Week of 9/14/20:

Hi Folks,

Today is Stage 18 of the Tour de France ( TDF) featuring spectacular views of the Alps, downhill scary racing, and grinding uphills actually ridden at a remarkably fast pace by these elite riders. I think you can tape it again starting at 9 pm on NBCSN. It’s worth enjoying the close competition and the views: September is perfect for the TDF. There are 21 stages in the TDF, finishes on Sunday. I have never seen the competition for the General Category (GC), i.e., the overall winner is very close and contested by less than a minute between first and second place after 75 hours of riding. Amazing!

We have enjoyed watching the three weeks of TDF every year; the best travelogue for France you can find in addition to learn about the riders, the races within the GC race, the drama, the ups and downs of a number of the riders. It seems so remarkable that these riders can do 100 miles of racing day after day for three weeks!

Updated 9/16/20: Air quality looks good for Thursday workout.

Looks like we all have to forego outdoor aerobic training until late this week when some air flow begins to push the fire haze out of the Bay Area. Meanwhile, you can get in your strength training safely – and still keep that under a half hour.

9/15/20 TUESDAY …..Due to poor air quality, I say skip any tempo workout , or any run for several more days. But if you do go out wear the mask and keep it to three miles.

9/16/20 WEDNESDAY. STRENGTH day. I will likely select one of the workout from past postings. You can add another day or two per week because of the reduced running or cycling sessions. Getting in 3-5 days per week of swings will build cardiovascular fitness and back extensors strength; add two days of deadlifts, three days total of clean and presses will keep you strong

So Workout #48 we posted back in July; it mixes in the Loaded Carries with swings and other resistance exercises. Remember to execute each swing rep with explosive power, come to a vertical plank with abs, glutes, knees locked, strong exhale with tongue behind teeth..

9/17/20 THURSDAY. SPEED-WORK today. Air quality looks good, so we’ll get in time equivalents to 800’s, which can range from 3-4 minutes depending on pace. After the warm-up mile or so on the trail, fire road, road and couple of short pick-ups do:

4 x 3′-6′ 5K effort surges with 3′ recovery between reps.

9/19/20 SATURDAY. HIL REPEATS and STRENGTH work. Weather looks promising, so after your warm-up two miles, some flat pick-ups; you’ll do TWO ROUNDS of:

(2 x 30″ ( all recoveries are jogging easy back down the hill), 2 x 45″, 2 x 15″, 2 x 1′).

Your strength work portion either prior to the run, or later afternoon will be a bit less than normal and includes the Loaded Carries:

x 10 Swings / L/R x 5 Clean & Presses

1′ RACK CARRY with either two KB’s or DB’s for 1 minute

x 10 Swings / DB/KB/DGB x 12 Sit-up & Reach

x 10 Swings / KB/ DB x 6 R/L 1- Arm Rows


x 10 Swings / x 8 Deficit KB Sumo Deadlifts

x 10 Swings / x 6 R/L Plank Row

1-arm KB WAITERS CARRY for 1′ with one arm up and one down; then switch arms.

You can load up the weight with the Loaded Carries except I’d be conservative with the Waiters Carry: “own” the kettlebell or dumbbell weight you use, i.e., you’re not straining to hold the weight in the overhead position. Have the humerus locked into the shoulder capsule…..The Loaded Carries with good weight do build fitness and strength.