick warm-up, then the 6 x 20 meter pickups, 2 x 100 (100).

8/10/19 SATURDAY 7:45 am warm-up, 8 am Start for HILL REPEATS/CROSS TRAINING. The workout is on!. Held at Olivet Seminary College off Seminary Drive. Arrive earlier and get in a quick warm-up run, zip up to where I have the exercise stations set up and we’ll get the workout started: four exercise stations interspersed with 4 x 5 reps of hill repeats of various lengths, followed by Loaded Carries, lateral band walks, trap bar deadlifts; no tire pulls. (loading van becoming painful on fractured ankle)

TRAP BAR DEADLIFT: Requires less technique than the barbell deadlift and produces terrific strength benefits for hip, back, legs, and core. It is also easier to get in position , with hips lower to execute the lift with a flatter spine and utilizing a very neutral hand grip-easier on grip.