Week of 11/18/19: Workouts, Wed, Sat; Track day tbd.

Hi Folks,

Updated 11/21/19: Alternative /optional Saturday HR /XTraining workout for those who need to improve leg speed and strength for their running, triathlon – or general fitness. We’ll have the usual 4 sets of exercises interspersed with 4 sets of 5 hill repeats.

Updated 2:40 pm, 11/18/19: Looks like we meet at 8 am by Discovery Museum parking lot for Hill Repeats at GG Bridge area.

I’ll get this posting started and update later. It will be a regular week except for which day the group wants to do track; Tuesday or Thursdays. I will need feedback for which day is better; one day is better than another for some of you. The turnout has been lower than normal lately and I’m tempted to skip track for the month of December because of time demands on all of you as we hit Holiday Season; let me know if you can make workouts during December. Our family will be away for Thanksgiving week from this Sunday through next Sunday.

11/19/19 TUESDAY 8 am HILL REPEATS by GG Bridge. Meet at Discovery Museum parking lot. LMK if you will be joining in by Monday: we’ll need 5-6 joining in to have a good group workout. So far: Kevin, Denise, Pam, Judi; I’m guessing there will be one more.

11/20/19 WEDNESDAY 8 am. MADISON AV GYM workout with Kees at Warren’s. Alternating reps of 20 swings with mobility exercises; then it’s to the Circuit for two rounds and finish with deadlifts/trap-bar deadlifts.

L. one-arm O’head Squat x 4 reps, R. one-arm O’head Squat x 4 reps, Wipers, L. KB Swing cleans; R. KB Swing Cleans, Weighted Plank, BB “Z” Press, KB Sumo DL, Ball Slam, KB Farmer Carry.

11/21/19 THURSDAY 8 am. TRACK at COM. 8 x 20 meter pickups, then it’s 2 x 100,

200 (200), 2 x 300 (100), 2 x 400 (on 3′), 2 x 300 (100), 200 (200), 2 x 100 (100). After a slight break run a 600 at 5K pace.

11/23/19 SATURDAY 8 am start for HILL REPEATS/SPRINTS / Cross Training. At Olivett College off Seminary Drive. Park along Seminary Drive by College entrance, get in your warm-up run, then go up entry road to where exercise stations are set up. I will be adding a good option for those who need to work on leg speed – “quicker feet” 30 meter pickups and Loaded Carries. (more to come).

Joining in: Elizabeth K, Tom O, Pam J, Alyce, Peter, Shirley, Judi, AJ, Judy S., Jeanie S,

The additional/optional workout for leg speed and strength, or general fitness will be posted on separate white board:

30 Meter pickup run out/back – KB Farmer Carry

30 ” ” ” – KB Rack Carry

30 ” ” ” – x 10-15 KB Swings

30 ” ” ” – KB Waiter Carry

30 ” ” ” – x 10 -15 Swings

30 ” ” ” – X 5 Trap Bar Deadlift

30 ” ” ” – x 10 -15 Swings

30 ” ” ” – DB Farmer Carry

30 ” ” ” – DB Waiter Carry