Week of 9/7/20: Workouts, watch it in the heat!

Hi Folks,

What an unbelievable week of hot weather! This is the time to be prudent with your training keeping tabs on air quality and temperature. Best time to train is prior to 8 am in the morning – and you can spot for shorter workouts. It’s the consistency that counts, so don’t think you have to do long workout sessions to make progress. More on this later.

update on Friday. Looks like the air quality is worse in Marin this week; I’m suggesting that you skip the Saturday weight training workout because this area is in a 200+ count. If you train at home – do it indoors!

Two workouts for this week to select from this week: one “On The Minute” ( OTM) and a “regular ” workout. Each routine followed with Loaded Carries (Farmer Carry, Rack Carry, Waiters Carry). You can do both, but spread them out well, e.g. Wed/Sat or Mon/Th, or Tu/Fri.

The reps will be modest because you start each set of swings on-the-minute ( OTM); you rep count can be more if you’re efficient, can more in and still have 10 second rest before each round. The OTM format will help focus on proper and controlled breathing; don’t slack off on good explosive swings: each rep counts with good power. Have your kettlebells and dumbbells set up in advance so you don’t waste precious time scrambling for equipment.

With the Left leg step-ups, keep the left foot placed flat on the 12″ , 18″ step or box so you focus on pushing with the left quad and buttock for the step-up and bring the right knee towards to the chest. Do the same for the right side. Don’t overload the Deficit KB Deadlifts: go for good arched back form and range of motion (ROM), go for depth which will work the hamstring /buttock tie-in. Thrusters make sure you get in a solid half squat, push the first part of the thrust with the quads coming up and finish strong with the arms thrust.

Kneeling torso rotations if executing lunge torso rotations is difficult: still getting torso rotations in.

9/8/20 TUESDAY. TEMPO workout. If too warm, cut back on intensity and total mileage. Two rounds of: ( 3′ (2′) – 5′ (3′) – 3′ (2′)). The 3′ pick-ups are at a steady 5K effort; the 5′ at 10K race pace.

9/9/20 WEDNESDAY. STRENGTH workout #57.

9/10/20 THURSDAY. SPEED-WORK. The usual warm-up mile or so, 4-6 x 15″ quick cadence sprints. Then, depending on the weather 2-3 rounds of: ( (4′ (2′) – 2′ (2′) – 45″ (2′))