Week of 9/9/19: Workouts, possible Tuesday change, Saturday Hill Repeats

Hi Folks,

If you didn’t see the men’s final at the US OPEN TENNIS match, watch or tape the replay today! One heck of an exciting match and lesson in perseverance by both players.

Throwing out to the group to perhaps do TRACK workout on Tuesday in place of Thursdays due to morning conflict with riding group on Thursdays that I would like to keep going for Sandy and others. LMK if that works for most of you by emailing me at coachkeest@yahoo.com or texting. I’ll have to check if a group already has reserved the track for Tuesdays or not. Looking for six runners to join in for regular workouts, so that you have running partners to make the workout worthwhile. MWF are busy with with other group workouts and TL XC team running.

those interested for Tuesday: Denise M, Maggie F, Judi S, Kevin P (when he is able again),

Mini Workout for the day ( doesn’t take much when you have 3 x (Swings x 20 ), followed by 2 Get Ups on each side on Th and Saturday. TODAY: Swings x 15 / Goblet Squat x 5; Swings x 15 / Push-ups x 8; Swings x 15 / Goblets x 5; Swings x 15 / Push-Ups x 8. Goblet Squats are a self-correcting squat, gets those glute muscles firing and it’s difficult to use a large dumbbell or kettlebell and execute properly. The benefits are solid for core, legs, butt and hamstrings. Kettlebell Swings work the entire posterior chain, it’s a dynamic exercise, builds muscle and cardiovascular endurance, and strength. The Turkish Get Up is the “yang” movement to the kettlebell swings, executed deliberately with demonstrated control

Below : BRIAN WONG and KATHY BARTON both won their age groups at the Giants Run in SF; GERALD AGANZA got in a selfie at the same event. A solid run and entertainment at the finish in the ball park.

9/11/19 WEDNESDAY 7:45 am warm-up/ 8 am start MADISON AV GYM workout with Kees at Warren’s. Mobility warm-up, 100 Swing/mobility, Circuit, trap bar and regular deadlift finisher.

9/12/19 THURSDAY suggesting 7:30 warm-up; 8 am start for TRACK workout. Should be becoming cooler after this week, but ready for warm morning this Thursday. Warm-up run about 1.5M, then 6 x 20 meters for “quick feet”, 2 x 100 (100), then:

A group: 3 X (600 (200), 400 (on 1:30 or 2′), 200 (200))

600 at 5K pace, 400 under 5K pace, 200 at mile pace.

B group: 2 x of same workout distances….

9/14/19 SATURDAY 7:45 am warm-up ( get those shoulders and hips warm-up) 8 am Start for HILL REPEATS/XTRAINING at Olivet Seminary college off Seminary Drive. Arrive earlier to get in warm-up run, then meet at first level by exercise station; you’ll do four sets of exercises interspersed with 4 x 5 hill repeats of varies lengths; follow with Loaded Carries and finally deadlifts.

LMK if you will be attending the workout by Friday day so I have a head count

Joining in so far: Bob K, Shirley D, Judi S, Peter E, AJ, Paula V, Hunter V, Carrie B, Kathy B, Elizabeth K, Tom O, Linda L

TRAP BAR standards: if under 135 lb body weight – 135# lift; if 136-185 wt – 185# lift. *

FARMER CARRY: < 135# work up to pair of 24Kg (53 lb); 135-185# use pair of 32 Kg (70 lb)*. Begin with one quarter of body weight in each hand; gradually to half your bodyweight in each hand. LENGTH of carry: 25-100 yards; I have our groups do one minute carry.

Variation that works each leg a bit more individually is walk with a bit more knee lift with each step.

The FW works entire body musculature and grip safely. It builds a strong overall body for all sports. Add the Turkish Get Up (TGU) and you’ll balance the right and left sides of your body plus connect upper and lower body in one movement. Don’t underestimate the value of the TGU; especially once you are able to use a 25# kettlebell or more.

  • I’ll check if they post differently for men and women.