Week of 6/8/20: Workouts this week, training advice, tempo, track equivalent workout for Thursday.

Hi Folks,

I’m done with this wind, but it should lessen this week. As for Covid-19, from the information I’ve recently read we are not yet out of the woods in Marin County. So keep wearing your mask, doing the correct distancing and hand cleaning.

How is your consistency with your home workouts coming along? Yes, the challenge of working out solo is not easy but you can help yourself by starting each day with a set warm-up routine: there is comfort in a familiar routine. This applies to pre-race warm-up and having a game plan for execution. You’ll have a better idea if you complete the entire workout or modify the volume after doing your halos, light clean and presses, hip bridges, bird pointers and goblet squats. After several minutes of “getting in” the warm-up and you’ve started your swings you’ll know how the workout is going to unfold.

If you do have an “off ” day, complete a shorter workout, but get it in so you maintain consistency. By acclimating your body and mind to regular workouts your body adapts and becomes “addicted” in a positive sense.

6/9/20 TUESDAY TEMPO on the roads or trails and on hills. Two rounds of (2′ (2′), 3′ (3′) and 5′ (5′)).


x 10 Swings – DB Burpee+ Plank Row R/L x 6

x 15 Swings – x 5 R/L KB/D Clean & Press

x 5 Heavy swings – Light DB (or water bottle) Side Plank Sweep & Reach

x 10 Swings – X 6 KB/DB R/L Step – Ups ( or hold KB close to you by the handle with two hands)

X 15 Swings – 8-10 Push-Ups ( can be on an incline or flat ground; however it makes for smooth reps)

x 5 Heavy Swings — x 8-10 KB/DB Deficit Sumo Deadlifts ( stand on two blocks or bricks or wheel weight plate) Puts extra stretch on hamstrings and range of motion)

x 10 R/L 1-arm Swings ( remember to put other arm at 90 degree boxer block position to counter upper body torque)

6/11/20 THURSDAY. “TRACK” on roads or trails. Doing repeats of 400/200’s today. After warm-up mile or so: 6 x :

(2′ (2′), then 1′ (2′)).

6/13/20 SATURDAY . STRENGTH TRAINING/ HILL REPEATS. You’ll get in about a dozen hill repeats: 4 X (15”- 30”- 45” -1:30).. Can precede the HR with a shorter Substitute Workout #1 (I accidentally put in last week’s blog; reposted here).

Note that I put in the 1-arm Front Squats as a substitute lift for the Goblet Squats. Requires good form and improves core at same time. Workout shouldn’t take much time to complete. Great for a day that your energy is low, or you’re short on time

TRAINING TIP: Making sure you get in the Loaded Carries (LC) to build your muscle strength and stamina to carry out the Get-Up: they are tied to success with the Get-Up. The Waiters Carry, for example is especially important to develop shoulder stabilizer. You should be able to hold it for one to one and a half minutes which is about the time period you’re holding your arm up with the kettlebell as your body moves underneath it. The Rack Carry builds muscle endurance in the mid-back area strengthens your “shield” torso for holding Cleans and Clean and Presses.

The Farmer Carry gets you used to the body being under full load that strengthens legs, pelvis area, back, grip and legs. Work it up to 1:30 in time. You’ll acclimate your body to working under TUT which will make your commander

The LC build your time under tension (TUT). Take the Waiters Carry , If you can’t walk with a weight in a controlled fashion.