Week of 8/19-8/25: Workouts, Saturday HR/Cross Training, Mini-workout.

Hi Folks,

Back from the incredibly beautiful Lake Tahoe with Sandy and Sister Marion. Sandy and I rode, what I call, “the most beautiful walk/bike path in the country”, the East Shore Trail that ends at Sand Harbor. I suggest arriving early so you can find parking at either end of the three mile: the word is out on this new stretch along and above the water’s edge. It was made possible with a number of agencies in Nevada and California including a number of additional projects in addition to the building the path. The goal, one official told me, is to complete 30 more miles of path so that we can ride completely on a bike path around Tahoe.

There’s also the new nicely completed bike path that starts at Meeks Bay, goes uphill in the northerly direction with a serpentine beautifully designed path that includes a new bridge parallel to the road at the top, then continues to Sugar Pine Forest Campground path. So now, one can ride on a bike path from Meeks bay to Tahoe City.

8/21/19 WEDNESDAY 7:45 am warm-up, 8 am start. MADISON AV GYM workout with Kees at Warren’s.

8/22/19 THURSDAY, I suggest 7:30 am, 2nd group starts at 8 am. butTRACK . Warm-up run, 6 x 20 meter ‘fast legs” pickups, 2 x 100 (100), 2 x 150 (50) then;

2-3 Rounds of: (600 (200), 400 (on3′), 200 (200))….5K pace – 2M pace – 1M pace

8/24/19 SATURDAY 7:45 am warm-up; 8 am Start for HILL REPEATS/ Cross Training at OLIVET Seminary College off Seminary Drive. Arrive early to get in at least a 15′ run; then it’s up to the start area. We’ll have four exercises interspersed with four sets of five hill repeats, followed by Loaded Carries, Trap bar Deadlifts, band crab walks. NOTE, change starting this week: that ANDY and GERALD and any other Spartan or Tough Mudder events: double the reps at the exercise stations.

LMK if you will be participating; so far: Andy V, Gerald A, Michelle W, Pam J, Jeanie W,

Mini-Workout sample, by Dan John, Master Level RKC. This was a sample of one round that Dan John and other RKC instructors for the 10,000 Swing Challenge within a month; they would complete 500/day, five days per week for a total of 20 days. In the process of meeting that challenge you learn a great deal about yourself, technique when you’re tired and consistency.

Swings x 10, Goblet Squat x 1; Swings x 15, Goblet Squat x 2; Swings x 25, Goblet Squat x 3; Swings x 50.