Week of 7/20/20: Workouts and rotating in members of our group for the weight training.

Hi Folks,

Back in town after enjoying time at Sunriver near Bend with my son’s and daughter’s families – a much needed time for a morale boost. We had our own rental house, kept away from other vacationers and were mostly outside for bike rides and swims in the river. Sunriver is wonderful for families and features miles of dedicated bike paths for safe riding; we took the grandkids on daily rides. Before we went out of town I got myself tested for COVID-19; came back negative.

PLAN FOR THIS MONTH: You all, of course, kept your strength training and runs or cycling going during last week. I’ve posted quite a few workouts and rotating in key exercises for variety and the occasional new one. I’m going to try and safely rotate in one to two members of our group once or twice per month so you can get a refresher on kettlebell technique and and a shot in the arm to keep motivated – and for me to say hello to each of you.

We’ll hold the sessions outside in my front yard safely spread out; seems to have been working well with the first round of group. Some of you will come on a Monday, Wednesday or Saturday; been mornings for now but some may only make an evening (after the heat of the day); depends on everyone’s schedule. We’ll work it out. We’ll cover the workouts on a donation bases.

Remember, that when you’re short on time for a Monday or Wednesday strength workout; maintain consistency with a modified session of 10 x 10 Swings, one set of 8 Goblet Squats, one or two sets of push-ups and a right/left side Turkish Get-Ups.

7/20/20 MONDAY . STRENGTH TRAINING with WORKOUT #47 (This workout can be done on Wednesday; depends on your running and work schedule)

Note the new variation for back training and rear deltoids: EZ CURL BAR BENT ROWS. This exercise can be done with a straight bar, dumbbells or kettlebells. Bent over at the waist to almost horizontal position with slightly bent knees, arch and brace your back; then “row” the bar from arms length to close under the ribs. Repeat for eight reps. Use a weight you can handle with good form.

I try to include an exercise for your back, legs, an overhead press, abs, chest; I do include more exercises for the back – posterior side than anterior side. One of the best exercises for your back extensors are swings, that’s why I include them 5-7 days per week; they also improve cardiovascular fitness.

7/21/20 TUESDAY. TEMPO pickups. After a mile or so warm-up run , get in two rounds of ((3′ (3′ or so), 3′ (3′), 5′ (5′)). Keep the effort level at 5K pace. Adding in changes of pace during a run ( or bike) certainly improves your fitness; running at the same pace every day keeps the base going, but putting in those pick-ups improves your speed and fitness.

7/22/20 WEDNESDAY . STRENGTH TRAINING with WORKOUT #47 ( same as on Monday).

7/23/20 THURSDAY. SPEED WORKOUT on the roads or trails. After the usual mile plus warm-up run and 10 second pick-ups, include three rounds of : (2′ (3′) – 1′ (2′) – 30″ (1′)). Rest breaks with easy running are a bit longer due to the quality – at under 5K race pace.

7/25//20 SATURDAY. STRENGTH and /or HILL REPEATS workout. WORKOUT #48. This is a bit shorter workout with the key lifts and carries you should be well familiar with and part of your arsenal of productive lifts. I will always be rotating more exercises in future workouts.

Workout #48

I have you do a limited number of reps for Clean and Press so keep each rep solid with a pause at the top. the reps should be executed without shaky straining; you’ll improve the weight used over time: takes consistency and patience. Should work up to a 35# plate on your back for the weighted plank.