Week of 1/20/20: Workouts, Wed/Th/Saturday.

Hi Folks,

Updated 1/24/20: SAT HR/Cross Training is on with: Alyce, Peter, AJ, Susan, Judi, Shirley, Gerald, Linda, Kathy B, Gayle S, the Terra Linda HS team runners.

You most of you know that I encourage my athletes to include more weight training into your fitness program; especially after age 40. This even if your strong interest is an endurance activity because you don’t want to lose the muscle weight which declines with aging. I’ve had this in my notes since the 1980’s, but I have found for the last 30 years people I work with are very concerned about their “cardio” at the expense of muscle and bone density training.

Hans, “Sea Biscuit” Schmid ( doing his Farmer Carry with the bags)
Hans, third from left at the top of Aconcagua at 22,840 feet in the Argentine Andes
Hans making the arduous ascent

My wife, Sandy, has heard me point out the importance for maintaining lean body mass ( LBM), but it hit home for her when she was listening today to a podcast “Food, We Need to Talk”; the 5th part, “How I Can be a Fat Burning Machine” helped hit it home for her. It helps to have someone else give the same message; otherwise, it’s just the spouse or parent telling you the sound advice.

Note, that the more endurance training you do; the more your lose muscle weight. It’s okay for a while during your youth when hormone production is going strong, but after 40 I suggest shifting the emphasis. I arbitrarily , pick running a quick 5K four days per week will give you the cardio you need ( or rowing, cycling activities); then it’s time for solid, even brief sessions, of resistance training. I will expand with specifics later, but note that I include them at our Wednesday and Saturday sessions: all for a specific purpose and in a time efficient manner. …more to come.

I’m likely having you run GG Bridge Hill Repeats on Tuesday 1/28 to get in our most scenic location for this workout. We look to getting in that workout once per month.

1/22/20 WEDNESDAY 8 am. MADISON AV GYM workout with Kees at Warren’s. We’ll do our 100 swings routine/mobility exercises, two rounds of a Circuit, followed by BB Deadlifts and Trap Bar deadlifts.

1/23/20 THURSDAY. 8 am at COM. We stay with the earlier start so you avoid traffic getting to the track, BUT if , during the Winter months you want to change the time to 8:30, let me know. After your warm-up run, 6 x 20 meter pickups and drills. The 6 x 20 meters, 2 x 150 (50), 1 x 200 (200): You’ll do a “1000 meter breakdown”:

B gp: Two rounds of: (1000 (200), 600 (200), 400 (on 3′), 200 (200))

A gp ( sub 7′ pace runner). Mile breakdown: 1600 @ 10K pace (400), 1200 at 5M pace (400), 1000 @ 5K pace, (200), 600 @ 5K pace (200), 400 (on 2′ or 2:30), 200 (200)

1/25/20 SATURDAY 8 am. HILL REPEATS/CROSS TRAINING/SPRINTS/LOADED CARRIES at Olivet University off Seminary Drive. Park along Seminary Drive by the entrance to the university, get in your warm-up run in by arriving earlier. Then run up the entry road where I have equipment set up. I’ve put the 4 exercise stations write up on two boards so we have more space to make reading them easier. So, there will be the main workout on the two boards followed by the Sprints and Loaded Carries smaller board.

Let me know if you are coming to the workout: Alyce, Peter, AJ, Susan, Judi, Shirley, Gerald, Linda, TL Team members, Kathy B, Gayle S, Hans,

The idea behind this varied Saturday workout is to improve your hill running strength, resistance exercise for strength, short sprints for leg speed, loaded carries put together a strong frame for your running; deadlifts and kettlebell swings to develop your body for general preparedness and most any sport. Also strengthens the back.

Kettlebell exercises strengthen the glutes. People with low back dysfunction often display “gluteal amnesia.” If this is not overcome with proper recruitment pattern practice, it is likely to lead to more back problems, since the back has to take over the lifting task of the powerful glutes. Glutes are certainly emphasized in kettlebell training.

Kettlebell Exercises stretch the hip flexors: Vladimir Janda’s, MD research, weak glutes were associated with tight hip flexors. Kettlebell (KB) training strongly addresses hip flexor flexibility.

Kettlebells develop back extensor endurance: Professor Stuart McGill, PhD, the number-one spine biomechanist in the world, concluded that while lower back strength surprisingly does not appear to reduce the odds of back problem , muscular endurance does ( Luoto, et al, 1995). The KB Swing and KB Snatch are two of THE best developers for back extensor endurance.

Bracing is superior to “hollowing” for spinal stability. Dr. McGill has demonstrated that ‘bracing” the abdominal wall is superior to “hollowing” i.e., “pulling your navel in toward your spine.You can read further on this topic in his book, “Ultimate Back Fitness and Performance,” from backfitpro.com.

Sensible ballistic loading appears to reduce the odds of arthritis. Repetitive ballistic loading of kettlebell swings and other quick lifts appears to be highly beneficial to your joints provided you do not overdo it. …

…..more to come.