Week of 6/29/20: Workouts for this week

Hi Folks,

A very full Monday here; will be updating this evening after getting this week’s posting started.More to come on keeping one motivated, one’s overall approach to fitness and putting it in the big picture.

6/30/20 TUESDAY TEMPO.. Longer, i.e., about mile repeats. After the usual mile or so warm-up you’ll be getting 3 x 8 minutes (4-5 minutes easy running; or even spread out the recovery time). Run each rep at about 10K race pace: controlled and “comfortably stressed” effort.

7/1/20 WEDNESDAY . STRENGTH day with swings for fitness. Workout #43.

7/2/20 THURSDAY . SPEED WORK. Descending ladder workout . After the warm-up mile or so: two rounds of (4:30 (5′), 2:30 (4′), 1′ (2′). Each interval is run a bit faster, allow good recovery between intervals.

7/4/20 SATURDAY. STRENGTH work and hill running. A bit shorter workout to get in so you can get on with July 4th celebration. Play safe, Marin has its biggest increase in virus cases.

This memoir by Deena Kastor is well written and I found it captivating. She began running at an early age, found she had talent for the sport. She trained hard, but not necessarily “smart.”….On the verge of quitting , she took a chance on legendary coach, Joe Vigil, who had started the first professional distance-running team in the U.S. At his Colorado training center, she encountered the notion that shaping her mind to be more encouraging, kind and resilient could make her faster than she’d ever imagined possible.” She experienced tough training, thrilling victories, and disappointments that hurt, but came back to persevere.
Deena Kastor set a number of American records in the half marathon, marathon and won the bronze medal in the marathon at the the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens.