Week of 7/26/20: Workouts this week, some changes

Hi Folks,

We changed ride from Friday to Th for Chelino Valley road with Gerald, so we don’t interfere with Friday ride.

I am so very sad to pass on distressing news that Gerald Aganza’s wife, Kat, passed away this last week. Many of you who know Gerald expressed interest in helping him in some way to lend support through this very tough time. I thought A Gerald Go Fund me page would be so helpful for him so he can deal with the costs that are piling up during this tragic time. It provides a vehicle for friends and family of Kat and Gerald who live far away to reach out and help where it is needed.

I’ve emailed the link to most of you in our workout groups; I’m not sure how to put the link up in WordPress yet; hope to do that soon.

I will be taking him out on a ride on THURSDAY on Chelino Valley Rd, starting from the little schoolhouse about a half mile in from the east end of that road. Time tba. Gerald and I both have birthdays on the same day of 7/31/20; won’t be much of a “celebration”, but will be good to get out for a ride to Tomales and back (or shorter; it’s 16.5 to Tomales) with friends in a beautiful area. Let’s see if some of you can make it.

You’ll do well to get in two strength day sessions if you’re emphasizing swim-bike-run during this Summer; you pick the days that best fit your schedule. Could be a Monday/Thursday, Tuesday/ Friday or Wednesday/ Saturday; it’s good to spread out the sessions. Those of you who are getting in more sessions can focus on including more Swings and Turkish Get-Up sessions, which could be 10 x 10, or 5 x 10 Swings on the minute (OTM) followed by two Get-Ups on each side.

7/27/20 TUESDAY . TEMPO pick-ups. After the warm-up mile and some 15″ pickups do: two rounds of:

((5′ (5′) – 4′ (4) – 3′ (3′)) during your trail or road run. The 5′ and 4′ pick-up at 10K pace; the 3′ at 5K pace.

7/28/20 WEDNESDAY. STRENGTH day. WORKOUT # 49. After your shoulder and hips mobility warm-up with halos, dislocates, and hip bridges:

X 10 Swings – Rack Carry 1:30 (note carry is 30″ longer; may have to use lighter kettlebells; should be breathing /working through those last 20-30 seconds)

X 15 Swings – x 8 Deficit Deadlifts

X 15 Swings – Waiters Carry 1:30 ( might have to do one arm at a time instead of double KB)

X 10 Swings – X 6 R/L Side Plank DB ” Sweep and Reach

X 15 Swings – x 12 Leg Raises ( keep low back to the ground throughout the set)

X 15 Swings – Farmers Carry 1:30 ( okay to be working hard with all-out effort, fighting for grip, holding erect posture, breathing hard)

X 10 Swings – X 5 R/L KB Clean & Presses (don’t rush it, hold press at top with good lockout, bicep a brief pause)

X 5 Heavy Swings – X 5 Goblet Squats ( in down position butt at 6 O’clock, elbows inside thighs, pause for a “1000-1” count at bottom; drive feet through the floor coming up)

X 5 Heavy Swings – Weighted Plank 1” ( keep body straight as a board, lock knees, on forearms)

7/30/20 THURSDAY. SPEED – WORK on the roads, fire roads or even trails. After the mile or so warm-up you’ll do three rounds of: (3′ (3′) – 1:45 (2′) – 45″ (2′) )

8/1/20 SATURDAY . STRENGTH day. WORKOUT #50. Some new variations I’ll give verbal descriptions or may find on YouTube.

X 10 Swings – X 9 Push-ups ( can be done on an incline ( such as counter top), stair step, or flat)

X 10 Swings – X 8 ” “

X 8 KB DEFICIT DEADLIFTS (can stand on two blocks of wood or cement bricks, weight plates. This exercise will make you increase ROM in hips and back, work hamstrings, use modest weight)

X 10 Swings – X7 Push-ups

X 10 Swings – X 6 Push-ups

X 8 R-L sids DB/or KB “Plank Drag”

X 10 Swings – X 5 Push-ups

X 10 Swings – X 4 Push-ups

X 5 Reverse Lunge & O’Head Split Squats; a set for each leg. ( Hold KB overhead w/ left hand. Step back w/ left foot, lowering into a reverse lunge. Without moving feet your feet, straighten your knees to stand up (kinds of an in place squats); up-down, up-down, each time your right thigh is parallel to floor, then back up). Then do 5 reps on right side)

X 10 Swings – X 3 Push-ups

X 10 Swings – X 2 Push-ups

X 5 Heavier swings – X 12 “Hollow Body” KB/DB Pullovers ( lying on your back, raise both feet few inches off the ground, slightly bent arms overhead while holding weight and do 12 pullovers while holding position. Keep slight bend in your elbows as you do the overhead rows.)

X 5 Heavier Swings – X 5 R/L Standing Presses

X 5 Heavier Swings – X 6 R/L Side Plank “Sweep & Reach” with light DB

X 5 Heavier Swings – X 6 DBL KB/DB Romanian Deadlifts to Row ( Standing with feet shoulder width apart, knees slightly bent, hold two KB or DB at your sides. Keeping arch in back, lats tight, push butt far and hinge torso forward. Hold position with good “brace” with a bit of stretch in hamstrings. Then row the KB or DB from arms length up next to your hips. Lower the weights and straighten back up. Repeat 5 more times. )

Workout #50. Refer to text for exercise descriptions