Week of 8/12/19: Workouts, Wed session, no Sat HR/Cross Training.

Hi Folks,

Updated 8/15/19: Small group workout routine that the four did on Wednesday. We’ll be posting more of these alternative workouts during the Fall.

Updated 8/13/19: There will be no Saturday HR due to late return Friday night.

Enjoying the heck out of Tahoe at the Dominican Nuns vacation house: so special to be up here to enjoy the Lake Tahoe grandeur. Include fun cycling routes , some swimming and weight training I see myself gradually getting back my lost fitness as the avulsion fracture in my ankle gradually heals. We observed Mother Nature in action as we cycled from Tahoe City area to Squaw Valley Ski Resort: clouds of California Tortoise Shell butterflies during their migration in September. Simply hundreds of them flying around our heads as we pedaled along the Truckee river for miles. Amazing.

8/14/19 WEDNESDAY 7:45 am warm-up, 8 am START for MADISON AV GYM. do the 100 Swings routine from one of the cards; then the Circuit followed by Deadlifts.

  1. Deficit KB Sumo Deadlift
  2. Wipers / Inverted Row
  3. R. Bulgarian Squats ( low step pieces are behind canvas curtain)
  4. L. Bulgarian Squats
  5. DBL KB Swing Cleans and Press
  6. DGB Sit-up and Reach
  7. DB Plank Row
  8. KB Rack Walk ( heavy)*
  9. KB Farmer Walk *
  • If you are increasing the KB weights, but find it difficult to walk, simply stand in place holding the kettlebells which places you under full tension; then return them to the ground if you can’t hold them for the full count.

ALTERNATIVE workout when two to four participate:

  1. The usual warm-up routine and mobility exercises.
  2. The “100 Swings / mobility and exercises” between set of 15-20 reps
  3. Loaded Carries variation:

A. Farmer Carry 1′ Rnd 1: Inverted Row x 8 Rnd 2: Incline Push-ups x 8-15

B. Waiters Carry 1′ Rnd 1: Wipers x 20 Rnd 2: Goblet Squat x 5-8

C. Rack Carry 1′ Rnd 1: Incline Push-ups x 8-15 Rnd 2: Wipers x 20

8/15/19 THURSDAY 7:30 am TRACK at COM. 6 x 20 meters, 2 x 100 (100), 2 x 150 (50); then:

two Rounds of: ( 600 (200), 400 (on 3′), 200 (200))

8/18/19 SATURDAY HR/Cross Training. There will be no Saturday workout due to coming home late Friday night.