Week of 6/15/20: Workouts, Training tips, Father’s Day’

Hi Folks,

Summer is in full swing now that graduations have taken place; I’ve some creative examples of those celebrations! There’s a good possibility that some running and cycling events will take place in the Fall; now’s the time to lay the base if you are looking forward to participating in any of them.

Good daylight and more consistent weather will help you build the mileage consistency while maintaining the twice per week strength training. Remember that overall consistency with short workouts will pay off; it depends on your schedule. Getting in the extra long effort twice per month will keep your endurance level at the ready if preparing for a long distance run or cycling event.

6/16/20 TUESDAY . A more emphasis on Hill Repeats this Tuesday . After a couple of miles of warm-up:

Three rounds of (15″ repeat jog recovery back down then; 30″ repeat; jog back down recovery – 45″ repeat, jog back down; then 2′ and jog back down easy). The 15″ and 30″ repeats are more for power and speed – the weight training of running strengthening the quads, calves and Achilles. If you need a bit extra recovery between sets, add a couple of minutes of easy running.

Then repeat the workout two more times. The 12 repeats are followed by additional mileage to loosen up after the hill repeats.

6/17/20 WEDNESDAY. Strength Day. Can be followed by easy run. Workout #40:

x 15 Swings – x 8-10 Push-Ups

x 15 Swings – x 5 Goblet Squats with pause at bottom.

x 10 Swings – x 5 L. Clean swings to rack, after 5th rep do 1′ Rack Carry (keep upper arm close to body supporting weight with your lats with hand on center line of chest;

x 10 Swings – x 5 R. Clean Swings to rack, after 5th rep do 1′ Rack Carry.

x 10 Swings – x 12 Leg Raises

x 10 Swings – x 8 KB “deficit” Sumo Deadlifts (means standing of two steps, blocks of wood, or weight plates 4-5″ off the ground. Increases range of motion (ROM) on your deadlift.

x 10 Swings – x 3 (L. Clean & Press – O’Head L eft leg Reverse Lunge to Kneel then back to Stand.) Repeat three times. Emphasizes shoulder stability and last part of Get-Up. May have to use conservative KB weight to be able to come to standing after kneeling.

x 10 Swings – x 3 (R. Clean – Press – right leg Reverse Lunge – kneel and back to Stand. )

x 10 Swings – x 8-10 Push-Ups.

6/18/20 THURSDAY . SPEED-WORK. Get in some miles of warm-up; then during the rest of the run you’ll be running shorter intervals equivalent to about a 200. Do 12 x 50″ (2′ easy running in between each rep). Or, you can space out the 50″ repeats over 2-3 miles; just get in good recovery between reps because with the higher quality intervals you’ll require more time between reps.

6/20/ 20 SATURDAY. STRENGTH and/ or RUN DAY.