Week of 8/17/20: Workouts this week

Lightning and thunder Sunday 4 am in the morning. What a wind and light show that blasted my sleep time! With another week of hot weather see if you get in morning workouts to avoid chronic endurance training in warm temperatures. You can get in the strength training; only takes 20 minutes.

8/18/20 TUESDAY. TEMPO workout, or if this is a better day for Hill Repeats for you; go ahead and get a dozen strong repeats in of varying time lengths. After your warm-up mile and six 15 second quick cadence pick-ups go into a 4′ steady effort (4′ easy) – 12′ (6′ easy) – 4′ pick-up (4′ easy).

8/19/20 WEDNESDAY. STRENGTH DAY. Another OTM workout #3. I believe that having the watch as your companion with solo workouts to keep you going works well. I suggest that you look over the list of exercises that follow each set of swings; know them and have your KB’s or DB’s in place: the clock keeps going so you don’t want to be fumbling for your weights. If you are not up for the timed workout, simply proceed at a more moderate pace – but get it in.

Notes on OTM Workout #3: You’ll be doing 20 total reps for the Mtn Climbers.

Left foot STEP-UPS, keep the left planted on the step, the right trailing drops back into a reverse lunge position, with the KB or DB in right hand drive up the trailing right leg, knee to chest; repeat for 5 reps. Do the same on the opposite side after the next set of swings.

8/20/20 THURSDAY. SPEED-WORK. you’ll be basically alternating 400’s and 200’s. After your warm-up mile or so and 15′ pick-ups. Five rounds of: 2′ at 400 pace (3′ easy) , 40″ (1′ easy).

8/22/20 SATURDAY. HILL REPEATS and STRENGTH workout. If you’re running a solid run this day include the hill repeats on a good rolling trail run.