Week of 7/6/20: Workouts this week

Hi Folks,

A few more workouts for this week; we’ll be out 11th – 19th , so next week can easily pick up workouts from past postings that you’ve no doubt written down on 4×6 cards for retrieval; or look up past postings.

7/7/20 TUESDAYTEMPO workouts; not too long time period of pickups (4′), but still improves oxygen uptake and fitness. After a mile or so warm-up you’ll spread out the 4′ pickups:

4 X 4′ (4′) and run them at 5K effort.

7/8/20 WEDNESDAY. STRENGTH work with Workout #45.

X 15 Swings – 8-10 Push-Ups. Can be done on ground or incline; keep good form without strain.

X 15 Swings – x 5 Goblet Squats

X 10 Swings – x 5 Left Swing Cleans, + go right into 1′ Rack Walk after 5th clean ( keep upper arm close to your Lats: that’s your support)

X 10 Swings – x 5 Right Swing Cleans, + go right into 1′ Rack Walk after 5th clean.

X 10 Swings – x 8 Deficit KB Deadlifts ( use moderate weight: you’re working on range of motion by going into a deeper squat; similar to getting down to flip a tire – it’s lower down)

X 10 Swings – x 10 R/L Alternate hand-to-foot V-Ups ( 20 reps total)

X 10 Swings – x 6 R/L KB or DB “Gorilla Rows” ( your in Bent Row position with feet bit wider than shoulder width, set yourself with flat back, reach down to KB and “row” it up to lower rib and down. Alternate right and left for 6 on each side. Should be able to use good weight.

X 10 Swings – x 5-8 PVC pipe, or broomstick O’Head Squats. You can stand on 2×4 or any slight heel lift so you can execute a full squat with PVC overhead if ankles and/or hips are tight.

X 10 Swings – x 10 Push-Ups

7//9/20. THURSDAY. Some SPEED-WORK on the roads or trails. After the mile or so warm-up run:

Three Rounds of: (2:10 (3′) – 1:45 (2′) – 45″ (1′)) with each interval run a bit faster than the previous one.

7/11/20 SATURDAY. STRENGTH workout #46 and HILL REPEATS. After the warm-up run get in your strength work, then follow with about a dozen hill repeats of various lengths.