Week of 8/10/20: Workouts, new exercise variation,

Hi Folks,

If you missed reading the benefits of the Trap Bar Deadlift (TBDL); it’s in last week’s blog! I’ll be posting OTM Workout #2 this week; very helpful if you’re short on time or find it helpful to have a “training partner”, i.e., the stopwatch. I also posted a “regular” Workout #53. If you’ve missed several weeks of the blog, take some time to review the sample workouts and training tips. Get ready for another week of training!

8/10/20 MONDAY. OTM #2 workout for those who train on Mondays. You have a choice of OTM 2 or doing the Wednesday Workout #53; depends on your time and how much other activity you’re doing that day.

8/11/20 TUESDAY. TEMPO workout. After the usual warm-up mile or so warm-up on trails or roads run the pick-ups at a steady “comfortably stressed” pace; not race pace, but controlled quality and do: 8′ pick-up (5′ easy) – 6′ pick-up (4′ easy) – 4′ pick-up (4′ easy). Light stretch after the run.

8/12/20 WEDNESDAY. STRENGTH DAY. WORKOUT #53. There is a new exercise “Offset KB Push-ups” in this workout: place the KB tipped over with the handle pointing away from you, place your right hand on KB, left hand on the ground, and do 5 push-ups. For the next round you’ll do 4 offset push-ups with the left hand. The “Muay Thai Side Planks”: rest your weight in side plank position, on your left forearm and side of left ankle; bring your knee towards your chest and chin area while simultaneously bring your right hand down towards the right knee as if you’ve grabbed someone behind the neck and your bringing his head down to the right knee, repeat 10 times. Do same on other side.

8/13/20 THURSDAY. SPEED-WORKOUT. After the usual mile warm-up and four 15″ quick cadence pick-ups get in 10 x 40-45″ intervals with (2′ easy running between each rep). It’s about the time period of running 200 meters.

8/15/20 SATURDAY. HILL REPEATS and STRENGTH work. After the warm-up run, 20 mtn climbers, R/L Lunge Torso Rotations get in: 15″ HR ( jog down easy) then right into 45″ HR (jog down recovery), then a 1:30 HR ( jog down easy). Repeat 4 Times.