Week of 11/29/19: Thanksgiving week; Wed workout is on.

Hi Folks,

Short posting to start the morning and update later because we have to finish our outing here in Bolinas area ahead of the rain storm that is coming by early afternoon today ( 11/26/19). Those gearing up for the December, Daily Kettlebell Challenge ( 5 days per week), get in a conservative set of Swings/mobility exercises to acclimate to daily routine until the end of November; say 3-5 sets of 10 reps with explosiveness and good form. This is in addition to your regular runs, rides or triathlon training; watch the volume so you can maintain.

It’s learning how to feel and monitor your daily effort so that you can maintain a particular volume day after day. You may get in three days; then take a day recovery and pick it up again. If not feeling strong on say, the third day; either do just 25 reps total or take a break day and pick it up again the following day.

Stay with just 10 reps per set until the 10 sets of 10 reps can be completed without undue strain. This may take several months with say, the 12 kg kettlebell for women, and 35 kg for men. Make sure you own the weight you use as the sets and reps continue. Then begins the gradual process of moving up to the 16 kg and 24 kg respectively for women and men.

Swings are king” and will develop power, fitness, develop the posterior chain, hip hinge strength, and translates to helping with all sports; it helps the weightlifter and marathoner develop a strong body for their sport. The swing is the “yin” – dynamic, powerful and a wing worker; the Turkish Get Up is the “yang” in contrast is executed with a deliberate and controlled strength movement that develops and demands a great deal of core strength, shoulder stability, balance right and left sides of the body, and connects the upper and lower body in one movement. During December you’ll begin by adding a right and left side Get up after your swings. ….to be continued.

Next week we ramp up!

11/27/19 WEDNESDAY 8 am start for MADISON AV GYM workout with Kees at Warren’s. Join in the solid workout and avoid the guilt when indulging on Thursday!

Thursday 11/28/19 THANKSGIVING …find a Turkey Trot in your area!

11/30/19. SATURDAY (No Saturday Hill Repeats): I will be working the Bolinas 2 Mile Turkey Trot at 9 am. Hope to see some of you there. A funky back-in-time to the 10960’s event. Starts downtown Bolinas by the Bolinas Museum on the main road through town; benefits Bolinas Museum. Baked goodies after. There’s a coffee cart close by the start if you need to rev up your engine prior to the start.

Rain is supposed to arrive late morning, so I hope we get lucky and finish the race prior to the rain starting; should take less than twenty minutes for most runners and a half hour for the walkers.

more to come