Week of 3/16/20: Wed & Saturday workouts cancelled.

Hi Folks,

Updated on 3/21/20: More workouts posted #3 & #4; more to come next week.

Update on 3/18/20: I am cancelling the Saturday HR/XT workout due to needing to be smart about spreading the CoronaVirus.

Here’s an item of interest for detecting the spread of Corona Virus. The KINSA HEALTH web-connected thermometer: it tracks the spread of fever in real time! By tracking fevers ( started with just the flu) in every zip code (they have more than a million data points out in the country) and were selling 10,000 thermometers per day; now they are out of them! But what a tool to have in real time and replaces the cumbersome, slow data gathering of people going to mobile testing units. They have to test, gather, make up a report and send to the CDC; the Kinsa units do fever testing in real time. It checks fevers at least three days running in time so it isn’t mistaken for a cold. This data is extremely helpful to predict the spread of C-virus; better than any tool out there now. A 21st century tool! Very interesting.

BUT, the problem for Kinsa to share data with CDC is that CDC can take over and own the data! This should not be so.

Update on 3/17/20: Wed workout at home. Thought I’d post a workout for the Wednesday group with routines you are familiar with. It’s the once per week longer routine, but take breaks during the workout. Then on Monday and Friday I’ll have you do a different routine ( see below); you should be able to go through them efficiently. You can emphasize endurance activity (cycling, running, hiking, Mtn biking) on TuThSatSun to balance out your exercise program.

You can carry out shorter workouts: it’s the consistency that is important. Simply getting in sets of 10, 15, or 20 Swings on the minute (OTM); one Get Up on each side, and 2 x 5 Goblet Squats is a solid routine. A number of you have the very short daily workouts on 3 x 5 cards; time to pull those out. Once sample below Option #2.

Warren just let me know that he will CLOSE the Madison Av Gym Workouts until April. I will keep you updated; meanwhile you can get in your own short routines to keep the base going.

Other outlet – endurance: One benefit with going hiking or cycling ( at a social distance, of course), is that you get sunshine ( heat kills the virus) and raise your body temperature to help tackle any virus. Note, that with hot temperatures in Mexico (90 degrees) they have very little Corona virus affecting the population.

3/18/20 WEDNESDAY 8am Workouts are cancelled for a while at the gym due to the Corona Virus, so let’s look at an expansion of the “100 Swings/XT Routine”.

x 10 Swings – L. Lunge Torso Rotations;

x 10 Swings – R. Lunge Torso Rotations

x 10 Swings – x 5 Goblet Squats

x 10 Swings – x 10 Mtn Climbers ( 20 reps total)

x 10 Swings — x 10 Pushups

x 10 Swings – Shiko dachi

x 10 Swings – x 5 Burpees

x 10 Swings – L. Side Plank sweep & reach w/full water bottle or light wt

x 10 Swings – R. Side Plank sweep & reach w/full water bottle or light wt

x 10 Swings – x 5 O’Head broom stick, PVC pipe or staff squats

x 5 heavy Swings – x 6 R. heavy 1- arm KB/DB Row in forward stance or kneeling on bench

x 5 heavy Swings – x 6 L. heavy 1- arm KB/DB Row in forward stance or kneeling on bench

x 5 heavy Swings – Figure 8’s

x 5 heavy Swings – Burpees

3/19/20 THURSDAY 8 am TRACK at COM ( weather should be good). After the warm-up mile, get in 6x 20 meters the 2x 100 (100),

2 X 200 (200), 8 X 400 (on 1 x 800….See how your strength fares after running the 400’s; it will be a good indicator how your fitness is coming along.

3/20/20: FRIDAY.…Another strength training workout; can be shorter:

x 20 Swings – L. Suitcase Carry ( 1-arm w/KB/DB) for 30″-1′; then switch to R.

x 20 Swings – L. Rack Carry ( 1-arm) for 30″-1′; then switch to R. arm.

x 20 Swings – DB or DGB Sit Up & Reach x 12-20 reps; or 1′ Plank.

x 20 Swings – L. Waiters KB/DB Carry 30″-1′; R. Waiters Carry

x 20 Swings – L. 1-arm Deadlifts x 8; R. 1-arm DL x 8. Use good flat back form; you’re using one hand on the KB, start with the arm locked straight ( no ” play” in it); tense the lats ( your “brace” for the torso, i.e., solid as a cylinder of steel. Shoulders, head and legs move as a unit; nothing disjointed.

If you can do the workout outside or in the nice roomy garage: keeps it moving and you get fresh air. “They” have found that compliance is better if you train outdoors for many exercise enthusiasts.

1-Arm Rack Carry: Keep the upper arm close to your lats for support.

WORKOUT Option #2: Clean & Press as a stand alone exercise :

How to do it: x 1 rep with left arm, x 1 on right side; x 2 on left; x 2 on right; x 3 on left, x 3 on right side. Can repeat for 2-3 rounds. That’s it. Do with “Easy Strength”, i.e., no straining; that’s why you’re not doing over 3 reps for anyone set: avoids shaky fatigue, emphasizes good form and encourages using a solid weight.

The Clean & Press is a “complex exercise” which means it works multiple muscle groups and is therefore, more productive than isolation exercise choices; works the : legs, hips, back, shoulders, arms and core.

3/21/20 SATURDAY 8 am WORKOUT IS CANCELLED! HILL REPEATS/XT/SPRINTS/LOADED CARRIES. Held at Olivet College off Seminary Drive. Arrive about 7:40, park along Seminary Drive near the entrance road to the college; get in your warm-up run and meet up where the exercise stations are set up.

Workout #3: 4 rounds of:

Goblet Squats x 5

Swings x 15

rnds 1 & 3 Wipers or Sit ups x 12; rnds 2 & 4: R/L side leg raises

L/R Clean & Press x 4


A. X 10 Swings

X5 KB/DB Right Reverse Lunge to O’Head Press ( “Stand w/ DB at side in Right hand. Step R. foot back putting toes on the floor, ben at your knees and hips until left thigh is parallel to the floor. Press KB/DB overhead; reverse movement back to start. That’s one rep, do five ; then switch sides.

X 5 Left Reverse Lunge to Overhead press.

X 5 Inverted Row or 1-arm R/L KB/DB rows ( like sawing wood kneeling on bench or in forward stance with opposite hand bracing against something.

B. X 15 Swings

x 4 Right Reverse Lunge to Overhead Press

X 4 Left Reverse Lunge to Overhead Press

X 5 R/L Kneeling KB Bottom up press or DB press

C. X 20 Swings

X 3 Right Reverse Lunge Overhead Press

X 3 Left Reverse Lunge to Overhead Press

One minute Plank