Week of 1/13-1/19/20: Workouts, Wed/Th/Saturday.

Updated 1/17/20: Hill Repeats / Cross Training are on.

Looks like a week with on and off rain that you’ll be training through, so be prepared with the appropriate clothing. Those of you who managed to get in 3-5 days per week of kettlebell swings during December’s “Christmas Challenge” will want to continue with the program during 2020; like brushing your teeth. This will guarantee you “general preparedness ” for most any sport thought out by Pavel Tsatsoluine, the Father of Kettlebells in the U.S.; when added to the Turkish Get Up and Goblet Squats.

1/15/20: WEDNESDAY 8 am MADISON AV GYM workout at Warren’s with Kees. “100 Swings ” routine warm-up and mobility work, followed by the Circuit and finishes with deadlifts.

1/16/20: THURSDAY, 8 am. TRACK at COM. After your warm-up run, 6 x 20 meters, 2 x 100 (100):

B gp: 2 x 200 (200), 9 x 400 (on 3′)…for those running 8′ pace or slower group. You’re building up to the 12 gradually. Your goal is to run at an even pace and zero in on completing the 400’s within 2′ for each rep; learn to “feel” the pace.

A gp: (sub 7′:30 pace gp): 1 x 200 (200); 12 x 400 (on 2:30)..gives 5K of speed work. Complete this workout without undue strain, i.e., keeping it aerobic.

1/18/20 SATURDAY 8 am. HILL REPEATS/CROSS TRAINING/LOADED CARRIES/SPRINTS. At Olivet College, off Seminary Drive. Arrive early to get in your warm-up run, then go up the entry road to where I have the exercise stations and weight set up. You’ll do a mix of hill and flat hill repeats, weight exercises, kettlebell training, deadlifts and loaded carries to develop all around fitness, speed and strength: needed to deal with the aging process.

LMK if you are joining in on the work out: Sabine, Pieter, Dave C, Jeanie, some of TL high school track team, Shirley, Judi, Gerald, and others to be named.