Week of 9/2/-9/8/19: Workouts, mini-daily sample workout. Saturday Hill Repeats/XT

Hi Folks,

Updated 3:07 pm 9’6/19: SATURDAY HILL REPEATS/XT are on for tomorrow.

Remember to let me know by Friday day if you are joining in for Saturday Hill Repeats/ Cross Training.

Mini Workout for 2-3 days per week, A) e.g., MWF or TuThSat: (KB Swings x 10 / Goblet Squats x 4 / Incline or regular Push-ups x 5) do 4 rounds. B).Another 2-3 days of the week get in R/L Turkish Get Ups x 3. First day do with only a light kettlebell, say 10 or 15 lbs or a 8 Kg so you can smoothly execute the movement with a solid pause at each step of the movement. Work on getting your right and left sides even in ability prior to adding weight. The movement alone will provide balance in your body for all your athletics. Though these samples seem minimal , the benefits are substantial.

9/3/19 TUESDAY ….TEMPO workout that you can do on the MV bike path. After warm-up get in the longer interval with 3 x mile at 10K pace ( with half mile recovery between each mile). You’ll be running shorter intervals for leg speed and accurate pacing on the TRACK on Thursday.

9/4/19 WEDNESDAY 7:45 am warm-up; 8 am start for MADISON AVE GYM workout with Kees at Warren’s: be ready for little changes.

9/5/19 THURSDAY. some show up at 7 for warm-up for 7:30 workout. TRACK at COM. 6 x 20 meters, 2 x 100 (100). Then, 2 x 200 (200), 6 x 400 (on 2:30 or 3′), 2 x 200 (200).

9/7/19 SATURDAY 7:45 warm-up/ 8 am Start for HILL REPEATS/XTraining. at Olivet Seminary College off Seminary Drive. Do warm-up run, then up to where the exercise mats are set up and be ready to do: 4 sets of exercises interspersed with 4 sets x 5 hill repeats. then on to the important Loaded carries; finishing with Trap Bar deadlifts.

HILL REPEATS are on for Saturday:

Those joining in: Shirley D, Judi S, Andy, Paula, Gerald, Llovani, AJ, Gayle S, Pam J, Bob Knox