Week of 3/23/20: Workouts for on your own

Hi Folks,

Updated on 3/27/20: Regarding Cleans, vs Cleans & Presses; see note with Workout #5. Separating the two exercises will be more productive.

updated 3/25/20: Another benefit of Swings for the back, Workouts #8, #9

3/26/26 THURSDAY 8 am TRACK type workout.

4 x 200 (200), 4 x 400 (3′), 800 (200), 1000 (200) ,

OR, keep with last Thursday’s workout ( I posted this late)

Hope you are able to get outside to run or cycle with proper social distance and enjoy the fresh air! Gives a boost for mental health, no doubt! A bit behind today as we keep ahead of the remodel work here, but plan to give you more strength workouts you can follow Wednesdays and Saturdays. You should have a few from last week’s post you can put on 3 x 5 or 4 x 6 inch cards to keep handy.

You can emphasize your runs on TuThSat/Sun or whatever your schedule permits. I would emphasize the daily workouts alternating strength and endurance activity without overdoing any one day, i.e. come away feeling you could have done half of the workout again. You should feeling refreshed, not overly tired ,or burned out; need to system strong against this virus.

I’d keep Tuesdays for any Tempo/longer reps workout which can be done by time ( I think the tracks are closed to the public at COM). After the warm-up run you’ll vary the time interval from 3-8 minute repeats, 3-4 times during a workout ranging from 5K effort level for the shorter time periods, to 10K and half marathon pace for the efforts 5 minutes and longer. Thursdays are more for the shorter intervals ranging 40″-2′ in length with more emphasis on leg turnover. After the runs go through your stretching and foam rolling to keep the leg “equipment” in good shape.

Warm-up: can be abbreviated version: with x 10 Free Squats, x 5 R/L Lunge Torso rotations, Hip Bridges x 5, each direction Halos x 5, Shoulder strap shoulder dislocates, x 10 Mtn Climbers ( 20 reps total):

Getting in 4-7 days per week of 50-100 Swings in sets of 10-15 reps is very beneficial if you find you are not getting in other exercises to complement the swings. Gradually add, for example pushups after 2,3,4, and gradually 5 set of swings; ease into it. It’s being consistent 3-5 days per week with a volume that works for you that counts.

In addition to the workouts I posted for last Wed/Friday/Saturday; Workout #5:

Three Rounds of:

x 25 Jumping Jacks

x 5 Goblets

x 20 Swings

x 1 minute Rack Walk w/ one KB at a time, or two kettlebells (many of you may have only one kettlebell for each weight; that’s fine)

x 4 R/L KB Clean & Press (a note regarding Cleans and Clean & Press: May want to separate out doing Cleans ( to Rack position) vs Clean & Press because you are likely to use more weight for Cleans only; do the C & Press with a lighter weight to avoid straining shoulder and arm.

May be better to do first round with a heavier kettlebell clean only to build leg, hip and pulling strength; the second round do lighter more manageable clean & press – or only presses with each arm . For example, I can Clean a 70# kettlebell, but manage only a 53# for Clean & Press. So I’ll focus using heavier weight for Cleans only and use a safer, lighter weight for Clean & Press.

Workout #6:

x 10 Swings

x 5 1-Arm KB/DB alternating, or DBL KB/DB Front Squats

x 5 Froggers ( half burpees: kick out legs back and back to frog sit)

x 5 R/L KB or DB 1-arm rows (can do without having to kneel on a bench as demonstrated in the You Tube video I forwarded to you).

Workout #7:

X 15 Swings

X Clean & Press ( 1,2,3 method)

X 8 R/L DB or KB Thrusters or do lateral bar dips w/ broomstick or PVC pipe

Rnd 1: 1′ Rack Carry with single or DBL KB/DB; Rnd 2: 1′ Farmer Carry

Rnd 1: x 15 DB Situp & Reach; Rnd 2: DB Plank Row R/L x 6

A note about SWINGS. Why repetitions are important for back health?

Professor Stuart McGill, Ph.D., the number-one authority on spine biomechanics in the world, concluded that back muscular endurance reduces the odds of back problems over back strength ( Luoto et.al 1995). That’s why doing regular “ high rep kettlebell swings develop back extensors endurance.

A daily or 4-5 days per week routine of swings is key for maintaining posterior side strength. Yes, you do have to learn proper swing technique and then practice the move; not simply “working out.” Practice with sets of 5, 10, or 20 reps, avoiding fatigue and burn but executing a powerful swing emphasizing proper breathing and proper tension with the abs, butt, legs and hips. Many sets of swings also develops fitness.

Workout #8: Interval- HIT workout. Involves running down your street ( I see two guys doing pickups up and down our street along with their weight training). 4-5 Rounds of:

X 10 Swings / Short pickup run rep for 15″ ; then jog back

X 10 Swings / Long pickup run rep for 1′ as out/back or loop

Workout #9: Row – Squat – Pushups Pyramid

Row 100 meters – x 5 Goblet Squats – x 4 Pushups

Row 200 meters – x 1-arm KB Front Squats x 5 Pushups

Row 300 meters – x 15 Free Squats x 6 Pushups

Row 200 meters – 10 KB Sumo Deadlifts x 7 pushups

Row 100 meters – x 5 KB/DB Thrusters x 8 pushups